My Holiday full of cockroach & bangla?!!!

11 August 2013

Hello Everyone  How are you today? I'm not really fine since I back from my little holiday trip. I just hope to escape from my current problem which related with my family issues. It's really tiring I'm hiding myself inside my room now but I miss you sweeties a lot. Flashback the day I start my blog with all post related to my life , my friends & my family. Everything was so beautiful & peaceful at that moment but once I grow up and older I feel that more & more problem I need to faced even I don't wish to. 

So this time I can do it too. Just hope that no argue anymore in front of me. I SAY PLEASE to god and pray for myself. Things happen for a reason. Never regret for what decision you made. If you start to regret then you will start to blame for that. That's when people start to think negatively and start to think everything wrong , never accept people advice and never be open mind enough to accept it. They just keep on blaming their partner for the mistake he/she make. As a third party I know both have their own right & wrong but I really can't tahan people keep on argue in front of me everyday , every mins , every second. 

Such a long time I never update about my own life and things like this. I mean happy thing la..the beginning part is quite emo i know :) But soon I will be fine. I think being a blogger is not just taking advertorial , updating about all nice events , or doing promoting only. I want to get in touch with all of my sweeties & readers. So that you can know me more. I guess if a blog full of post about advertorial you guys will getting boring too. Am I Right? From now on will be back!! More live update about what am I doing and my own boring story... This is how I started to blog about. Previously all post is just about my life but slowly when I involved in blogging life I start to keep my own story just for my own. I think it's quite selfish because i know sometime it's quite boring and I just hope you guys can read my happy part in my mind. I don't wish to show any emo part in my blog too.

errrr... I think enough to talk with that. Is time to talk about my holiday trip now!! Lol 

It's not an interesting trip anyway . But just a trip that I can spend with my friends and escape from my current life. So what am I doing in this holiday? it's all about EAT , PLAY , MEET NEW FRIENDS , LAUGH , DRINK , RUN & WALK around. I just wanna go somewhere near and just hope to walk around + relax relax holiday!! AHAHAHA 

DAY 1♥ (cockroach day)
I still can't get enough for this holiday. Once I recover from sick I'm totally in a happy mood. I packed everything in the early morning before I went to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). This is my second time went to TBS. Previous kukup 2D1N trip I went there by bus too. The previous experience on bus is just nice but this time something happen -.-


It's so scary. You know the previous bus I sit is so clean and nice. Once I get into this bus I really need to say WTF?! The bus so smelly but still I actually ignored it for the first few hours. Then you know my friend never afraid of cockroach keep on ask me to calm down. Actually I wish to do so too but imaging you sit on the chair then you feel sleepy at the moment...Then you almost fall asleep 

SUDDENLY!!! I saw something pass by so fast on my right hand side. Then I turn my head to the right... I saw that TwT  Almost wanna shout out loud because hor it's just few cm near of me TwT You can start to imaging that especially the moment you saw it then you turn your head immediately !!! After that I actually sit on the chair then I stand up immediately and bend my body . I take off my shoe take both of my leg up. I move to the left whole eye just keep on facing the right side which full of COCKROACH !!!!
This is my expression TwT I hope someone can clean the bus loh! So damn dirty I never sit on the bus like this and experience this last time. It's really a nightmare for me and I keep on looking the time and count still got how many hours left . The worst part it traffic so jam on that day. I took 7 hours bus to reach the destination. You can start to imaging how can I sleep on that 7 hours journal. I totally just keep on looking on my right side and keep looking up & down again & again just hope the cockroach never drop inside my bag or body. You know the cockroach so BIG OHHHH some more when the big one disappear two small tiny baby cockroach climb up again and just stop beside me T^T
Why don't you appear on others place.. Why you must appear in front of me TwT I really don't know what can I do so I just keep my eyesight and vision on it. I can't even sleep I'm so tension at that time!!! I just hope someone can save me and the baby cockroach keep on walking around until I'm a little bit dizzy after that. You know just few cm near me almost reach on me T^T WHY I SIT ON THE WINDOW SIDE?!!! I open 3G data and keep ask my friends to wake up and give me some support xD

But then she wake up and tell me it's just ants -.-ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I keep on telling her it's cockroach then she keep on laughing. I know I'm kind of stupid but I just afraid of dirty cockroach!!! When one cockroach appear it means there are millions cockroach under my sit or beside me.. WTFFFFFFFFFFF I sms Mr. Kitty and he laugh at me also -.- wth it's a bad experience and from that time after that I don't dare to sit beside window now. 

