Taiwan Near Ocean Skincare Product Haul ♥ *Promotion*

13 August 2013

Good Afternoon My Lovely Sweeties I'm here again!! HAHAAH I wishes I have another 24 hours extra so that I can keep  on updating my blog and publish it one by one. Finally I can sacrifice my sleeping time just to finish up all my blog post~ Sorry for those who are waiting for so long. I'm BACK! Finally*  I'm really happy that it's almost end of my working life ;) Left another 3 weeks plus I have to say bye bye and back to my study life. Another 2 semester more than I'm a full degree holder in my Finance with Multimedia course! Huiiray~

Back to the topic I'm always die for skincare product!! I know you will often saw me purchased new beauty product and doing some review on my blog but have you read my previous blog post about the Taiwan Near Ocean Mask? You can click on http://www.chanwon.com/2013/05/taiwan-near-ocean-mask.html to check it out. I know some of you already purchased and you know what it's CHEAP and NICE!! I mean like RM2 for each facial mask is really reasonable and affordable for everyone of us!! Am I right? It's not just cheap the result and outcome after used it is totally OUT OF OUR EXPECTATION!! For those who tried I'm really happy because I keep on sharing this with my friends intro them and recommended them with this mask. 

I bring some for my friends to try out and they tried it then they love it too. This gave me lots of motivation and support to continue sharing good things with all of you sweeties. I'm glad I can be the one who influence you guys :) It's my pleasure and this also gave me lotss of confident to this brand. So remember I went to the beauty fair @KLCC few month ago? Then I bought some skincare product from them too. Everything is just RM2-RM25!! I love everything I get from them especially their RM2 mask!! Original price will be RM3-RM3.50 per piece only. Keep reading because 


I'm not sure you grabbed it or not if not it's time for you to try out their facial mask sheet!! I will place all promotional items and state their price on the bottom of this post So yeah!! Keep reading :) I won't touch so much on their facial mask because I already wrote a full review and blog post about that.You can click here for more :) I love their Whitening & Brightening C mask !!! I already order another 20 just for my own!! HAHAHAAH I know I'm crazy but did you know that Near Ocean have their special skincare product range too? Have you try it?

Today, *FINALLY* I have the chance to combine all the review inside this post. Most of the product I picked for myself and used more than 1 month while the make up remover I used more than 2 months! It's only half bottle left now! So me show you some of the product I bought for myself ~

So this is what I get for myself!! Just myself I haven including what I bought for my mom and my friends!! HAHAHAHAA It's totally crazy (I know that) but because it's cheap and nice at the same time I afraid they don't have such a great promotion again...SO... ONE ..TWO..THREE.. I got total more than 6 products from the same brand! Lol Plus, this time I tried to extend from facial mask to Newly Launch JELLY MASK , Sleeping mask , makeup Remover Oil , Serum , Lotion , Toner & etc.. I swear have more product than this but I just pick according to my favorite like I prefer Brightening & Whitening one.. Every product have special for normal skin type, oily skin type and also for those who prefer whitening product one.. I just can't stop myself~
So yea, Let's Get Started 

Oh yea, this is the first item I'm gonna share with all of you! It's makeup remover oil I'm not sure this is the 3rd time or 4th time I recommend this on my facebook and twitter. Finally I have the chance to update a proper blog post about this product. I get this from the beauty fair @KLCC few months ago and I remember during the fair they're doing their promotion this just cost me RM20-RM25 I forgot the price but for me this is DAMN CHEAP. Compare to my previous makeup remover I get from skinfood I can get two bottle of this. I remember the reason why I bought this is because my previous makeup remover already become a blank bottle! Lol I get this because I wish to try something new and also never expect it as good as my previous makeup remover. I swear this is MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!
They recommended me to use it with a cotton pad but most of the time I will just use my hand to remove all of my makeup if I'm wearing mascara and full makeup on because I don't wanna to waste any additional cotton and I think using both hand is really so easy and convenient to remove all my makeup within just 1-2 mins! The problem when you're using your hand is all removed makeup will stick on your face and your eye area after you remove the mascara and eyeshadow your eyes look like panda :P Then you need to wash it with warm water. 

