Styloaccessories ♥

18 July 2013

Hey Sweetheart  :3 How are you today? Wooohoo I'm going to Johor tomorrow and now I'm busy packing all my stuff but never forgot to mention that I will be missing you guys!! Will get back to all of you on Sunday so don't worry but I guess it's the most tiring week I ever had!! I'm so excited and can't wait to share this post with all of you~

So as usual, today post is slightly special   :P Featured Styloaccessories - my current favourite online shop which selling lotsss of accessories to match diff kind of customer! I got most of my accessories from them and kind of happy that all of their accessories is soooooo easy to match with my outfit. I love their necklace the most!! If can I have I would be choosing most of their necklace which have neon colors and pastel color!!! I think it's the best thing to emphasize our style and make yourself look more stylish and fashionable.

If you refer to my previous ootd or outfits photo/post. I'm really lazy to style with accessories because I've been looking for nice necklace since long time ago but nothing motivate me to grab them home until this July!! I have finally get something for my own. I choose 2 necklace for myself and at first i'm kind of afraid it doesn't match my look or outfit but end up the outcome is damn AWESOME. What can I say other than that? I feel so happy when I get them because the quality is really nice especially their pop color necklace with a huge range to  match diff kind of needs for us.

The owner of the shop understand me well. I have ask for their opinion too because I can't decide which color I want to choose. Since I'm more toward sweet style and loving pastel color but I jump from that. My last decision is to get their Gorgeous Shiny Droplets Gem Metal Braid Necklace & Luxury Retro Knit Short Fluorescent Color Collar Necklace . Oh yea and I pick myself a flower shade!!!! I just can't wait to match with my outfit and try diff look!!

One thing which make me remember their shop and how can I recognize their parcel is the logo stamp :) You know how much I love to purchase online and do online shopping right? I think what makes a online shop to stand out & unique from others is the owner's hearts and service. From their parcel I received I can realize that and of course the 'S' logo!! 

So..I think I should stop crapping here and TAADAAAAAAA   .. See how I match with my outfit!! 

(1) Outfit Match with  Luxury Retro Knit Short Fluorescent Color Collar Necklace 

 (2) Outfit match with Gorgeous Shiny Droplets Gem Metal Braid Necklace 

 (3) Outfit match with their lovely flower Shade  

A BIG LOVE to them!!

I can't explain how much I love it!! My outfit is actually kind of boring type but after added with their accessories everything seems to be diff. It made my day especially someone praise my look and also told me that I'm really look good with accessories. Lolx Syiok sendiri?!!! 

Then slowly I start to purchase more & more accessories. Now I'm having a problem where am I going to put them ?HAHAHA Maybe need to diy some box or something can hang them nicely + prevent spoil. 

But before I end with this post I really need to say THANKS for the surprise dear !  Guess what I received today?! A surprise parcel from Styloaccessories!!! Their new arrival Punk Metal Skull Bracelet♥ and it's PINK !! OMG! Thanks a lot ~ I'm sure you will fall in love and addicted to it !!! See their packaging

Arghhh!! Their latest accessories is damn niceee!! I want to get the neon pink one again but when I click on it .. SOLD OUT within a day?!!! ARRRRRRR!! Next time have to pm them earlier and grab them home again~

For more information can check out their instagram & facebook: