3 Easy Mix & Match Way with shoulder off peplum top

20 August 2013

Hello Dearest  :3 Sorry I skipped quite few post about my outfits of the month is because I wanna featured each 2-3 outfits in the same categories & also separate each of them by different online shop BUT the main reason is still due to my tired working life recently and FINALLY I'M HERE to update this post. Very sorry about that but I already sacrifice some of my time for my blog. Hopefully I can rush back all the post I owe! Teehee*  So, today the first blog shop I actually really recommended and you can actually see my happy expression on the photo above. It's....

Yea!!! I think most of you heard about this online shop because most of the outfits I post on my instagram & I did tagged + featured it. I love the way they did for their marketing and quality ensure for all of their buyers. Especially their new arrival gone and finished damn fast. Each week they update us with diff type of style and also diff trendy style. First of all I'm gonna talk about the latest trend on their pinafores and peplum top. Thanks Twenty3 for all the hard work their owner is really friendly. She talk about fashion and did a well research on what is the trend and also always recommended diff type of style for us. I get to know twenty3 from their instagram. They sharing about fashion tips and some new trend on girls too.

So as I told you I'm quite in love with pinafores & their peplum top! It's a little bit hard for me to choose which pinafores to get and lastly I choose the above one! They have others lovely pinafores for you to choose. Big range on their clothes and of course the quality is so thick and GOOD! I'm guarantee for that and their response is really fast when I have certain problem on my parcel & the peplum top. As usual, good service + efficient is the reason which I stick to get my daily outfit from them.

Other than their pinafores I personally very in love with off shoulder & peplum top. Especially nowadays during my working time I feel like all my outfit is too boring and I hope to get something diff from my usual sweet style so I choose the white two way off shoulder peplum top from Twenty3 as well. Thanks for everything because they never disappointed me. I'm quite shocked when I received their peplum top. The quality is really nice and previously I thought that it wont be so thick or might be transparent for me when I'm choosing the white one. When the parcel arrived I'm really happy with the quality on both outfits they sent me.

The photo I'm wearing the pinafore also wearing the white peplum at the same time. It's the 10th weeks during my internship and then the following weeks I pair it with a black skirt to my company's achievement night too.
 I paired and match with a black skirt and it look like a piece of dress. Am I right? I'm really happy that everyone asking where I get this top :P Normally, peplum top is kinda formal but this when added with shoulder off it seems to be different from others. Of course you can choose not to wear it as shoulder off too. You can just wear it in a normal way / normal peplum.
Look sexier & chio with their peplum top :)

They have lotss of peplum or shoulder off top to choose. You can just click on their official website and then search on their categories. Each categories is so clear and photo showing all the detail / front/ back side of the outfits. I'm seriously keep on asking my sell not to shop anymore but I just can't make it TwT Everything is so nice I want to have their shoulder off cropped top too eh!!! Super easy and stylish when just simply matching it with a shorts.

Too in love with their two way peplum top so the next weeks when I have a date with my babe I just can't stop myself from wearing it again!!  LOL but this time I pair it with a neon orange color short . It look really different in term of the bottom I matched with the top even though the wedges & clutch is still remain the same. I'm strongly recommended you to grab their top especially if you prefer easy mix and match style. 

I can wear like normal peplum top during my working hour then after that when I go to 'happy hour' or dinner with my colleagues or friends I can just adjust it to become a shoulder off peplum top!!! 

IN CONCLUSION, 1 peplum shoulder off top can become 3 diff outfit when matching with diff bottoms & pinafores. and you can even match with a skirt. Now I guess this top I can wear until it spoil only willing to say bye bye with that. I'm really in love with easy mix & match style. You know sometime it's really waste if those outfit can't mix & match easily. It will be so headache for me to buy and sell it again but don't worry from now on will have more lovely tips on mix & match and comfortable style on my blog.

That's all for today. Enjoy reading and start shopping at Twenty3.my now!!!  

Love xoxo.