Sometime when I'm just apply only light makeup (with only eyeliner , eyeshadow and eyelid tape) then I will use cotton pad to remove it. When you are using your hand make sure your hand is clean and slowly pour a 50 sen size of makeup remover oil on your hand then gently massage it over your face until all your makeup drop. If you're using cotton pad remember to close your eye and wait for 30 second to let all the makeup drop on the cotton pad :)
See within 30 second all  make up dissolve on the cotton pad

All eyeliner and eyeshadow dropped!If you're using mascara then need additional 30 second and move the cotton pad gently from left to your right side. Then both will have the same result too.
See my After Photo too! It's so clean I didn't use others product . I just pour this remover on a cotton pad then use that to remove all my makeup. So clean right??

♥ For me it's really cheap to get a makeup remover which lower than RM25 or within RM20-RM25! At this price I can see the same result with my previous makeup remover which cost me RM45 or others makeup lotion RM35. I really impressed with this product and I strongly recommend for those who have normal skin type and wish to try out makeup remover oil. I love this so much and left half bottle only. This makeup remover have a little natural scent (I think it's rose oil scent) which is really make me feel nice and happy with it. Except for that when I saw it's oil kind of makeup remover I thought the texture is something like serum those very oil kind of liquid form but when I try it the texture is not exactly like a oil form of remover. It's basically oil + water which is really light for me and I'm loving it ~

Next will be another JELLY MASK which is actually a Gel Mask but I prefer to call it ask jelly mask lol!! They have 3 diff kind of jelly mask and I think this one is more affordable if compare with other brand. As you know sometime we just prefer something which is big size and more affordable but this is slightly diff from epure jelly mask because this is for whitening one :) Epure mask is best for those who wish to to have a deep moisturizing on their skin but this one is more on brightening. So don't ask me which I prefer because each of the product meet diff needs of people and it's actually depend on you. If you prefer to have whitening type of jelly mask with affordable price then go ahead with this because this is much cheaper than the others jelly mask. 
 Besides the price as you can see the size of this jelly mask is quite big too! Lol it's totally can cover whole head of mine! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA
 I got myself a whitening Gel Mask but Near Ocean have another 2 which is anti-aging and also balancing gel mask. No need for me to list down which is suitable for you. The balancing one is suitable for those who have oily skin so that you can actually balance your oil level and control it nicely.
♥ One thing I don't like about this gel mask is they didn't provide us any mask spatula for us to use. We need to consider the hygiene level of this so please don't use hand to apply it you should find or get yourself a spatula to apply on your face. Other than that I guess it's pretty much work the same as other jelly mask but in term of whitening I think the result you can obtain and see straight after you wash the face but for me I guess every time you finished your mask and washed it your face will seems to be brighter and it's very normal not because of the magic of jelly mask actually. Like when you apply mask sheet you can instead see your face color tone is slightly lighter but for a long term result I can achieve a smoother baby skin and of course never forgot I can whitening at the same time using this. I don't hope to become whiter but I just hope to maintain my current skin tone so each whitening product I use is just for me to maintain and keep back my current skin tone.

For those who want to try jelly mask and have a little bit budget on it you might find this is useful as well .Due to price concern and also diff type of skin you can now have further choices other than just hydrating or moisturizing jelly mask :) You now can try whitening , anti-aging and balancing jelly mask too! I think I can't really finish this huge full size of jelly mask. Mostly I can use if for almost 6-8 month if I use it once per week. If not mistaken this no more than RM50 i think it's RM4x.00. You can grab it with a cheaper price during their promotion period :)

It's sleeping mask's turn. Sleeping mask is very famous nowadays because everyone was so lazy to apply mask and wait it dry then wash it :P So it's suitable for LAZY PEOPLE like me ! Lol I not really use it so often because I still prefer their Ocean Mask Sheet but this I bought it for myself just to try out and everyone can try this because it's like no more than RM15 I think. I got it from the beauty fair also. If not mistaken I got it for RM10++ ONLY!!! I'm not sure what's the original price but this sleeping mask is not really big. I can hold it with my one hand and also I get whitening one for myself :P
 Let me talk about this sleeping mask. This is a little bit sticky for me if compare to others brand :) I'm not sure whether you like it or not but one main reason I can't stick to this sleeping mask is the scent is kind of smelly..Is not smelly actually I smell something like plastic smell I think because they didn't add any fragrance inside and that's why I can smell the plastic thing. I think if you want to use this you have to apply 30 mins before you sleep if not your pillow and your bed will touched your face then everything kenal your sleeping mask already. The absorption level is quite slow as it's quite sticky and because this I strongly recommend you to apply this 30 mins earlier before you sleep ya.

