éPure Membranous Jelly Masque ♥

24 July 2013

Hello Sweeties  :) I hope I didn't scare you with my photo above. It's actually a blog post regarding latest hot selling item , éPure Membranous Jelly Masque  I received this quite a long time and I tried it since last month. Before I get to try this, I actually saw lots blogger and sweetie using this and showing the before & after photos online. I'm quite surprise it actually works on everyone especially for those who wishes to achieve or to have a smoother & fairer skin like baby. 
Remember the previous 'Fashion Salad Bazaar'? I got myself another 2 boxes from Babe Chenelle. She's selling this jelly mask on that day and I just can't resist it .I will put all the detail on the bottom of this post so that you can purchase and contact her ya :) I saw quite a number of people selling this but remember always find someone who offer a good and efficient service to you. This is always my slogan. Lol I really hate irresponsible seller especially those never reply my msg after 1-2 days. I'm getting tired of waiting my parcel and seller's respond so once I think the seller offer a good and better service I will definitely share it with all of you
No need me to introduce so much because I guess most of you noticed and familiar with this and that's why once I saw Chenelle selling it I straight away watsapp her and get from  her since I will meet her on the bazaar too. It's always the best choice for all of us because the result you can see immediately after you wash off your face. Why not to get one for yourself and make it happen? It's so awesome especially after I washed my face I can feel my skin getting smoother and fairer. MAGIC! But still the price for me is a little bit pricy compare with others mask but this jelly mask is still affordable and that's why many of us still demand for it.HAHAAHAH
I know you will ask WHY !! Why choose ePure rather than others? Why can't other mask better than this? What's the ingredient and why this can help to achieve baby skin?

WHY WHY WHY? and let me tell you why!!!  Epure Membranous Jelly Masque seems to be so special is because it is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor), which provides 70% more moistures than other masks, forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while drawing out the impurities instantaneously. It also prevent melanin synthesis, which causes our skin turns darker, balances uneven skin tone, provides brighter complexion
So basically it's come with two diff packaging one is jar type and another box packaging. I prefer the box packaging one because it seems to be more hygienic than the jar and of course the amount of jelly masque already been pack nicely inside a pack. For jar type you need to make sure the level of hygiene itself and also apply the correct thickness / amount on your face. I'm kind of stupid and so budget if I purchase the jar one I'm sure forever not going to finish the whole jar and the amount I apply on my face will seems to be just nice or maybe too little!! Lol Don't feel wasted because once you apply too little or too thin layer it won't help you to achieve the best result for your face.

One box = 6 pack. One pack each time and it comes with a spatula so that you can apply it nicely on your face. 
See this epure jelly!!

This is how I apply on my face. Some step by step instruction for you to follow :)
(1)  Remember to wash your face & apply toner as usual.
(2)♥ Apply the epure jelly mask evenly on whole face by using the spatula provided with thickness of 0.3-0.5cm. Apply more on T zone, pigment areas and tip of nose. 
(3)♥ Leave it for 40mins.
(4) After 40mins, use the spatula scrape off mask gently with a downward motion, then rinse off throughly and continue with your own skin care routine.

You can see the immediately result after you done with the last step. While you're waiting and leave it for 40 mins you will slowly realize the thick layer slowly absorb by your skin and it become thinner if compare with before. After you done with that you can feel the face become fairer and smoother and at the same time especially the nose area + t zone layer seems to be brighter. My skin color seems to be more even and the darker area have improve to be brighter than previous. ONE WORD!!! AWESOME!!! 

 If you're interested, do not hesitate to contact Chenelle by:
wechat id - chenellewen 
line id - chenellewen