Review ♥ LUDEYA Mask

12 August 2013

Since the previous post is quite long so I separate it to another review here ya :)

Last but not least!! My current favourite mask recently. SERIOUSLY, I fall in love with this mask after my first time using it. The mask is so unique than others is because it's my first time to have this kind of 3 layers mask. The middle layer is the 'main character' while the top & bottom layer you need to tear off. First when you open the mask , the mask will have 3 layer. Bottom is the white plastic paper which have hole on it while the top layer is the blue one. I tear off the white then move on the blue one on my face. End up the remaining layer will stick on my face and I can feel it stick so tight which is REALLY GOOD ♥ and my face adsorb it quite fast. The mask wont drop easily like others brand and holding your skin maintaining its own shape. They known it as BIO Cellulose Mask  This bio cellulose mask make me feel like eye mask too. Usually the eye mask is kind of stick on your bottom eye area and the texture is so special. Am I right?

Other than the one I tried still have another type too. 
  1. Rejuvenating Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask (For Uplifting + Anti Aging + Intensive Moisturizing)
  2. Repairing Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask (Intensive Repairing & Skin Refining)
  3. Hydro White Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask (Whitening + Pore Minimizing & Hydrating)
  4. Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask (Whitening + Hydrating)

Every diff kind of mask is use to fulfill and match our needs. I love the Hydro White & Brightening Moisturizing one :) How about you? I love hydrating and whitening mask!! Since I start to work for my internship my face become so dry because most of the time I work inside an air-con office. I wish I can get back my baby skin!! Since it's almost the end of my internship (left 4 weeks) I think it's time to save my skin back!! So dry ehhhh my face :'( I don't wish to see it again!!

I think this mask very well in hydrating and moisturizing our face. You can feel it straight after you tear off your mask. After you tear off you can feel your face so tight and this is what I WANT !! When you're using those gel mask or jelly mask you actually can't achieve this kind of outcome. I guess I should use both at the same time to get my smooth skin back and damn my pimples appear on my forehead and face :'( WHY?!!!

Oh yea each mask have its own suitable skin type. The rejuvenating one ( Gold color) & repairing moisturizing mask suitable for older age one since it's anti aging and also suitable for those who have dry , dehydrated skin while Hydro White is suitable for those who have dry , dehydrated and DULLNESS skin. Lastly, the brightening mask is suitable for dullness , dry and UNEVEN skin tone.

Loving this LUDEYA Mask and cost RM65.90 per box :) Which one you prefer? and This is available at all Sasa Outlet :) 

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