Forget to talk about the outcome. For me this sleeping mask isn't make my skin smoother or fair (the jelly mask and normal mask works better than this) but the next day I can see my skin slightly brighter so I guess it's works for those who wish to try brightening sleeping mask but for those who want it to moisture or hydrate your skin then I think you can just buy the normal mask because this I can't really feel my skin is hydrating but whitening is the only result and outcome I obtain by using this :)

Other than their skincare product , let me introduce their daily skincare product & routine for all of you. This is my first time to try their daily skincare product which is the toner , moisture lotion and also the serum. I didn't get their cleanser because I still have lots of cleanser to use! Lol I don't wanna wash it and also keep that to  purchase my mask again!! AHHAHAHAAHAH Follow step by step after your cleanser > Toner > Lotion > Serum. Not necessary to add serum in your everyday routine but maybe twice a week because hor we are still young la..Normal routine will do but me already 21st !! If I don't put any serum I afraid my face getting old and old..so...I just use once or twice per week! Follow my mood! Lol 
(1) Toner
Pour it on a cotton pad or both of your hand and gently pat it and let your face absorb :)

(2) Lotion
 Apply after your toner and gently apply all over your face.

(3) Serum

This serum is quite oily I guess. So I apply it 1-2 drops ONLY!! Don't be greedy and put lotss on your face. It won't help lolx and I choose the hydrating & moisturizing serum. I normally apply it at night or after shooting day just to hold and maintain my water level under my skin. Oh yea the price of this if not mistake I think it's just RM10 OR RM15!! Everything is so cheap I almost forgot the price!! So what you can do is can simply drop a msg on their inbox and ask for the exactly price and after promotion price too!! Sorry I really can't remember the exactly price but wont runs out from the range I mentioned :) If I do please let me know so that I can correct it ya <3

Muhahaha I know you wait this for so long!!! :) I know you wanna to grab them home badly :P  I love to talk with their page owner which selling this Near Ocean brand because she not just do normal selling only. You can talk to her and tell her what type of skin you have. They will recommend you regarding your skin type and of course all lovely promotion from them! Love it so much and it's really special to us! You know la now a simple skincare product also have to cost like more than RM40 and it's really bad if I keep on intro and recommended expensive high-end product and I guess sometime reasonable and affordable brand or skincare product can use to compare with those expensive product. Each product have their pros and cons but it appear on this market is just to meet our customer needs and also not everything exp or cheap is bad or worst :) You just have to get the one you afford to pay with and also GOOD TO USE!

Stop crapping here :P Just show you some promotion now!!! Except for the RM2 mask still have~~~

 and also their hot selling items all for RM2~
This is what I bought during their promotion!! I guess now left 10 pieces only! I hope to get their hot selling item their mask for FREE :P But hor RM2 ALREADY SO CHEAP LA.. I also feel very bad if I'm not buy from them because REALLY RM2 SO CHEAP AND THE OUTCOME IS DAMN GOOD LEH!! So If I'm willing to spend that amount and bought it home!! I really strongly recommended you to try out their whitening C mask n the blackhead black king mask which I RECOMMENDED FROM PAST FEW MONTH UNTIL NOW!!! GOOOOOOOOOO N TRY THAT!!!

I know you can't wait to make order :P and I didn't get pay for this post ya (THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIAL ) so all opinions is belong to my own and You are strongly recommend to try their facial mask lor :P 

For more information you can visit their page:
Or Contact Gwen at : 014-9036177. (whatapps or line)

Tell them you're my reader and about your skin type so you get their promotion :P Don't miss this chance to grab nice skincare product ya ;)