VanityTrove: Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE (July Edition)

15 August 2013

Hello Lovely Sweethearts♥ :3 Is me again !! Wooohoo should break my own record now! I can't sleep if I didn't update about this post! I owe this for quite a long time so sorry for that but I know most of you already got your VT box!! I'm kinda late to update here but you know it really take time for me to have work at the same time need to update my blog. I don't wanna simply update it so it took me some time to keep on rushing back all my blog post so FINALLY this post done!! Wooohoo wooohooo So here's the blog post! Let's get started for the JULY EDITION : Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE

 Woohooo I'm so happy when I get this month's beauty box because it's my Niu Er!!! I just can't believe his real age is 4x years old. OMG HE LOOK SO YOUNG!! Plus, this month edition is all about infinite Youth! Who doesn't want to !!??? Everyone wishes to have that too! OMG Looking young is an eternal quest for everyone I guess. It's time to discover the secret to maintaining eternal youth with the exclusive & Limited Edition KOSE x Vanity Trove edition today~ Huiiirayyy
 Previously the wrapping paper inside is neon orange but this time everything is in Purple & Blue color!! I'm so in love with it so I added with a fake lavender plant beside the box! Just to add on something so that it wont be so blank :P I got it from lovely lace and just cost me like RM29

Everything seems to be like so interested and attractive right?! I'm actually quite surprise that i can get to try beauty box which included whole trial sample set of product because usually those whole set / range trial set cost very expensive too and I can't get any idea where to purchase other than get it from beauty box. Sometime I just feel that it's totally a hard thing to think of every month's beauty box but Vanity Trove always make their theme / edition become so attractive to us. Never disappointed us! I'm just loving the protective drawer type box and this month's theme.

So let's see what's inside this lovely July Edition VT beauty box~
 Oh yes! I'm not sure why I got two vouchers from this beauty box. Guess they placed additional inside or maybe both voucher so sticky keep stick on each other together :P Don't wish to separate! HAHHAAH So I got two Free Trendy Pouch & Skin Consultation & Analysis. It can help me to understand more about my skin but I did too much skin consultation & analysis maybe I need to give this and sharing it with my friends! But have special term and condition that need to get with any purchase of KOSE infinity pure advance item :'( Oh noooo!! Why it's not a free consultation and analysis voucher :( Too bad !! But still luckily I got a trial sample set infinity range I got from this beauty box :P So that I can try few time first before I purchase it!! Muahhaahhaa

So yea.. It's show time! Is time to let you know what's included inside this month edition. 
Product Included

#1 Pure Advance Oil cleansing Gel
#2 Pure Advance Clear Up wash
#3 Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
#4 Pure Advance Serum II
#5 Pure Advance Eye Jelly
#6 Deep Protection UV

#1 Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel
RM119.00 (120g)

 Let's get Started with the first product!! Cleanser but this is kinda special because it's gel form and the uniqueness of the gel formula helps smoother your skin and turn into oil swiftly. It's not just a normal cleanser but it's really effective in removing all your light makeup , dirt from your face & unblocking your pores for a Smoother & Brighter Skin. I experienced this on my own skin I feel that the gel form is quite light on my skin and I didn't feel any uncomfortable feeling on my skin too.

I think it's can remove your makeup base or sunblock as well.Not those too thick kind of makeup but light makeup with a little bit base on it will be fine. (But this one I try in trial sample bottle means i got limited quantity and time to try out..So that I only can use it for 2 time within this mini bottle..I just wanna make sure that it's really clean since I'm wearing my light makeup without removing it with my makeup remover)

Direction: Apply a cheery-size of this cleansing gel and gently massage it all over your face and REMEMBER your neck too. After that rinse with warm water.

 #2 Pure Advance Clear Up Wash
RM99.00 (120g)

I'm quite curious about this product because this is an additional step for you to clean our face I think. We recommend use this after the oil cleansing gel then follow up with this clear up wash. The texture is quite special too because it's a texture of meringue-like bubbles which can help to remove any others excess makeup & sebum from your skin. In addition it's will make your skin fairer and smaller pores.

