AUPRES Pampering Workshop ♥

18 July 2013

Hello Everyone :3 I'm here again and lotss of post haven publish please stay tuned for more!!! Thanks for the waiting and finally I'm here today for the previous AUPRES Pampering Workshop's post. Special thanks toMivva for the invitation. Finally I can enjoy and relax on this pampering workshop. I wonder why mivva always so nice because every time those workshop and events seems to be so pastel , relaxing and of course everything just soooooooo nice and happy for me. I'm kind of tired for my intern life recently.Now I realize it's not easy to work with a big company lol.. stressful all the way.

Again Thanks for everyone here because your love mean so much to me. Still so touching now! Thanks for all the concern and msg. I know who are you and thanks for the love. So back to the topic it was a fun and happy day with all new friends I met on that day + chit chat time again. I think this is no longer consider an event or workshop it's totally a relax time with all pretty babe & sweeties
Something special about the venue for event. It is located inside Parkson Pavilion (Level 4). We actually walk quite a long time inside parkson just to find this cafe. It's Zang Toi Cafe and I can't believe myself we actually found it because all of us not sure where is this cafe and how come suddenly got a new cafe appear inside parkson. Lol or i'm too outdated now?! hahahaha I just don't care but this cafe seriously damn nice. The environment and decoration quite nice and I really feel very comfortable to be at there. Especially everything so 'whitey' and their light refreshment is quite delicious. I love their special drinks taste so nice!!! nom noom nom~~
Of course once we get there must open our camera start to snap everything just to show all of you!!! Everything seems to be so nice and I'm really happy. So next we heading to their registration counter♥ and look for our name on the name list. After a while we sit together with others bloggers and ice breaking session. I tagged Bobo together and this time all of us very noise :P 5 girls sit together and I'm so hungry. While they are talking to each other I keep eating and enjoy their food. Lol

After that, someone came to us and brief us about what to do in this event. They ask us to get all small little number card from each specific counter and wait for our turn to enjoy their special activities such as hand massage , skin consultation , tarot card reading , special makeover session , lucky dip & moreeee fun activities. Lots of interesting activities hoh??!!! That's why I told you I'm really enjoy during the workshop. You can't imaging how noise we are and it's so fun + excited while waiting for our turn. But still.. I will never forget to eat.. Nom nom nom~ LOL
You see!! Card also have to be in pastel color !! OMG I'm just loving light pastel color~ Tell me you love it tooo!! *High 5*

I just walk around when waiting for my turn. Of course I will never forgot to take photo!! They actually placed all AUPRES product in the middle for us to have a look. I love all of their skincare product series. Remember the previous mivva box? I noticed this brand quite a long time because of their HOT ITEM- SLEEPING MASK. I get to try it from the previous mother's day edition mivva box. Then from this workshop I understand more and better about this brand. I'm loving their sleeping mask seriously. Plus, I realize that Aupres actually just came out 2 new product - Stay Lyxurious Lip Glaze & Dimensioned Face Creator. I hope to try both of them!!! 
This is their newly launch product (Stay Lyxurious Lip Glaze & Dimensioned Face Creator
 So nice hoh?? I love their face creator and guess what they actually gave both of this product for all of us!! OMG Seriously, thanks Aupres because you know what we like !!!! I didn't emphasize too much on this post because I will make another post about it and review for all of you So don't worry ya. I'm afraid this post will be too long and also because this post is about the workshop I attended last week soother than that I will be cover on the coming review post about their product I get ok?! Stay tuned

 So just some briefing about Aupres product it's basically separate into few diff series. Each diff color represent diff series for instance like Whitening , Anti Aging , For Dry Skin Protection , Brightening and last but not least Hydrating. I'm quite surprise they actually come out with a brightening series and remember that whitening is totally diff with brightening :) Some people prefer to use whitening but some would prefer brightening. They actually gave us a Skincare Plan to refer and it's quite useful for us I guess. Some of the tips and instructions shows inside the small booklet + some eye massage technique. Woohooo Happy girl now~

