Review: Sasatinnie Pure Care Range♥

03 July 2013

Hello Sweeties:3 I'm so excited again because I'm gonna write a review for a brand new Pure Care Rangeskincare product by Sasatinnie♥ that I received last week. OH YEA!! and finally I have some additional time to blog about this before it's too late :P Guess most of you notice this brand before right? You can get it at any Sasa Outlets in Malaysia :) and this new Pure Care Range is just so suitable for us ! So I just can't wait to share and review it for you.

The reason why I review this after so long is because I'm gonna experience it myself with their product.FYI, I used it for more than 8 days means almost one week time. I'm satisfied with the outcome and I'm going to share about this Pure Care product with all of you! YEA!! All of you :) So I guess some of you might not familiar with this brand but it's actually a skin care product which you can get at any Sasa outlets + it's made in Korea.

Something special on this Pure Care range skincare product!! It's very interested because all of you might realize that I love to talk about Natural Ingredient and also ORGANIC. I think it's really important for us to know and concern about it. Am I right ? I never thought that we need to know the main ingredient we used on every product until the time I join some beauty event and workshop... I realize that we should improve our own knowledge on that and choosing the right and correct product for our own.

Some skincare product or brand start to concern about the ingredient they used and people nowadays also start to concern about this. Each of the brand slowly came out with diff type of product which is 100% natural or organic one. Did you realize that ? So yea! This Pure Care range contains ECOCERT certified organic ingredients, no added chemical materials, suitable for sensitive skin, against the city of air pollution on the skin damage.

Besides that, Pure Care Range have their own unique selling point!! Which is their 7-FREE Pure Care System and this is also the reason why I'm loving it and recommend for all of you. It's Paraben free Paraben is a group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, or in the food industry. A large percentage of the products we buy for everyday use contain some form of paraben, so it can be difficult to find products that do not use them! I'm happy to know that this pure care range is totally Paraben free :) 

# Be sure to shop for paraben-free products and foods whenever possible, and always read the labels on the things you buy.

Pure Care Range  
1 Soothing Cleansing Gel
2 Perfect Balancing Toner
3 Gentle Moisturizing Cream

 For me I think their packaging is quite nice & special especially the light green color with those pastel pink floral design on their bottle. Their pure care range is quite affordable for students and teens like us! I love the scentof this pure care range because the scent is for stress relief and I think it work pretty good on me. I used this every morning and I'm pretty sure that the scent smell like a super fresh lemon. You can imaging that ~

On the other hand , Pure Care range is good and suitable for :-

Stress Relief
Sensitive Skin

 Soothing Cleansing Gel

 Perfect Balancing Toner

Gentle Moisturizing Cream

Two main ingredient that I think it worth for me to share is because it is 100% organic and the name of that two ingredient will be :-  (#1) Chamomile Floral Water♥ & (#2) Bitter Orange Flower Water.

Chamomile Floral Water

Effective calming formula with anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to heal wound and rejuvenate skin with anti-oxidation function.

Bitter Orange Flower Water

Provides calming, acne care , pore tightening and intensifies immunity for a healthy skin.

I love how this cleansing gel works on my face and for your information this cleansing gel is diff than the previous cleanser because it doesn't have any bubble when you mix with the water. You will feel a bit weird when you first time using it and feel like it doesn't really clean your face but don't worry although it doesn't have bubble but it's 100% works like normal cleanser and it can clean all dirt on your face plus at the same time it's stress relief. I know some of you might feel so weird when using a cleanser or shampoo without any  bubble on it. It's bubble free because of the 7 Free Pure Care System :)

This soothing cleansing gel can provides superior calming effect to obtain the optimal solution for sensitive skin. Skin barrier is rebuilt to fight for promote a strong and healthy-looking skin. Other than that, this cleanser can gently remove makeup and impurities while maintaining skin's moisture balance. It's also effectively hydrates and calms irritated skin, leaves the complexion feeling clean , soothed and comfortable.

So, as usual squeeze the soothing gel cleanser on your hand (1.5cm-2cm) and before that make sure you wet your face. Then, mix the cleanser with a little bit water on both of your hand.
 ♥ Close your eye and smell the scent of the cleanser! After that massage your face with both your fingertips to remove makeup residue. Next, rinse with warm water :)

Touch and feel your skin!! It's so refreshing ~ 

Next will be recommended their toner but keep in mind that this toner is a bit waste if you choose not to use with the cotton pad due to the bottle's cap. When you pour it remember to use with a cotton pad. If not their  toner will be so easily to pour out and wasted it. The hole of the bottle's cap is quite big for me so I need to pour it carefully.

This toner also formulated with 7- Free Pure Care System, it provides the same superior calming effect like the cleanser. So it's better to purchase whole set than just using one of their product ya :) It's also infused with soothing active ingredients, this balancing toner works well to balance, calm and reinforce skin's natural antioxidant defense. Then, it also provides newfound comfort and hydration to quench skin's thirst and tighten pores

Skin looks more soften , radiant , younger and supple.

After cleansing , saturate cotton pad with toner and apply it on your face. Gently pat your face with the cotton pad too :)
 Remain and don't throw away the cotton pad. You can use it  put it on your nose and bottom eye area :) 
Let it absorb the remaining toner! 
Love the refreshing smell of this product :)

Last but not least , this is their moisturizing cream which enriched with soothing active ingredients and nutrients, this moisturizing cream strengthens skin barrier to restore skin vitality and calm delicate skin.It's totally mild and stimulus free, it also helps to regenerate natural beauty and rejuvenate with the feeling of deeply nourished and plumped ♥ .

This moisturizer cream is so gentle and absorb quite fast in my skin. It works very well on moisturizing my face especially I'm sitting on my office for such a long time. I used it in every morning and night as my last step of daily routine. 

 ♥  Use in the morning & evening. Apply the cream to cleansed and toned face :)

For me, I'm strongly recommended it for those who had sensitive skin and this pure care range skincare product is really affordable for student or teens like us. I'm sure it can be consider cheap if you would like to compare with other's organic skincare product. Since it's organic ingredients I'm pretty sure the adsorption is quite average but not as high as the normal product I used. So I rate it 3 out of 5 :)

Lastly, I really love the refreshing scent and it can help in stress relief but the scent a little bit heavy if you used it in the early morning. (For me la, maybe because of my sensitive nose) But overall I think this is pretty  good for young age like us just that it not suitable for those who want to achieve or prefer whitening type of skincare product or oil free/control skincare product. So if you're looking for normal price range product with organic ingredient + 7 Free Pure Care System you may try this out!  I'm pretty sure you will love it. 

 That's all for today. Love, xoxo ♥  ♥ 
Enjoy reading and hope you like it sweeties :) Muackx*