Kukup ♥ 2D1N Trip

19 August 2013

Hey mua Sweeties :3 I know what are you doing now!! Missing me right now?! HAHAHAAHAH Sorry for the long waiting!! I know you guys wait this for quite a while. It's about my previous 2D1N Kukup Trip. Quite curious about what we had done on this trip and actually we done nothing on that. Lol I'm seriously quite surprise I get the permit from my parent that I can allow to have a relax mini trip with my friends. Actually it's a last min plan! Lol I'm really happy that I'm there.

I know all of you quite curious about it and why I suddenly appear at Kukup. It's actually a birthday celebration too. My friend's parent actually booked and planned this one week before my friend's birthday. It's really sad that she's gonna celebrate it alone at KL and something happen on her relationship. So once her mom know that , she immediately booked a chalet at Kukup and ask all of us to join + celebrate with her daughter. Her mom is really helpful and kind everything arrange by her mom and of course all the buffet and celebration stuff settled by her mom. Since they plan quite last mins many buffet and chalet FULL too but luckily we able to find one!

I'm gonna say....


Finally I'm able to have this kind of trip with my friends! This is my first time travel in my country with my friends. Lol. Previously my first trip with friends (not in malaysia) is my 2012 Taiwan Trip. I'm really happy and guess what this trip is plan nicely and so relax. Everyone know that I'm currently still internship+ing and I realize that it's a hard period for me too. Lots of stress coming and I will only tell the whole complete story about it after I done my internship period. I'm afraid someone told the top management that I blog about something bad or what. So the best thing is I keep it for my own but I'm seriously so stress within that 10 weeks of internship especially all those bullshits they told us. Lol Okay, I should stop talking about this lah . Let's move on to the main part...

So I get my permission and I pack everything in the early morning before heading to the bus station > my friend's hometown @ Pontian, Johor. I bring 3 daily outfit which suitable on this SUPER HOT WEATHER and bring along my SONY Cyber Shot HX50. I'm really happy that I bring this camera along with me because it's now my best partner when I'm going to any trip! This post is quite long due to the amount of photo and videos. Enjoy reading sweetie~ :)
I know I'm quite lazy but I forgot to bring anything then I went to a salon near Hweesin's mom shop to wash my hair. I need to get ready in the early morning and even if I bring all shampoo I also don't have enough time to wash my hair SO, the best decision is go to a nearest salon and wash my hair!! HAHAAHH But it's really so relax when I no need to worry anything and first thing I need to apply sunblock on my face and skin!! This is a MUST!
I ate lotsss of this!! Thanks Babe's parent for the treat! They know I dislike spicy and this is the FAMOUS food in their hometown. It's called as Pontian Tomato Wan Tan Noodle. I love this because it's not spicy and if you ever try this in KL?! The taste is damn different lor!! This one original from their hometown taste like heaven the one in KL one taste so normal and a little bit weird when it combine with the tomato. I strongly recommend this but horrr my friends and all of those who staying at Pontian (their hometown) doesn't feel like to eat. They told us they feel bored about this food because they can eat this everywhere and they really don't know why we love it!! HAHAHAHAH I think they 吃到麻木了~ But still I keep on remind them to bring me here until they want to slap me LOL.

Kukup is actually a small place or we can say that it's a Fishing Village in Johor. Most of the ppl bought a house at there and rent it for us. The owner of all the chalet is quite pro in fishing. They even teach us how to fishing and bring nice breakfast to us. Many tourists usually come to Kukup Fishing Village for a holiday getaway with friends, Colleagues & family gathering, Company Events, Social Activity, Community Club, RC, Church Events for Birthday Celebration, short getaway to relax with singing karaoke, playing mahjong, Fishing and Kelong tour, Body & Foot Massage, and especially to enjoy the local foods, seafoods and etc. All of the facility inside the chalet is really good and you can SING K inside the K room too. 

This time we are staying at Kukup Rainbow Chalet( for those interested can contact Mr.Wo 019-7713238 / 012-7539847 ) Most of the chalet & resort are built by concrete and on the sea and are fully air-conditioned with facilities. What I love about this Rainbow Resort is the super long and romantic night view from the long bridge. Others chalet is nice too but their bridge is not as nice as this Rainbow Chalet we stay for this trip! The sea is really dirty :X It's dark brown / black color and at first I thought we can swim during the trip but after I saw the water -.- I totally speechless. Lol

Nobody told me this. I thought it's beside the sea and people there can swim. End up it's something like this!! HAHAHAH But still it never disappointed me because WE HAVE FUN & ENJOY a lot. Most of the tourists are from Singapore. I saw quite a lot singaporean there!! I didn't use that much of $$ on this 2D1N trip!! It's totally affordable to those who looking for a relax short trip with your friends. Maybe you can just went there walk around , eating their food , just escape from your daily working day. It's really fun to be there especially all of your FRIENDS sleeping together in a BIG ROOM and non stop talking to each others. The sun rise is super awesome and cheer me up when I'm still worrying and thinking about my work.

