Casio Exilim New TR15 & TR10 Launch ♥

07 July 2013

Hello Lovely Sweeties :3   I know what are you waiting for? I received lotsss of comment and feedback on my instagram and others social media & of course once you saw the title you know what am I going to blog about in this post :P Am I right? I'm having the same feeling like you especially the moment I received a invitation email from Casio!The invitation is about a new series TR launching @ Renoma Cafe Gallery. Seriously, thanks to Mr.Long & Kenny :) I do appreciate all of you. Mr.Long is the first few person come and talk to me and some ice breaking while Kenny (Instax Pelangi) is the seller which provide super efficient and good service to all of us and if you notice I actually introduced and recommended him to all of my friends & readers who interested to get an Casio ZR1000 camera.
It's so coollllllll when I received the invitation!! I'm really super excited and then I tagged along KerChi , my secondary school's gf. AHAHAHA I think this is her first time to attend this kind of event and she start to fall in love with the latest TR series as well!I created a slogan on that day-WE WANT CASIO TR It was really fun because no one can resists the new series TR especially girls like us! Including me and I'm really proud to be there & all of us is the first few person to get in touch with the camera and feel it. Lotss of performance and speech by introducing the latest TR series . Other than that , Casio Exilim arranged some celebrities photo session , demonstration by all the pretty celebrities and LUCKY DRAW!

It's super exited!! All of us get crazy about it!! I think I should stop crapping around and Let's Get Started~
 Stay Calm!! The most exciting day of the week because we can to touch and feel the real TR camera which everyone dream for!!! The start is not us is all about TR15!! Fyi, TR15 is the same one with TR350 just the name seems to be diff in our country only. So it's basically the same!!! Before the event start we can just simply walk around and every corner you can spot TR15/TR10!!! I hope one of those is belong to me. lolx Seriously, it's in everyone wishlist. AM I RIGHT???
 I'm super duper happy because the launching was so fun when all the bloggers can gather together in one place + CRAZY for one thing. All of us just can't stop talking and taking photo with the camera because this is what girls usually do when we happen to be with each other.

So let me introduce for you the latest series of new TR! It's TR15 and also TR10! Both model actually is the same except for TR10 is without wireless and the price is slightly cheaper than the TR15. So it's suitable for those who have their own budget but because of the feature without wireless most of us will more prefer & go for TR15. I personally love the color of TR10 because it's pastel series color baby blue, special baby pink and white.TR15's color is more bright and charming , Vivid Pink , classic Black and Dreamy White.
TR10 (without wireless) with pastel baby blue , special pink & white.
TR15 (with wireless) Vivid Pink, White & Classic Black

Latest TR series came out with new face :P Diff design & look with the previous one. New design is really fashionable & gorgeous. It's no longer just a camera but it's something add on for you. No matter the design or the feature of new tr it's always caught our eyes especially their remote features and also the new design of capture button on the camera's side. OMG!!!
The design and the color so gorgeous right? I just can't make any decision on which color I would like to get but most probably go for the vivid pink!! Since I attended the event my brain now full of TR15. Thinking of their feature and their new function I just can't forget about it. Addicted to TR15 now !! HELP HELP HELP

Apart from that we actually quite enjoy on that event. I can meet and talk with all my lovely babies , bloggers , friends , touch & feel the new TR , Food & drinks , performance by Ms.Wong with Casio digital piano and Casio Synthesizer, demo by celebrities and get touch with everyone there  Pretty happy about that !!!!! I just can't forget about that day :P
The flash make my fail look super pale. lol 
Special Performance by Ms Wong with the CASIO Digital Piano 

She played many pop song and of course our all time favorite KPOP song tooo!! Wooohooo 


Welcome Speech by Mr.Siau & Mr Shigeru Watanabe
It's super cute during the end of the speech Mr.Shigeru Watanabe took a TR15 out from his pocket!! HAHAAH Not only female love it ..Male love it too and I saw lotsss of taiwan and china girls & boys own one unit of TR series camera too. I hope to get one too but due to price concern I think I have to save lotsss of money only can get one for myself :'( I hope I can get the sponsorship for this camera from casio!! Lolx Hopefully they will pick me as one of the blogger too. Pray hard for that !!!

Next will be the product presentation by Ms.Yap Fui Fui. She present about all the new features on TR15 & TR10 and of course some Q&A session with all of the media , bloggers and people there. I will be included it at the bottom of this post. I'm sure you will be interested about it. Oh yea of course I will be explaining to you all the new features one by one to clear your doubt :)

(1)Natural Mode
For those who own a TR100,150 OR 200 you will know what's this for. It's so called 'MAKEUP MODE' which can give your skin a smoother textures, improving your skin to a more healthy & vibrant look. As usual you can choose from lvl 1 to lvl 12. Most of the time I use lvl 6 or lvl 3 under a bright sunlight because this camera is just like a magic. Just few second , it automatic edit your skin and the outcome of the photo is just SOOOOOOO PRETTY! Without make up still look super goooooooooooood! 

(2) Brightening Mode
For those who don't know this is an upgraded feature add on the latest TR series. Special for those who want to create a face like korean girl or dreamy skin tone. It function as immediately give the skin a lighter tone and smoother texture. Basically work like the same as the natural makeup mode just that with this it can enhance your photo look more pretty and to shoot beautiful photo that achieve exactly the make-up effect you're looking for!!!  As usual you can choose from lvl1 to lvl 12.

(3)Wireless LAN function (TR15)
This is what we are looking for!! WIRELESS FUNCTION. Now you can straight away transfer your photo to your smartphone and then upload immediately to your social media platform. It's really convenient and easy right? That mean you no need to purchase a wifi card to unlock this feature. It's actually came with the camera. OMG!!! How can I resist it? Just few easy step then you can simply transfer all your photo from your camera to your phone. WOOOHOOOO

This is also the most exciting part!!! I'm attracted with this feature too. But it's only available for TR15 because it need to have wireless connect with your smartphone to do that. With this you can actually do a shooting which can expand your variation of shooting angle. AND THIS IS WHY many people want to get TR15!! This is their unique selling point and so far no this kind of features appear on other's camera like this.
You just need to download the special apps for this features. Then use your smartphone as a remote control to capture or shoot for your own angle. You now can monitor the images on your smartphone screen while shooting , you can easily check your image composition or facial expression , even when shooting at an angle from behind. IT'S TOTALLY A CAPABILITY that opens up new option for imaginative poses. It means I can pose it myself and be my own photographer!!! THAT'S REALLY AWESOME!

(5) Social Media
You can simply transfer it to your smartphone and upload to facebook , twitter , instagram & etc with just a fingertip. It's really so convenient and user friendly!

(6)New ART Shot / Decoration Function added
Sparking Shot and some additional art shot added to give realistic photographic photos an impressionistic effect.It's almost like an apps on our smartphone you can actually view the art effect and adjust the result of it. Besides the art shot, Casio Exilim added some fun after shooting which is the DECORATION FUNCTION. Like puri-puri style kind of photo. You can simply click on the built-in stamp and paste it on your photo.Pen and eraser tools available for all sorts of playful ways too.

(7) Countdown Timer/Motion Shutter

(8) 21mm*  wide-angle lens
Now you can have the wide angle lens without worrying when shooting for group photo :P You can now enjoy the fun selca time with a group of friends. It's really a good news for those who prefer for group portraits.And because of the wide angle lens now you can shoot for (9)Slide Panorama

(10)Exilim Engine HS3
The latest TR series upgraded the exilim engine to Engine HS3 which can give you a High-Speed image processing Tech. and also high-speed shooting tech. You now can easily view your photo after capture it with the additional added capture button on the side then view it on the screen too. Seems to be better and improved a lots if compare with the previous TR series. Latest engine HS3 enhance and increase the quality of the photos and it will be more sharp as a digital camera.

They  invited 4 celebrities to the stage and demo all the features for us. They show us how to posing with the camera and some real effect , before & after mode photo , transferring photo to the smartphone and upload to social media & etc.

To clear your doubt I'm here to answer few frequently asked questions♥ on my instagram , fb acc & page.

#1 What's the price of both TR15 & TR10?
For TR15 the selling price is : RM2599 while TR10 selling price will be :RM2099.

#2 What's the diff between TR10 & TR15?
Everything seems to be the same just that TR10 without wireless features and because of that you can't use the remote feature too. Suitable for those who have budget on it but hope to own a TR camera.

#3 What about TR350?
TR350 is actually the TR15 just that in Casio Malaysia they name it as TR15. It's basically the same model just that the name is slightly diff. So don't worry

#4 Where can I get it?

#5 How many units for the first batch available at Fotokem?
Limited 100 units available only. I'm not sure what color and which color have more units. They just told us that only 100 units available now. The second batch will be coming at the end of JULY :)

Some additional photos I took on that day :) Enjoy reading..
 Group photo time
My Mini TR15
 Pastel OOTD 
KerChi , Me , Chenelle
 Sharon Bee 

PS: Spot me at 2:20 :P Thanks Casio for the video <3

That's all for today :) For more information can click on Casio Exilim Malaysia. Enjoy Reading, love xx.