Photo Shooting: Waiting ♥

27 July 2013

 Hello Sweeties :3 Should I say Good Night to all of you?!! HAHAHA I'm here again because I'm still need to edit some video which gonna use for the coming up blog post regarding my Sony HX50 camera + my last week trip @ Kukup , Johor. It was so fun to take photos and record everything during the trip. The moment you look back what you did will always make you laugh. The joyful and memories all came from photos and video . That's why I have a blog here! HAHAAHAH It's really funny if you ask what's my reason and why am I love to own a blog here. I think it's just like why I love to write diary and record everything I did on the past.

I afraid one day I die or maybe one day my memories ALL gone somewhere else AT LEAST I still have something to look back or maybe someone will show me all of these. I guess I watched too much drama. Lol but I think it's really great and fun to record some memorable and happy day in your life. Am I right? So I'm a little bit out of topic again but today's post is regarding the photo shooting I did last week. I just have a little time to do any shooting due to working life and busy on lotsss of things but both photographer invited me for such a long time. I think I delayed for almost 2 months plus before I intern and both of them is not the first time shoot for me..I guess it's 3rd~4th time on that. They arrange transport for me and this shooting session done within 2 hours!

Thanks god everything run smoothly :) I wake up in the early morning (5am) and get ready at 6.30am. I don't know or maybe should I say I don't even know where is that venue but it's the place they choose for me. Near some station need to reach there by using ktm or lrt I forgot which one la. I don't ever remember where is that so for those who interested can pm both of the photographer. Please don't ask me because seriously i don't know where is that place it required to pass by few station and I never go there again I swear. So many nyamuk -.- make my leg so itchy and damn cold in the early morning. That's why 2 hours for 3 of us consider so bad for us! My leg all vein appear and bite by all the insect there!! Arghhhh damn itchy then my vein suddenly appear all around my leg -.-

 Photographer Of The Day - Int.Photography (left) & HKH Photography (right)

So again!! Thanks for all the hard work and preparation. Thanks myself who pick for the outfit :P and of course the main item I need to thanks is the one who bought that hat. I guess it make the theme more obvious and look nicer. Am I right? I look like japanese style girl on the street but everyone just stared at me like I'm alien because I'm wearing like this at 7am in the morning -.- I'm freezing when the wind blowing ~

Guess I should stop crapping here!! Let's get started the PART (1) of this theme - Waiting or Waiting for the next station! LOLLLL I don't even know what's the theme but it's all about a girl , alone , walk alone , looking front , missing someone , thinking something special , Silent ....And some photos with my smile is just because I can't stop myself to pose a HAPPY FACE!! Lol Sooooooo

Let's Get Started! All photo in this post taken by Int Photography:) Only he sompleted + edited all the photo so it's a COMPLETED album for him while HKH.. he still need some time to do that..still on the process! AHAHAHAHH


Never try any emo shooting like this time before so the last photo must upload something more on me!! LOLLL I smile and laugh a lot actually but luckily I still manage to pose few emo kind of expression if not I think this won't be so success by bringing out the theme. Thanks for both of them because they now able to capture my emo pose!! Only 1 photo out of 10 can use so you can imaging how many time I need to repeat the same pose and expression. Really thanks everyone for the help and I'm loving this theme again!!! Guess I can really challenge myself and try something more emo or scary! LOLLLL

That's all for today. Love, xoxo