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12 August 2013

Helluuuu Dear :3 Guess most of you sleeping right now but I'm still here because I still left this blog post haven update!! I just can't wait to share with all of you my latest cosmetic + skincare product haul from Sasa. I guess this is the nearest place I can get my daily skincare or cosmetic product. Most of the places or shopping mall have their own Sasa Outlet. For instance, AEON which located near my house got a small Sasa outlet there which I guess it's enough for me to look for what I need and ask them to recommend some of their new product to me. I just in love with that but everytime I went there I'm sure I spend a lot! Lol

So today I'm gonna share some new product with all of you! All of them you can get it from any Sasa Outlets and the price isn't really expensive , I think it's affordable for everyone but one thing I love the most from my recent haul is their LUDEYA MASK♥ (review in the next post after this)!! I must recommend to ALL OF YOU!! Yea but I didn't get to know the price of that lol anyone mind to check it for me? I forgot how much is that but this is STRONGLY recommended for all of you to try it out! Oh yeaa!! 

Let's Get Started!

Let see what I get from Sasa this time I just can't wait to review about this few items!!!
#1 Sasatinnie Glow On
#2 Sasatinnie White Perfect Aqua Foundation SPF15 PA++
#3Sasatinnie Shape & Style Lipstick
#4 Sasatinnie Silky Eyeshadow Pen
 Are you ready?!

Let's begin with the first product now!! So first of all I'm always start with a foundation which I guess is a must for everyone of you because we want to have a flawless skin. Who doesn't want it my dear? I'm sure EVERYONE want that right? So let me introduce a foundation from Sasatinnie Cosmetic Range product which is their White Perfect Aqua Foundation with SPF15 PA++ . This foundation is kinda special because it do both moisturizing and whitening our face especially for those who have dull skin tone and dry skin. This formula to create a complexion that looks beautifully care and NATURAL FLAWLESS!

The additional pros in this product when I'm using it I can really feel that it can straightly provides an intense hydration + EVEN OUT our skin tone. Once your skin tone become even then your face seems to be brighter and flawless but another thing is I feel that their SPF is so low. For me SPF15 PA++ seems to be really less and it doesn't really keep me well when I'm doing some outdoor activity. 
The texture after applied is seems to be slightly diff from my observation. The texture is something like matte small powder form after I applied it on my skin and you can actually see the diff from my hand right? The liquid absorb damn fast into my skin I love it and at the same time because I didn't feel oily at all!!! Some foundation or BB cream I feel so oily and not comfortable :'(

Direction: It's better shake it well before we use. Remember to apply after make-up base and of course next should be follow by a loose powder .

Next item will be sasatinnie Silky Eyeshadow Pen. I guess this is my first time using eyeshadow pen! Lol I'm always think of eyeliner pen and didn't realize that I never own a unit of eyeshadow pen. I guess this is pretty much do the same like eyeliner pen but this is use as eyeshadow. Since it's use for eyeshadow the diameter and size of the pen is slightly bigger than those eyeliner pen. 
You know why I love this kind of pen? Because it's CONVENIENT AND EASY to apply! Lol Don't want to repeat how lazy am I but I always prefer something which is easy to carry and convenient too. Sometime when I'm hang out with friends I didn't really bring my whole makeup bag. What I bring is just a eyeliner pen and lipstick if I'm too pale on that day HAHAHAA. Now I have to add on something which is EYESHADOW PEN! If I bright whole eyeshadow palette which will be too big and heavy for my bag ...hmmm so I guess I should get more color of eyeshadow pen now.
In case you still haven tried this...I think YOU HAVE TO! I love this eyeshadow pen a lot because as you can see the color obviously appear on my skin and exactly the same color seen on the pen. The color really so obvious and it's so easy to draw on our eyelid. I recommend this for those who just start to learn how to make up or for those who lazy like me. Lol Not to forget there are still lotsss of choices there I want to get ALL OF THEM.
Simple one!! HAHAHA I'm so lazy to blend it with makeup brush I just use the pencil and filling all my eyelid so that my eyes can look bigger and of course EASY TO APPLY , COLOR VERY OBVIOUS and you wont get anything easier than this. Lol 

 Is time for a pinkish lipstick!!
CAN YOU SEE? Their lipstick is so cute and lovely! Spot all the heart shape on the packaging with all pink + red color. OMG damn cute and it's the best combination again!! Like Valentine's theme lipstick. HAHAHAHAH This is my first lipstick i got from sasatinnie cosmetic range and I just love the design of it. The pigmentation is JUST NICE! Everything is so lovely for me. I got myself  color #04 ROYAL PINK which is slightly brighter than my usual lipstick. The pink is brighter and color seems to be sharper than those other pink.

Let's see the BEFORE & AFTER apply
See my lips? Spot the diff? I just apply it on my upper lips and now I show you the full picture of it.
Surprise me. I never expect the color outcome can be like this. Lol I thought it will be slightly darker but end up when I look at myself in front of the mirror I feel like a little bit of korean style! Lol I guess this will be nice if I wear it with thick makeup but not so sure how long it can hold. The color pigmentation is greatz for me but it will fade after few hours. The color can't stay really long but for me I JUST IN LOVE WITH THE COLOR maybe I shouldn't drink water after applied this. Lol so that the color will stick on my lips longer! HAHAAHAH

Before I start to crazy about that I think  I should talk a little bit about this blush. The name of it is kinda special - Glow On. HAHAH So nice right? I bet you will love the color! I'm really happy I choose the correct color which suit me well. I always wanted to have a super pinkish blush but most of the blush I got is kind of light color tone and when I applied it on my face it will not really obvious. Guess should use this combine with my CANMAKE Cream Blush I mentioned on previous post too.
 So let see what's the outcome and result after applied this pinkish blush. I apply it on one side of my face. Can you see the diff?
Amazing right? HAHAAH Photo without edit by using my casio zr1000 :) One side of my face has a little big pinkish while another side dont have. I applied 2-3 thin layer then end with this result. Since my skin tone on my face is kind of light one now let's try on my hand without any editing and also without any light.
 Can you see this? Even I apply it on my hand the color still very obvious and very stand out from my skin tone. I'm loving this and can't wait to put it on when I'm with my full make up on and outfits! WOOOHOOO

I know you will ask me the price :P all the product I mentioned in this post available in Sasa Malaysia ❤

#1 Sasatinnie Glow On  ♥RM26.90
#2 Sasatinnie White Perfect Aqua Foundation SPF15 PA++ ♥RM49.90
#3 Sasatinnie Shape & Style Lipstick  ♥RM26.90
#4Sasatinnie Silky Eyeshadow Pen  ♥RM14.90

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So I guess it's all for today :) Have a nice day .Love xx.