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30 August 2013

Hey Hey Hey Hey my sweeties :3 I know you miss me so much and guess what I left one more week for my internship. I'm really happy finally I passed through 90% of the process and I left the remain 10% for all. Finally I have my time back to update my blog , to do my stuff , to enjoy and to have fun with things I like! I'm really super duper happy and at the same time quite worry for it. I don't know why but you know I miss you a lot. Damn a lot and you can see I didn't join any event for more than a month. Now I only realize that I should appreciate my time and fully utilize it.

I can tell you that within this 3 months time I keep on thinking that I have not enough time to do my job , my blog and my own activities. I don't have time to trim my hair and I only went to cut my fringe after 2 month -.- You know that my hair is quite annoying it keep on poke my eyes. Then I have no time for dating too. I only met Mr.Kitty once in every 2 weeks time! Lol so pity and I feel like even myself feel very tired and wish to sleep whole day. I wish to have extra 24 hours for myself in a week just to done my blogging job and I have fully plan my every weekend. No matter how tired and busy am I ..I should join bazaar, walk out from my house and keep on eat dessert until I gained on some weight LOL. 

You won't understand how the working life unless you experience it by your own. At first I think it was super duper fun but end up I don't have enough sleep everyday even I slept 7 hours everyday. Sometime I do miss my time shopping with all my babe. Even weekend I still need to attend some extra class and talks to improve myself and gain my knowledges. I have no time for shopping but thanks to ONLINE SHOPPING again I can grab some when I have only a little time to do my usual shopping. Lol 

So today I'm gonna share about 2 items I get from Her Wishlist which own by one of  my friend & BABE  Sharon Bee. I guess I get attracted by the name of her blog shop. Once I see the page I can straightly remember the page's name which is HER WISH LIST. Means everything inside is on our wishlist. They're selling diff type of clothing and also bags too. At first I saw Kim blog about her transparent clutch then when I went to the casio tr event last month I met her for the first time and that time i remember that Chenelle match her outfit with her wishlist clutch! 

As I mentioned in my blog that I went twice to my friend's hometown right? During that two trip, I'm don't have much time to pack  my bag so I just bring both items I get from her wishlist on that trip. Surprisingly, I fall in love with both of the items I get from her so now I have a good news to share with all of my reader ~ You just need to quote "Chanwon+HWL" then can enjoy FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia. It valid until 15th September and will apply for those who purchase above RM100. 
Yeaaa !! I brought this two items together with me during my mini trip in Malaysia. I brought the 3D white rose clutch together with the pastel yellow cropped top. I guess I'm going to crazy because I love cropped top so much!! But this yellow cropped top is slightly diff than others because the bottom part of the cropped top fit me perfectly. 

As you can see  this cropped top I match with a two tone color shorts. I love how easily I can match with this pastel top and it's LACE cropped top. The material not really thick but it's most suitable for us to carry it to trip or some beach. It's very light and easy to bring you can easily wear this together with your bikini inside and it still look super nice too! 

Next.....it's time for their lovely white rose clutch.
 I actually very afraid to carry big bag around because most of the time I just put one eyeliner pen , power bank , money , Ic inside my bag so this is also the reason why recently I keep on getting and prefer myself carrying a clutch rather than a normal bag. I love how clutch works when it come to my daily look. I just can simply match it with any of my outfit! It look super duper nice and I saw quite lotss of fashion photos on instagram that they always carry a clutch on their #ootd post.
So this time, her wishlist recommended me with this rose clutch and it's really easy to match because at first I'm quite worry but slowly it make me fall in love with it. I have a pink rose jacket , mint green rose outer and now added with a white rose clutch to be one of their member too!! HAHAAHAHAHAH I know you gonna kill me but I just love everything like this. I'm not sure when tahan myself but I just can't resist it!! I love this clutch so much and WANT to carry it to attend Sharon's wedding dinner too!! HAAHAHAHAAA Thanks Her Wishlist for both of the items :) I'm loving it and should be glad that I left one more week to end my internship.

MORE POST about my life , my recent activities , my thought and everything as a part of my life.

Stay tuned for coming youtube videos & sharing post too!!

Have a nice day :) Love, xoxo.

For those who want to have a look on Her Wishlist website can click & check out on https://www.facebook.com/to.Her.WishList