Customize your own Vanity Trove Beauty Box ♥

20 August 2013

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Hello Sweeties ♥ :3 Continue from the previous post this is another blog post about the VT beauty box but this time everything seems to be different from previous and also add up little interesting part for our monthly beauty box. Do you ever feel surprise every time you receive your monthly beauty box? Other than surprise do you feel disappointed toward it too? I know your feeling when you receive something that you like and something you don't like.

I'm always surprised by every beauty box I received and because I need to review it on my blog so basically I don't have much disappointed toward the product BUT when it come to those product which is really so small , tiny and the size is not even can use for 2 time I think it's really a waste for me. I can't try the product and review it if the size is just a small pack or like fingertips size (except mask which I can immediately see the result). Sometime I'm not sure how am I gonna review the product if the size too small. It's a big problem for me so it's depend on your own preference but normally you will get disappointed with those product or brand you don't like. Am I right? But some of us would like to try diff bands and also diff product~ Hmmmm

That's why sometime I ask...

Can I customize my own beauty box?

No?!!! Yes???!! The answer is ...


Today I'm gonna tell you HOW to customize your own beauty box and also figuring all the features on Vanity Trove official website. So, are you ready for your first personalize beauty box?? Let's Get Started!

VanityTrove would like to thanks for all your love and support & of course never forgot to mention their newly launch Targeted Sampling platform. Besides, VanityTrove recommends the products BEST SUITED for you based on your Beauty Profile and Preferences.You are now able to PICK AND CHOOSE your beauty samples from a wide array of beauty samples selection to go into your PERSONALISED trove. The most attractive part is you will then receive this exciting trove of self-picked goodness within 7 working days♥ . OMG?! So fast???? Now you won't be missing any monthly's beauty box. But at the same time you won't be as surprise as previous due to the new platform (since you can pick what you prefer & like then you had already know the item you pick ...So don't have surprise anymore~)
To ensure your beauty discovery is a smooth-sailing one, let’s follow through these simple steps below. To start you off, complete Beauty Profile
 to see some recommended products suited for you!

Step 1 : 

Head on to: (Remember to register or log in to your account first ya) You will be prompted to fill up your Beauty Profile by answering a few simple questions! Question that make VT more understand you so that they can let you pick & choose the product which suitable for your personal skin type and so on. For instance , what's your hair color | What's your skin type | What's your hair length.
Step by step complete & answer all questions 
(Don't worry it's MCQ questions :P) 

Next, want to be the first to try out products you have been lemming for so long?awwww~ you can just simply Add them to Wishlist, Like the Brand & the Product. This helps to unlock more samples for you, you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released! I just keep on scroll it from top - bottom and looking for my favorite brand , like it , review it and also add it to wishlist  If you're currently using that product you can simply click on [add to currently using it]. For those follower you can easily follow my beauty profile : to know more about what product I had reviewed , which I'm using and which I wish to own one for myself :P
This will be your own beauty profile which included all information , review, follower you have.

It almost become something like facebook but this is for Beauty :P You can easily read up on people's latest reviews, brand likes and product likes, products they wish for. Be sure to also follow people of your interest to know what is up with their beauty regime! 

Then, click [Shop] & [Start Now] .

Step 3:
Now , you can choose your own favorite product which you wish to receive and some label like *going fast* will be show at the bottom of the photo.Next, you will be able to select samples when they are released  based on your beauty profile, brands and products that you're liked and wished for.

STEP 4 :
Check out and receive your beauty box!!

Attractive right? For now on customization beauty box just only MRY50/box. For more info, please visit Vanity Trove Malaysia's Facebook for more. That's all for today , Love xx.

 Official Website: