July Mivva Box : My Pamper Kit♥

01 August 2013

 Herloo Everyone  :3 Guess most of you sleeping right now...Sorry for the late update for this beauty box post because I'm too busy for my work until I have to rush everything and make sure that everything run smoothly. I tried my best to update here frequently but still I left 1-2 post haven publish and complete :'( I miss all of you especially all those people & fun events that I joined or met last few months. Hopefully everything will be nice to me because I left 5 weeks then will be end of my internship period. Of course lecturer will be visit during our working time and writing for our report and evaluate it. Pray hard for now and hope everything will be fine to me.

Besides those stressful thing I'm always looking forward to update and talk to all of you when I'm not happy recently. I feel so stress but still I'm always the happy girl when come to receive my monthly beauty box from Mivva. I received Mivva box on the first week of July and I'm going to share with you what's inside or included in this Mivva box. So this month edition is all about pampering yourself to achieve baby-like skin and that's why the theme of this edition we can call


Forget about the sad thing and move on!! Seriously I'm so surprise during the moment I unbox my parcel. Do you spot any different on their new Mivva box?!! OH YEA they change their beauty box from mint color to polka dot black box packaging. I'm surprise with this and the quality seems improve a lot. Previous box quality Is kind of thin and not thick enough to hold and maintain the shape during the delivery process. I noticed that sometime the box will still spoiled a little bit on the side area but now you no need to worry about this already because Mivva really increase the quality of the box and seems to be stronger than previous design.

Some of the photo I took on that day . Just want to show you the diff between this edition and the previous one. The quality is like those thick boxes which won't easily spoil during the delivery process and the protection seems to be improve a lot too. Thanks Mivva for all the hard work and always change their packaging and surprise us with lotssss of good product. Remember the June edition beauty box? I'm still so happy with that even until now :P

I really can't calm down myself so once I got the beauty box I just straight to the point and look for the product included inside this edition. In this edition I got 5 brand new product plus one beauty scrub tool to try and one of the brand is our all time favorite Beautymate. I guess this is not the first time we get Beautymate product from Mivva. From the first beauty box until now, if not mistaken this is the 5th Beautymate product I get from them but this time it's from diff skincare range. 

Still got lotsssss of good product to review but before that let's see what's included in this month Mivva box 

..Product Included..

#1Elianto Ardour Shadow (Lavender Purple)
#2 Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream
#3♥ Re-Gen Oil
#4 Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner
#5Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion

Received 3 full size product again!!! A full size nano toner from Beautymate , full size eye lip cream , eyeshadow while the remain 2 product is pack inside with their trial set and sample size. I'm really impressed again why Mivva gave us so many full size product which worth more than RM150 and the price totally over the subscription price of one Mivva box. OMG!???? HOW CAN I BELIEVE THAT and how can they earn money from that huh?!! The eyelid cream one bottle already over the monthly subscription price lol..

Moving forward I just can't stop myself now!!! You guys must be so interested and wanna know more about the price and detail of all the product right?!!!! Don't be shock when you see the price. IT'S worth than everything!!!

#1 Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner (RM49.90 for a full size 120ml)

As I mentioned just now, it's my 5th Beautymate product get from mivva but this time this is not the same skincare range. This time is the yellow range and one of the main ingredient, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract can helps to hydrate your skin & facilitate the metabolism which at the same time improve the absorption speed of lotion. That's why I always said that beautymate product absorption speed is quite fast if compare with others. 

Besides that, it's formulated with natural mineral of Hydrolyzed Pearl to brighten up your skin tone and also balance your skin pH value. This toner also help to enhance your skin condition by soften and smoothen it while the Glycoproteins help to increase the moisture balance in cuticle up to 15 hours !!! I'm loving this purifying and hydrating toner and I wish to use with their emulsion too. Should go Watsons and check for the price~

#2 Re-Gen Oil (RM29.90 for 75ml | RM45.90 for 125ml)

Next will be the Re-Gen Oil which quite popular recently. This is the small sample pack for us to try and it's use to promotes skin regeneration. Once we know it's for skin generation purpose I'm sure you might notice that it's rich with Vitamin A&E. Vitaman A & E are so familiar in every skincare product because it can helps to fight skin ageing by reducing the oxidants in the skin. Apart from that, it provides high moisture level that improves blemished skin and skin with scar tissue

I want to try it on my stupid ugly leg!!! I tried for almost the 1 week and one sample pack I can use for 2-3 time. The scar seems like brighten 10% but it not yet reduce the amount and size of scar. Just lighten and brighten the scar color a little bit and I hope that my scar will gone as soon as possible :'( damn those insect keep bite my leg then when it become itchy I keep on use my hand to rub it then slowly the scar appear !!!! ARGHHHH

#3 Somang Danahan Bonyein Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion (Toner RM139.90 | Emulsion RM139.90 ) 

Sooooooo it's a Korea skincare product again!! It's sample set as well :) The only thing I know it's Korea skincare product from all its ingredients. This sample set included the toner and emulsion too. It is the oriental herbal moisturizing toner that adds ample moistre to dry skin and keeps our skin highly moisturizer while the emulsion that creates a water cover onto the skin. Both product keeps our skin softer and its contain Red Ginseng , White peony roots , gardenia seeds and others which can improve the blood circulation. 

By using this it can enhances skin's natural moisturizing function. It just improve everything we want!!! But the price is slightly high for us as a student maybe we can't afford for that. The sample set is quite small amount and bottle really small so it mean I really can't see the result by just using this small sample pack. But still I'm happy that I got the chance to try this product although its just sample set. 

#4 UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream (RM98.80 for 15ml)

Two product left but this is my favourite product I need to mention now!!!! It's full size and the price of this is RM98.80. Actually I'm shocked after saw the price of this on the description card. This eyelid enriched cream is quite new and special for me because I still haven try and heard about this brand previously & it's said can eliminate eye bags, reduce dark circles , bulging , puffiness and fine lines and at the same time it make our skin around our eye area more firmer and brighter. 

I really fall in love with this eyelid cream because its not that kind of oily and when I'm applying this on my eye area I feels little bit tight for that. I need to massage to let the cream absorb on my skin . About the dark circles and puffiness eye I still can't see any result since I start using it about 1 week time. Maybe have to apply it daily and more frequently. 

Extra Little gift from Mivva . I don't know what's the specific name of this but this is basically a beauty tool used to scrub on your knee area or arm area I guess :D Thanks so much for this Mivva I think it's time for the to scrub my skin!!!! Woohoo~~~
#5 Elianto Ardour Eyeshadow (RM8 each)

LAST but not least , the last product inside this month beauty box - ELIANTO eyeshadow~~ I got the lavender purple color!!! The texture is those matte shades and available in more than 15 color. This time Mivva randomly put one out of six color inside our beauty box. Which color you get is depend on your luck :P I hope to get the dark brown color but I got the purple !! But still the color is so light and easily blend on our eyelid just that this color have to use with the eyeshadow base if you want it to appear more obvious.

This month beauty box quite impressed me with two full size skincare product. Of course I will never forget about the previous month beauty box. I'm totally too in love with June edition mivva box (http://www.chanwon.com/2013/06/june-mivva-box-colourific.html) because of their creactivity finding new brand and bubble hair dye product. All product included in june edition is really surprise me while this month I'm surprise with the packaging which improve a lot and also two full size bottle product especially the eyelid cream. 

Mivva always bring happiness for me and I feel really touch once I back home something cheer up me and of course all good and new brand product for me to try! Thanks Mivva for all the surprise and love ❤

For those who interested can click on www.mivva.com and subscribe for their monthly beauty box ❤ looking forward for the next month edition ☺