You Have Been Invited!! ♥

01 July 2013

Herloo People  :) Finally I'm back!! Just finished celebrate my brother's birthday :P Happy Birthday♥ to my little brother hope you like it.Other than that,I got a good news for all of you Mostly for all my readers! Remember that I always mention that I got too much pre-loved clothes and things to sell? Although I created a group and I still manage to sell most of the item but postage really is a main reason for me to look for bazaar.

So yea!!! After the long waiting~ FINALLY I'm able to join 'Fashion Salad ' Bazaar on this coming 7th July 2013. Wooohoooooo!! ARE YOU READY? I will be there and selling my pre-loved / brand new clothes with a super cheap and affordable price. This is my second time to join pre-loved bazaar and our main purpose is not to earn money from that. We just hope to share our 'fashion' style and clothes with all of my readers & YOU! Most of the time you have been asking me where I bought my outfit and some of you have inbox me to ask me too. But still being a girl like me I really think that if I keep put it in my wardrobe without wearing it is such a waste!! SOOOOO I'm gonna join this bazaar and looking forward to see all of you  yoooooooooo!!

I will  be there selling my pre-loved clothes and some brand new one. Don't worry most of the item is 99% new and I hope new owner will love it too. Oh yea most of the item will be price at RM12-RM28. I think I have to bring enough paper bag and love note to all of you :) Hopefully I can meet my reader on that day. It's the best time to meet and chill with all of you

Guess some of you notice that I'm intern now and I'm really booked my day to join this just for YOU!!! Thanks god it's on weekend so that I'm able to be there and talk to all of you. It's not only me , some others fashion blogger and fashion blogshop will be there too. You can't miss this chance! Please bring enough cash on that day (in case) and I will give you guys a special discount  + hug  + love !!

Thanks Dreamscape ♥ for the invitation and I'm happy + glad to be there too!! Make sure you mark your Sunday and drop by there, k? Promise :P Besides that, special thanks to SquareDotz f or offering us a spot to sell our stuffs!  I can't ask for more because you guys just awesome!! SquareDotz is actually a very cozy , simple and comfortable art cafe. People can actually chill at there while enjoy having their food!! Oh yea and shopping with us! So you can just drop by there to have some food then talk to me at the same time~ HAAHAHAHAH

I'm really appreciate if you can invite your friends/family/fans into this event too because this is the time all of us (bloggers) manage to join this bazaar together with fashion blogshop too! You shouldn't miss this chance to meet us :P bleh~

Oh yea! For those who interested to be one of the vendor can email to and I'm looking forward to see all of you there!!Event : Invite all of your friends and family toooo!! I can't wait to see YOU!!! Are you ready for this coming Sunday? *wink

ps: btw, that mean I need to clean my wardrobe again!! Hopefully my luggage can put all  my pre-loved and brand new cloth!!