New Hair Color ♥

09 July 2013

Hello Lovely People  :3 It's me again!! Finally I'm here and today I'm going to update a short post about my current hair color. I received quite a lot of number people asking about my current hair color because it seems like my hair grow more healthy than previous. Actually the real is I change my hair color from a bright light brown to a more darker tone color. It wasn't the first time I visit and do my hair at that salon. I guess if you followed me quite a long time , once you saw this purple chair and big mirror you know where am I already :P

In case you don't know about that you may check out my previous post about my first experience on haircut + dye hair + treatment + hairdo at Lilac Salon,Kuchai Lama here : (click on the link below)

Previously my hair color also did at the same place but you know once the black roots appear, it seems so annoying especially i have no time to trim and dye back the same color. So I have been waiting for quite a long time. What I mean by 'long time' is really soooooooooo long! Wake up in the morning I'm thinking when I need to make appointment with my personal hair stylist (Shinno Woon) unfortunately I keep on delay him due to my internship I can't able to trim my hair during weekday :'( So I have to make my appointment on weekend but make sure you make an appointment before you go on weekend because it might be fully booked ya :)

So this time my hair stylist pick a color for me and I'm quite curious about it but I'm always trust on him. He got a magic hand & every color he pick is totally out of my expectation like the previous highlighted hair on my bottom half part of my hair and now he know that I'm having my working life for 3 month I can't dye a bright hair color....So yea!! He pick a darker color for me. He told me that the color is BABY PINK!!??

I no bluff you that my expression was totally shock to the max. I thought it will be those SUPER BRIGHT PINK which need to bleach my hair and I try to think about my hair with fully BABY PINKpastel color. OMG! Is that a joke?!! Then my expression appear and my hair stylist laughing on me and just ask  me to calm down and he know I'm having my internship now. So he won't pick those color which is tooo bright or require to bleach my hair.
Oh goshhh..shocked me but he ask me to calm down and wait for the outcome. So I'm pretty sure that it will look good on me since it's darker tone.While waiting for it I start to imaging how would the 'BABY PINK' look like? Maybe I should call it as sweet pink.. I would like to have some dark chocolate kind of healthy hair color. For your information previously I faced such a hard time to talk to my previous hair stylist to have a healthy hair color those healthy brown or chestnut brown with shine shine kind of hair but no one can do that. Every time the outcome will be like too bright or too dark

Hair stylist always ask I always answer to have a dark healthy chocolate and things like that or maybe my explanation not good enough until they never reach my expectation. Thing changed now!! Now I didn't tell him what I want I just let him to pick the color for me again..and guess what..

THIS IS exactly WHAT I WANT!! and the name of the color totally not related with brown or what dark copper or chocolate brown..It's BABY PINKTAAADAAAAA~~
Like it Like it?! I'm loving it because this is what I looking for but this is more pink + red under sunlight while in a normal room condition your color look like chocolate brown and looks more healthy with this color tone. I'm loving it x2 Fyi, this color is from SHISEIDO. They change from the previous brand to Shiseido because the color from shiseido have the special hyaluronic acid which is more good than the previous brand. My hair look so shiny and smooth compare with the previous because I tried their new hair scrub treatment from Japan too.

Let me show you the before & after photo , under sunlight and indoor.


Can you see the exactly sweet pink color (right photo) under sunlight (outdoor) ? It more darker then previous and when you're standing under a bright sunlight or outdoor you can actually see the sweet baby pinkish brown color on my hair while if you just sit indoor then the hair color is like darker brown with a little bit red on that. It's so nice right??? I'm really so happy for this but not sure what's the next surprise he will pick for me!!! 
Look at my happy face! I'm so satisfied again for this time!! Thanks again Lilac Salon & my personal hair stylist Shinno for the help~ I'm pretty sure you are going to make an appointment and have a look on their salon. You should try it because this color I'm totally strongly RECOMMENDED to all my sweeties! It suitable for those who wish to try new color other than brown color but don't want to bleach their hair or for those who prefer a brown but pinkish+ little red color under the sunlight! I'm sure you will love it too...

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Once again, Thanks Lilac Salon & everyone there !!! I'm loving my hair and of course the hair stylist