So most important is RELAX JEEEE! Don't think about anything and just walk around , do everything slowly. Walking around the chalet meet new friends! Let me show you a video before I start to show you all the photo I took on that day :)

Ignore my super 'man' sound. I'm sick during the trip and before heading to Kukup I actually meet my doctor first -.- Lol luckily I'm still able to walk and wake up in that morning. Then after that I can jump here & there already! Lol Miracle~ Just wanna make sure you all reading this is like you're with me during the trip so I try to record some video clip for all of you! If you have a chance and hope to get a cheap short trip maybe you can think of here :) It's really not a bad decision!!!

When you are here you just can't miss the chance to try their mango shaved ice!!! Mango Shaved Ice, there is no doubt mango, condensed milk, and so on are a match made in heaven’s kitchen. The soft, juicy pieces of mango fruit, combined with the refreshing texture of ice cream melting on your tongue topped with pieces of ice to crunch on – always a winning dessert combination for any summer day especially suitable on our country!!! The weather is super duper hot so you just can't wait to eat this!!!
 I eat this twice on the trip!!First day the owner of the chalet treat us with this mango ice and the next day I just walk around with my friends and eat this again!!!

P/s: Photo below taken by Sony HX-50
 Full of people!!!

Oh yea and of course a nice place to sleep , chat , walk around & play with!! I'm strongly recommend this chalet because of the night view from the fridge. It's really damn nice!! Read til the end of this post then you gonna love this homestay too!! A lot night view photos / videos in this post :)

Photo taken by HX-50 with High Key filter & Normal mode.
middle room
 In the previous video, I show you is one of the large room can let 10 ppl sleep while this can only let 5-6 ppl sleep. 
K room
 Singing karaoke, playing mahjong, Fishing and Kelong tour~
 Living Room
 Spot th bridge? Super awesome at night!!!! Up there can fishing too :P
 Buffet at here :)

Awesome Night View!!!Let photos do the talking now~~

P/s: Photo taken by HX-50 (normal mode)  
 Love the lovely environment there. Had a blast on that night especially I can eat as much as I can!! AHHAHAAHAHAH Super hungry on that night because I'm camera girl + birthday decoration girl+Makeup & hair stylist of the day! Lol Sweating like hell and never forgot to dress up nicely :P

Happy Birthday to this Babe Girl :) 
Hope she can get a good one to be with her & appreciate her. It's really sad that she break up with her bf a week before her 21st birthday and she cried everyday in front of us. I don't know what to say but what I told her she actually know it by herself. Just hope she can overcome this soon and of course remember to appreciate everything you had now sweetheart. Your mom , your daddy , your family & friends everyone were there to celebrate with you. You are not alone :) Hope you can feel that and I'm happy that she finally can get her normal life back. You grow up a lot sweetheart. Jia You !!!
 I'm super girl on that day. I'm helping each other to do their makeup and styling my friend's hair , camera girl , decoration and get things done before the celebration!! That's why most of the photo without my face because i'm the one who holding the camera. Hope Mr.Kitty was there so that I got more photo to share with you guys and hope Hweesin can stop talking photo of herself !!! Please take photo with me xD I feel so touch when I saw lotss of people there talk to her and no one actually dare to talk about her relationship stuff. Hope she love everything we had done for her.

Finally I'm here and met lotss of new friends there. They're very friendly and crazy!!!! We just non stop talking to each other even we just know each other for the first day!! Lol 

Sing K time. I'm having sore throat but still never give up singing!! Lol 

Loving the high zoom featured and also some attractive wifi connection feature too!!! I'm really impressed with the camera because it's just like my DSLR NEX F3 just that this have a better high zoom feature and compact camera size with the same kind of filter which I'm loving it. One thing I think it's not good enough is the screen. This HX50 is without any turning screen so that it's hard for me to selca but overall I really don't have enough time to selca :P

Most of us just can't stop to take photo of the environment. If you're going for a trip or planning to own a camera which suitable for travel with 30x optical high zoom feature you can think of this. Other that that I think the wifi connection is superrrr awesome too!! Will make another blog post about the wifi connection part and Hope all of you enjoy this video & post ya :)

So let me show you a video about me with my Sony HX-50 camera

Is time to say Bye Bye!! Actually I'm lack of sleeping now T^T It's 12.45pm now I guess I should stop at here and go to bed now!! Tomorrow still have to wake up at 5.30am in the morning!! ARGHHH!! I wanna have extra 24 hours from now on!!  
Me,  Hweesin , Weeni

Is time to say BYE BYE!! That's all for today :) Hope you like it~

Most of the photo credit to Sony HX50 
(Self capture photo credit to my friend's camera & Iphone5)

Good Night :3