Then hor.. I start to get use to it. I sit nicely and act relax. THE COCKROACH dunno how climb climb in front of me.. The cockroach appear above my snack.ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I ALMOST kill myself at that point. But I just keep on shouting in my mind I never talk loud or shout in front public. Then I wake my friend up. She just so brave and PULL OUT THE SNACK THROW IT to the front. 
I wanna hug her and say THANKIUUU CHARLOTTE !!! I LOVE YOU DAMN MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH..Thanks for the help to throw the cockroach!! I'm really happy but when I see still got 3 hours left !! Haven reach the destination. wth?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME YEHHHH.. Why so slow one.. I wish to jump from the bus because it's so dirty TwT why previous bus so nice but this one so dirty and smelly one eh... TwT

Then hor I look under the floor got cockroach also T^T I feel very itchy and wish to take a shower immediately after I reach my friend's house. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I HATE THAT STUPID BUS but it's so funny when I think back that 'awesome day'. Lol

Oh dear it's really scary!! and thanks god I arrived Pontian at 10.30pm . Charlotte's friends fetch us at the bus station at Pontian then we just heading to some mamak & enjoy our delicious dinner. At the same time I can't wait to take a shower T^T 

End up my first day with all bad experience in the bus.. Hope I wont be able to meet the cockroach family again! $%$#%$%@$%

DAY 2♥ (Food + Babies Day)

Day Two is a wonderful morning for me. Wake up in the early morning 8am and don't have much time left because going to have our brunch at a shop name 18' Celsius. They told me this is the most popular shop in their hometown. Such a hot weather so I simply wear a tank top which I got it from Fblock for only RM29 if I'm not mistaken.
Some photo I took inside the shop while waiting Charlotte's friends to come and bring us to the famous kukup Mango Ice shop there!!
Our Brunch 
 The chicken set is simple and delicious. I don't eat spicy so they didn't put any spicy powder for me. The weather is quite hot on that day so I ordered their best seller drinks too. WOOOOHOOO So full on that time and everything is so nice to me. Met all new friends and talk a lot with them. AHAHHAHA It's really so crazy even I just met them less than 2 time but still we manage to talk a lot. I feel so surprise that I'm able to eat and drink non stop! Lol

What to do next??!! Babe Charlotte know I miss kukup food since the previous kukup trip!! So she ask her friends YiShan bring us to kukup just for me to eat the mango ice!! YiShan's relative is the owner of the mango ice shop!!! WOOOHOOO

So yummy leh!! The mango is damn sweet and having a bowl of mango ice on the hot weather is such an enjoyable moment in my life. HAHAHAHAHA If you have a chance please try this !! You will miss it like I do. The mango cube is so huge and from the photo above you can actually see that my mouth is so full. HAHAHAH Full of mango. Lol

After that we just simply went to a playground and Charlotte's brother joined us as well.
I gained some weight back I think!! HAHAHAAH Sorry I just can't stop myself to have nice food and dessert :P 
Xiao Lyn , Yi Shan , Me , Charlotte 

 I quite enjoy here because I no need care what people think about me. They are quite friendly and I just keep eating and talking which is totally the best part for me.. HAHAHA I finally have the chance go for a trip like this. because previously I don't have the permit to do so. Lol I don't care where's the location!! Most important is have fun and with a all travel partner which is friendly and nice to play with :P
End up my day with this! HAHAHA I know it's quite weird wearing my spec while masking but hor this is what girls usually do just don't wish to waste our time. I can wear like this while reading blog post or watching tv like this!! HHAAHAHAHA

DAY 3♥ 
(Bangla Day , Heading to JB City Square + Birthday Celebration)

Oh yea! 3rd day suppose to be damn awesome but because of all the bangla we are damn tired in this trip! I never expect in my life whole bus is full of 80% bangla and 20% malaysian. Total 50 people in a bus and only 8 of us is malaysian. 5 of us and another 3 is malay. 

So before I blog about my 3rd day I need to talk about this BANGLA ISSUE!!!

I never expect to have such a WONDERFUL day in my life -.- The bus is full of bangla. Don't believe I show you some photo I took during the time we go JB by the bus. It's just the beginning because the bangla slowly increase after few mins and I afraid they kill me by taking photo of them . Lol so I just took the photo when they're facing another side.
 See this Micheal still can be so happy I'm almost vomit because of the smell and also I feel hard to breath inside the bus. The number of bangla slowly increase and I don't know what the hell make them appear!!! I totally forgot myself because I thought I'm located at somewhere out of Malaysia. You don't know how scary after I taking this photo because more & more bangla come into the bus and stand beside us. Although I feel really uncomfortable but I never show up because I think it's not their fault.. BUT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE BANGLA INSIDE THE BUS IS TOTALLY TERRIBLE..

