Bra Top + Tee + Lace Shorts ♥

05 August 2013

Oh yea~ all my lovely Sweeties :3 Almost forgot to post this outfit on my blog. From now on I will be post more post about my outfits and more on my style. Something which you might like or should I say I'm being really happy especially people give me compliment about how I match my outfit. Actually I'm always sit in front computer and do nothing at home wearing sleeping clothes but when it come to SPECIAL day or any event I will dress up myself nicely.

As I mentioned previously I don't have a perfect body shape or I should say I'm totally a flat body shape girl. I'm not skinny or thin for me it's just nice but maybe sometime some meat hide after I dress up nicely or angle really a main point for that. I always wish to have sexy body shape as you but you know.. Sometime that is just an excuse for you ... Love yourself more instead of complaining how fat you are or how flat am I. Yea I'm flat one -.- I don't have such a big boobs. I used to envy and admire those hot sexy chick. I hate push up or I hate put something inside my bra just to make it look really big and huge. I complain everytime every single mins..

I passed by those shop which selling nice bra but don't have my stupid size I'm really sad. Seeing my friends around complaining them their breast so small or not big enough is really make me feel like crying or laughing myself. That's all came into my mind previously. I worry about this worry about that.. mind people saying me flat.. Can't wear any deep V top or bra top .. Is really a sad thing for me .. You can't realize how sad am I..

But since few year ago...I told myself not to focus on all those bad things.. I should love myself even more.. People envy about my thin body I envy on their nice body shape..That's mine even how I hate it it's still belong to me. Even it's small it's still my body LOLLL So Funny Hor?? But everyone just call me airport since I'm young but something make me feel in a diff way. Is you guys and my friends especially my bf and closed friends.

AHHAAH That's sound weird but when you start to be positive and confident toward yourself. At the same time stop complain and just improve yourself to be a better me.. Everything changed. I learn how to dress up myself nicely instead of complaining my body figure. I always wanna get myself a bra top or bralet top but horrr you know la very shy when you have no nice body but still need to wear this. But still I keep on fall in love with diff kind of bralet !! Especially seeing all sexy ootd on some magazine or fashion blogger blog!!!

So someone bought me a bralet few months ago but hide inside my room. Never know how to match it because I thought size XS is really tight and I can wear without 'explore' my stupid flat body figure. So I tried it on but still -.- SO LOOSE I don't wanna waste this bralet because it's pretty and I JUST LOVE IT EVEN I CAN'T WEAR.. I searching online matching style then suddenly something came in my mind.. I just simply match with a top!! Lol

I thought it wont be nice but once I wear it out people start to praise on my outfit.. (didn't praise me) LOLLLL Something diff from my previous style. After I  match with a white tee from H&M  it still a little bit loose for me. I wanna try abit japanese style so I match with a white lace shorts from Miucious. Then add on I pair with a wine red heels from @the_fickle_one (Instagram) which I think it's can match with my bralet and then I don't know what happen go and match with a white lace stocking gift from a friends

Everything like perfect match..LOL syiok sendiri but conclusion I just wanna  to tell you don't die with fashion too  much. Just dress what you like which make you feel happy , comfortable and confident. Confident is the reason why you feel yourself pretty than everything. Even just a simply outfit as long as you happy with it , love it, you already gain confident towards it. 

I should stop crapping here! You can start searching your wardrobe see any bralet or tee which you can match like this. I hope this help for those who have thin body figure or skinny one then you can pair it with your bralet and make sure it suit you too :)
 See this size XS but still so loose -.- I really can't think another way to match with my outfit without any white tee inside LOL. Hope you love this post because I'm really loving all diff kind of bralet but I'm too thin for that most of the bralet have no size and seems so loose for me. I bought this because I thought it have my size but still it's too loose for me!! I love the red color and all flora painting on this bralet so much!!
 Oh yea for the bag I just simply carry my mom's bag LOL a white tiny bag I bought for my mom at Ferenheit88 last year Christmas.
Necklace from H&M come with a set with another stud necklace.  

White Top - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Japanese VIVI lace pants- @Miucious
Bag- Mirrocle , Ferenheit88
Bralet & Lace Stocking- Gift from a friends 
Wine Red Heel - @the_fickle_one 

That's all for today.Love,xoxo.