MR & MS @ Ara Damansara ♥

12 August 2013

Hello Sweethearts  HAHAHAH Finally I'm here to update about this post~ Woohooo Start to gained some weight on and I guess you can realize from my chubby face! How I wish all of the weight can go on my others part of body except my face and my leg! lol But I really don't know why once I gained on weight everyone can know it from my chubby face. Ignored it please but it's really nice to date with my girls and at the same time enjoy all delicious food / dessert :) This is how we enjoy our life. Lol

Normally we will search or saw some beautiful restaurant online but never expect me to give some idea because I'm always remember and telling the wrong place. So every time out with my sweetheart Vinny♥ she is the one who pick the place then we will discuss with each other in our watsapp. Soon she will be going to Korea :'( Gonna miss this little rilaaaaaaaa fans soon! HAHAHAH Did both of us realize we know each other quite a long time? I guess if not mistaken we met each other for almost 3 years. She is my first female senior I know on my foundation year. I remember that time she is the one who purchase a hair tool from me!! HAHAHA

I really can't remember what make us together until now. Maybe because I love to talk with her plus she is one of my listener too!! Then slowly I so envy about her !! She can speak in so many language! She can speak in Japanese & Korean. Big clap for her and we never get in touched until recently she told me that she's going to korea soon in next 2 weeks soooo I guess is time for a DATE! ahahahah Who start our relationship from internet :P Muahahahaha and I should praise her now because her short hair match her so well!! Love her short hair and also love her lah :P

So after we we decided to have our date on Mr & Ms we planned to have another dessert time at Dreamz Bakery too! I know she love mint green and comfortable , warm place so I'm gonna bring her to Dreamz Bakery for her very first time! Muahhahaha Stop crapping here 

Let's Get Started!

Since both of us are 'road stupid' we just put hope on our lovely GPS 'Waze' and hope our lovely Waze can bring us to the destination! HAAHAHAH So we just keep on chatting inside the car and I just can't stop it I must talk to someone!!! Lol After 30 mins driving FINALLY WE reached!! 

 This is located near the restaurant area , Ara Damansara. I guess it's newly place for me! Or maybe for us! This is my first time to visit here. The weather is damn hot burning my skin but still quite enjoy because the environment is so nice and make me feel like going for a vacation! Lol Inside this are have lotsss of food and I guess should try it one by one soon!! Gonna check it one by one~ Korean Food , Western Food , Chinese Food available at that area too :)

As I mentioned this is my first time having my lovely lunch in Mr & Ms together with babe Vinny Everything run smoothly on that day. Both of us feel very happy because we finally have our very first date in a new place!! No more in cyberjaya! HAHAAHAHAHH So first impression on this place is just so comfortable but because it's weekend so it's full of PEOPLE! We feel lucky because we get to sit in a right place but others who came in late force to wait at the corner waiting others to finish only can sit nicely.

Luckily and thanks god we arrived earlier than others! I'm very hungry and I can't wait to order my food~ It's quite surprise with their menu because everything set in a nice categories but without any photo to refer really make me a little bit blur :P I don't know what to order so end up I just choose whatever I feel NICE with my own imagination. Lol

While waiting for the food to come let me show you some photo :) Oh yea forgot to mention their lovely owner have put some photo tool for us to selca! It's really creative and my very first time to see this! So yea, you can take as many photo as you like on that day! So I spam quite a number of photo in my Instagram :P Forgive me because for me it's like OH YEA!! FINALLY IT'S WEEKEND I NEED FOOD I NEED SOME DATE with my girls! Lol

 The interior design make us feel quite comfortable with it just I can't really relax due to the amount of people talking there! But still love it :P I wish to snap more nice photo but also because too many people there I realize many photo bomb :'( I really think that it's quite a nice place to chill with especially spending your half day having your brunch here!! Their food served in a huge amount for me and of course never forget to mention everything is SO DELICIOUS!! I just manage to try on some of the food and hope to try others soon! Next time should jio my friends go again~

 This is what we order on that day. At first I thought might not be enough for me but once I finished it like almost 80% I really feel so full ! The salmon is really so fresh!! I love the salmon taste on both of our order. Now I start to think back the taste..NOW!! I'm really hungry and craving for it !!! ARGHHH WANNA GO THERE AGAIN~

Other than delicious food still have pretty girls too :P HAHAHAHA I'm just joking but seriously it's nice to have a gathering here because you can snap as many photo as you can with their photo tools provided beside the table. Cute Mustache and Red lips for us :) So cute right?

So some of the photo we took on that day :)

 Thanks for the date! Really hope to meet you soon after you back from Korea ! Wish you all the best and everything run smoothly! Hwaiiting~ 당신을 사랑합니다~ Last but not least this short hair really look nice on you leh!! AIYAAA MAKE ME WANNA TRY SHORT HAIR ALSO LEH!! But I'm sure I look like kids if I cut my hair ! Lol

Other than that their toilet soooooo cute too!!!!!!! Red lips for female while the mustache for male!
 Vintage design :) Last but not least before I end up with this post I know you will love this too so All the detail I placed on the bottom here~ So for those who interested can visit there as soon as possible :P I know you gonna love it too!!

Mr. & Ms. Breakfast/Brunch + Coffee
 Closed on Mondays. 
Located at :B-G-3A Block B, Oasis Square, 
PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara 47301 
 Contact us at :03-78596665