I feel so headache and hard to breath .. I need fresh air if you get what I mean. I'm so disappointed to our country because I really don't know what the hell our beloved leader who did this for us. Thanks to him I finally have the opportunity to feel like I'm in banglasia not Malaysia. ishhhhh!! But it's still lucky when we still able to get out sit and they're standing for almost 1 hours+ from Pontian to JB.

The most terrible time is when the time we need to go back from JB to Pontian. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH BANGLA stand in front of the bus station waiting for the bus to arrive? IT'S SO SCARY because we as a MALAYSIAN NEED TO FIGHT WITH THEM just to get into the bus -.-

YOU KNOW HOW WE get inside the bus when back from JB? All of us just like 9 Malaysian standing behind all the bangla... WE ARE SO TINY AND JUST A SMALL PORTION compare with them. \Then luckily we are strong enough to be push into the bus.. I was like WTF?!!! My friends kenal all the bangla pushhh and Charlotte's YOUNGER BROTHER is just a children also been force to get inside the bus. All Bangla like afraid can't get into the bus keep touching us / pulling us / pushing us .. My head kenal push and pull left to right..right to left repeat for almost 10 times. Xiao Lyn behind me and trying her best to protect me and I FEEL SO TOUCH T^T because I really so afraid those bangla.. They all so rude..

So we have 5 people there and 2 of them successfully get into the bus while me , Charlotte's bro and XiaoLyn still kenal push and pull in front of the bus door. This experience is worst than the cockroach bus I experienced few day ago. This is more terrible from that. Charlotte's bro is so polite he don't even wish to pull them and that's why he kenal all bangla bully !!! He is a kid and it's really so terrible and we just keep on shouting ask them not to push but no one heard about this -.-

Then I keep on push him to the front and ask him just get into the bus no matter how because kids is more important and I don't wish his to disappear from my vision.. I just keep pushing him from the right to the middle part while XiaoLyn keep on holding our body balance. We try to balance ourself and I almost faint at that point because all bangla hand touched us T^T So disgusting!!!!!! Then I successfully get into the bus. and guess what I'm just standing behind the driver there -.-  then XiaoLyn is the last one to get into the bus.. She didn't get inside luckily I hold my hand outside and keep shout AND SCOLD THEM just let her in!! 

Those bangla really so cacat!! I really don't know what can I SAY about that because AS A MALAYSIAN LIKE US NEED TO PUSH & PULL JUST TO  GET INTO THE BUS AND STANDING THERE SO DANGEROUS while all bangla sit nicely inside the bus. WTF?!!!! I'm standing behind the driver and I afraid I kenal push again until I break the window. I keep sweating all the way from JB to Pontian Bus Station. I feel very angry and all bangla sweating too they touched my skin..

WTF I FEEL SO DISGUSTING & DIRTY and WHY WE NEED TO STAND BUT ALL BANGLA SIT NICELY !! I'm Malaysian lehhhhh!! Why I need to face this all the way for almost 1 hour plus I feel so uncomfortable AND I just so angry about it... But I can't do anything.. So smelly and I just feel to take shower ...You imaging that 5 of us so tiny and small stand in the middle of all bangla!!! WTF IS THIS?!

Our beloved Malaysia slowly become Banglasia liao! I really never get to experience this before and now I know the feeling living in Malaysia as a Malaysian I have no right to sit in a bus with 80% malaysian but all 80% is bangla.So disappointed .. And so terrible luckily all of us were safe. I hope you never experience this in your life. I don't know I should be happy or feel terrible for this anot..

Once in my life. I swear no next time I don't wish to sit in a BANGLA BUS and hear the driver keep scolding them not to pull & push us but still they keep on doing it. Like it's okay in Malaysia -.- really wtf for that!!! 