For me this is quite hard and trouble la :P You know I'm always same with the majority of girl very lazy to clean my face. If I use this range of product I need to use two step with two diff product to do my cleansing process on my face. It's took me a long time to think of it because i'm lazy :X and it's very pricy too if I purchase this range I need to pay another additional product just for cleansing purpose. But it got it advantages too which is my face is really 'CLEAN' after using this two product. I can feel it with my fingers.

Direction: First of all wet your palms and squeeze out an appropriate amount on your hand. Then, massage gently over your face and rinse with water thoroughly with water. Make sure to wash all the bubble !! Make sure it's clean :P

 #3 Pure Advance Essence Lotion II
RM169.00 (160ml)

This is the lotion means something like moisturizer. Where's the toner? Lol Use this lotion after your previous cleansing process. It's contain natural essences to rejuvenate , hydrate and also helps in plump up tired skin. Besides, this moist lotion will reduce the amount and visibility of open pores which caused by dryness.

Oh yea! It can help in visibility the amount of open pores means that the absorption level of it is quite good as I tried on my own face. It's not really oily type of lotion or sticky. I just feel that my face is so hydrating after used this. Just that I feel weird to skip the process which need to use toner before any lotion apply on our face. But still this is really make my skin so smooth eh!!!!

Direction: Pour an appropriate amount onto a piece of cotton pad ( or the palm of your hands). Then, gently pat into your skin after cleansing. Let it absorb when you pat your face. Remember to take it slowly and just try to relax at the same time~

 #4 Pure Advance Serum II
RM169.00 (120ml)

Finally it's Serum time!! This serum is quite pricy for me :'( I guess Kose skincare product range is quite expensive for a some of us. So I'm really glad that I have the chance to try this new range of pure advance . I used the blue bottle from KOSE last time then stopped quite a long time due to the reason of the price. It's really </3 when I need to spent almost up to 300-400 to get their product :'(  Okieee...Back to the topic~

This serum seems to be diff from others because of its texture. The rough skin texture is caused by dryness of your skin and the water-oil balance in your face. This serum is aim to helps by adjusting the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin. Basically when your application done , your skin will appear more soft , fluffy and poreless. BABY SKIN!!!

Direction: Put an appropriate amount onto your palm and massage it gently into your skin. Let it absorb before apply the next product.

 #5 Pure Advance Eye Jelly
RM180.00 (20g)

Eye Jelly!! The name of this is really cute. Jelly jelly jelly fish ~~ I guess we really need to take a good care for our eye because this is the FIRST AREAS where all signs of aging appear. OMG!! I need to check if there are any signs on my eye area now!! Our eyes require extra care for it while this product can really helps instantly moisture on our eye areas. Other than that , it's also can create eyes that radiate with a vibrant impression.

They gave us two sample pack so that I can use almost 3 -4 time. Not much can use i think my other's brand eye cream can last for almost half year so for me I guess it's more than enough. I didn't really apply that much, I just apply a light layer which I think it's suitable for my eyes. I feel very fresh and diff once I apply this my eye areas seems to be slightly tight than the previous. It absorb really fast too!!!

Direction: To use , remember to squeeze a small amount of jelly onto the tip of your finger. Next, gently pat around the skin of your eyes.

#6 Deep Protection UV
RM118.00 (30g)

In this skincare product range, they have a very good end product or last product for us to complete our daily routine and it's a IMPORTANT product for all of us too. So it's a UV protection product which with the highest level of SPF/PA protection - SPF50+/PA++++, OMG!? It's really high so REMEMBER TO REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP EVEN ONCE YOU APPLY THIS YOU NEED TO USE makeup REMOVER TO REMOVE YA. If not it will block your skin due to the high level of the protection.

This deep protection UV product is really powerful to guard our skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The emulsion-like formula protects our skin and also enhance or increase our skin firmness , making fine wrinkles less visible. It spreads smoothly over the skin and helps in creates a strong even film for smoother and moisturized skin.

Seems so interesting? I'm really appreciate for all the hard work VT did for us especially when come in the product range. I'm surprise they actually works together with KOSE and my favorite Niu Er in this edition. Thankiuu so much and sorry that I'm late for this post!! Next thing you need to do is just SUBSCRIBE TO ENJOY THEIR NEXT MONTHLY BOX~

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That's all for today. Love, xx 

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