Oh yea!! Finally my turn.. First will be heading to their skin consultation counter and try on their product. I feel very confident on this brand as I told you that I actually tried their sleeping mask :P So when they show us and ask us to try their sleeping mask I actually feel like just grab everything home. Some of the photo I took on that moment..
 The girl slowly explain each product for us. Very patient and let us to try out their sleeping mask , toner & etc.We can straightly feel the absorption level of their product and they show us all the chart & graph about each specific range too. I feel so happy and sharing beauty tips with each others is really fun.
This is their hot selling item - sleeping mask. The form of the sleeping mask is quite special and seriously I tried it it's so moisturizing , hydrating and the next day you wake up at the morning you actually can see the result!! You face seems to be brighter than your usual skin tone + verryyy smooth!!!!! You should try this out and their sleeping mask is not really expensive. If I'm not mistake it should be RM95 and i think it's worth for the price. You can search mivva's beauty wall to look for the feedback or review of their product! It's really niceeeeee!! I swear*

This makeover quite fun because you can on the spot try & feel their product!! It's really awesome and how I wish this all belong to me!! Lollll You can try their dimensioned face creator on that day. It's contained 3 colors of blush (from light color to slight dark and obvious one) , highlighter and the contour!! Everything included in just a small little box. For your information their dimensioned face creator will only launch from next month onward so we still don't know the price yet but once I know it I will update all of you ya :)

Hopefully they can let us know earlier because I'm going to grab another color for myself and my babe as their birthday present!!! You will know how nice of it once you tried and test it!!! Their lip glaze come with a big range with diff color too. Surprisingly the pigmentation is quite nice and color is so natural too!! Shiny lips now!! Lol

TAADAAAAA!! Next activities is the most relaxing activity ever!!! Hand Massage. They will put on their product on our hand and massage it to let all product absorb on our hand. So that we can feel it in a better way and spot the diff with 2 of our hand. 

At first I feel a little bit awkward because someone gonna touch my hand and help  me massage + at the same time talking to me while I'm concentrate taking photo of my hand . Lol I feel really weird at first because I need sit face to face with another girl and she hold my hand!! AWWWW~ Lol I'm crazy but it's really a good experience just that I'm a little bit shy I'm not sure what can I do other than taking photo + talking with her. It's more than 15 mins I think !! AHAHAAHAHA But it's quite relax and finally someone help me massage my stupid hand. I hope I can try body massage at somewhere next time.. Any recommended place?? I'm looking for it and hope to try body massage with a reasonable + affordable price. LOL

WE CAN DECORATE OUR OWN CUPCAKE!!! I really love Aupres♥  for this lovely workshop because we really enjoyed & love their activities!!! Everyone there work hard for their job and try to brief and explain for us one by one. We are just like a family. We talk , smile , laugh to each other although we just know each other for few hours! Lol it's kind of special I just love the feeling :) Feel so relax and happy!!
See my serious + happy face! Lol my decoration is so simply I just love to put love love love as the topping for the cupcake! Lol

 HAHAAH After all the fun and interested activities... It's PHOTO TIME 
 POLAROD!!! OMG!! I just keep asking them for polaroid photo and they're so nice too!! All photo took by Aupres and they snap til damn nice lor :P

Thanks AUPRES for everything 

 Ultimate White Skincare Range
Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze & Dimensioned Face Creator

I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY OUT  but i need some time to prepare it :) Thanks for the waiting!!!

 Spot my happy face!! Last but not least really thanks to AUPRES & MIVVA for the invitation!! I'm happy to be there :) It's no longer a workshop and something more than that!! I'm looking forward to the next workshop nowwww!!

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Guess what happen after the event? I come out from Parkson and I saw MINIONS!!! OMG!! DAMN CUTE the booth located at 4th floor Pavilion (Near Roxy there) but then the price for the soft toy is Over RM120-RM200++ depend the size while the minions which can move and got sound one is RM189 :) 

I guess that's all for today!!! Love, xoxo