Fashion Salad Bazaar ♥

10 July 2013

Herlooo Sweeties :3  How are you today? I'm here to update a little bit about the 'Fashion Salad' Bazaar last week. It's a memorable day for me and really thanks & appreciate for those who came to the bazaar or just a simply drop by just to say HIII♥ to all of us. I'm really happy because it's really a good chance to get in touch with all of you and meet all of you. For those who can't make it , don't worry there are more bazaar coming at the end of the month ...and also more new stock on my Double Beauty online shop.

This time I'm selling all my pre-loved clothes and double eyelid tape from Double Beauty. Seriously, I'm sooooooo excited before the day. I'm just done pack everything at the early morning almost 7am then 9am Vinny purposely come my house fetch me to the place. Really thanks!! Thanks for the help and sorry  for the trouble. She's the one willing to accompany and help me all the way at there.Setting booth together with Bobo & her and at the same time waiting others to come. 

It's not my first time to join this kind of Bazaar!! Previously I joined Viva La Bazaar too but this time this Fashion Salad Bazaar I get invited by Casey and she's my uni friends too! Fate and I tagged Bobo♥ together too! This is her first time to join this kind of event and I'm very happy that she enjoyed a lot because many of her fans purposely come by bus just to meet her! Lol 

It's really a good chance and I still got lotssss of pre-loved clothes too. Guess I have to sell it online because some of you asking me to do that. Just I think postage fees is the main reason why I wish to open a bazaar and also the feeling of touch & feel :) But still I'm really happy for those who came and drop by on that day!! MILLIONS THANKS + A BIG KISSS + HUG to all of you. Some of you soooo shy to say hii but I feel that I'm over react and too friendly until you all seems to be so shock! HAHAHAHAA

Sorry but I'm really so happy on that day! Every photo full of my smile and laugh! You know that I'm having my working life for just 3 month it's not long nor short but it actually stress me a lot. I can't talk much about that because I'm quite worry if someone told my boss I wrote about it!! HAHAHAHA so I just will keep until end of my internship and share with all of you my experience. It's not fun and I only can expect and try to make my weekend to be as fun as possible.

Such a long time I never be so happy. Just like the previous me :P So yea!! Guess I should back to the topic!! Here's some of the photo I took while preparing for the bazaar.

 I guess not much to talk about because it's all about SHOPPING , TALK , CHILL , HAVE FUN , EAT , SELCA , CAMWHORE , SAY HII , HUG , CHIT CHAT & etc... Basically all about girl's stuff! Lol So let's get started with all pretty photo and my pretty smile :D WOOOOHOOOO


Me , Casey , Chenelle
LingLing & Stephy

Povy , Me , Bobo
Nana , Chenelle , Bobo , Me , Casey

My sweeties
 Such a memorable day because of all of you. Some I can't view your photo on your instagram so I just manage to get from some of you who tagged me on instagram! Thanks for all the coming and hope you enjoy / grab lotsss of clothes on that bazaar! Hope to join more bazaar and meet all of you again~~

 THANKS THANKS THANKS for those who coming!!!! It's just like a dream and I met one of the reader which I noticed that she followed me quite a long time. She read my blog and when she saw me she got a little bit shy!! I'm quite shocked when she ask me how I'm able to smile with stranger but actually I know who you are. I remember those who always comment down below or concern me or suddenly pop out on my facebook chat one :P

It's like a dream for me. I never realize that I got such a power can influence and get like from you sweeties. You all are just one of the reason and motivation for me to become who am I today. Chanwon life it's complete if without all of you . I learn to talk to you all even we never meet before, Even a little msg or letter it's totally touched my heart. Especially sometime you guys purposely drop me a msg or inbox me which really made my day. My double beauty customer , my readers , my sweeties you guys just sooo sweet for me and that's why I never give up and continue to blogging.

Although I can't really give anything for all of you but one thing I'm really good on is I'm true to all of my readers and sweeties. For those who inbox and talk to me when I'm having a bad time I'm seriously have to thanks you for the support. All of the msg I had print screen and save it on  my phone. When I'm down I will take a look on it and it make me happy. Really..

I'm really so thankful to god. To ALL OF YOU.  Nothing much I can say but I just LOVE you and thanks for the accompany. Thanks for everything :) From stranger become my reader , from reader become my friends / sweeties , my customer then slowly you guys is just A PART of my life. I can't live without anyone of you :) Thanks for the loving...for such a long time...

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! hug**
I don't know how to explain my feeling on that day but just THANKSSS and keep thanks for all of you!! Love you all , xoxo.

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That's all for today ♥ Good Night :3 xx