I think I should end with the bangla part so that this post is gonna end with a nice ending!! LOLLLL

WE reached on our destination at 11++am and heading to City Square straight away after we went down from the bus. Then so hungry at that time just simply take our brunch at there. Next went to their famous Puri Puri shop (Photo Club) which I mad love with!!! I think it's diff from KL Puri Puri Shop because at our KL one don't have people service you and give you the choice to choose any package. City Square one you can choose diff theme and also diff package. Each package diff with each by the number of person you wish to snap. 
 So we choose the 2 person package with hello kitty theme of the month! It cost us RM75 if divided into two will be RM37.50 like that lo. A little bit pricy compare to my previous puri puri experience but when you look on the bottom photo you will think it worth for the price.
The package included One big size photo + 3 Middle size photo and protected with the photo transparent slip + pack nicely inside a package. Then a customize key chain with your puri puri on it & also 8 small size photo sicker with a hello kitty box with your photo beside too!!! So cute right? I wish to bring Mr.Kitty here so that I can snap pretty puri puri photo with him too :P HAHAHAHAAH Anyway Thanks Charlotte for the intro because I really love all the photo sticker machine! I wish to try every machine there!!!
 Then we passed by Action City! Their Action City is so happening !! Full of people , instance camera , soft toys and things which make me happy!!!
So cute right??
 I want the soft toy on the right photo's that rabbit!! It cost RM99!! But too big for me to bring back by bus T^T I want that badly!! So cute!!
That Micheal don't know who am I and don't know I will put it on my blog.. He keep on be our photo boom appear when I'm selca+ing... So just let it be! He is single and available.. working at Sg and his hometown at Pontian as well... He told us he's the handsome guy came from Thailand.. We call him as ' ah Gua' HAHAHAHAH I'm just joking la but he is a funny guy and keep making fun just to make us laugh! Lol  

 Charlotte busy talking photo with all the soft toys there while we're here for a group photo!! HAHAHAHAAH See his expression -.- Totally can't fight with him -.- Okay , I lose!
Then bought this Nail Polish from TolyMoly for only RM10 I think!! The color is those peach pink which really stand out so well on my hand. My hand look brighter with this color so I guess I'm so in love with this now!!!! I straightly apply this on my nail after I back from JB!! HAHAHAHAHA So efficient right? But this color is damn nice seriously!!!! I tried some other pink color and I actually got many pink series nail polish but each pink of that look really ugly when I applied it on my nail EXCEPT for this color!! Suitable for those who have light tone skin color :) RECOMMENDED BY MEEEEEE!!

Next we just shopping + eating dessert like crazy!!
 Photo credits to me! HAHAHAHA
 So basically we just hang around and it's almost 4pm we need to rush back for another birthday celebration. After that no need to mention I back with a damn tiring face due to all the push & pull by all bangla.. It's really tiring and I'm so hungry!! Craving for food :"(
Happy Birthday To JiaWen :)

Nice to meet all of you !! I'm really tired on that night because of the bad experience in the bus TwT But they are so friendly. Looking them and hope I have a chance to gather all my primary school friends together!! All of them sit in the living room and start talking & chatting about the past. Each of them laughing when talking about each others. Time flies.. We are 21st this year and I joined lotss of 21st birthday celebration.. My birthday coming next 2 months and I really don't know how to celebrate.. I never open any party too because I know my mom will ask me to rent or booking a place to do my celebration instead of celebrating in my house.

ARGHHH Maybe I will make a small celebration in one of a western restaurant or any suggestion? Then put some decoration. Invite few friends to come. Maybe I should think about my cakes and where to get balloon & things like that!! Think til so far ?!! LOLLLL Still have few month left I think I have to take it serious and think about who and where is the location best for all of my friends :'( So hard to pick a location !!! Leave it now I think I only will think about it 2 weeks before my birthday!! LOLLL

DAY 4♥ 
Look so tired here because I'm so tired!! HAHAHAH I actually wake up myself and just to snap some photo for my blog then continue sleep inside the bus!! I'm really happy this bus is so CLEAN AND NICE! I pray on the night before this!! HAAHAHAH I'm happy girl and THIS BUS is totally 100% clean I can't see any insect or cockroach :P WEEEEE~~
 Packed everything on yesterday's night!! Thanks Lovely Aunty for this cute mooncake!!! Thanks for everything !! Thanks Charlotte and her mom , XiaoLyn , Micheal , YiShan , Gerald for making my holiday a little bit special for me and also all the new friends I met on this holiday :) Thanks for all the treats ♥ Love, xoxo
 Last but not least I must show you guys my nail !! Loving My Nail Color!!! NICE right? :P That's all for today!

Stay tuned for my next blog post! Will update more from now on because I'm gonna end my internship soon!!! IN JUST 4 WEEKS TIME!! MUAHAHAHAHAH Then after that will be heading to Thailand (September) & Korea (October) !!! WOOHOOOOOOOO Pray and wish me luck