24 July 2013

Hello Sweethearts  :) Hahahah wearing my formal attire everyday recently and being so lazy to iron all my clothes. lol It's so tired I'm always lack of sleeping since the first weeks onward but time flies!! My internship left 6 weeks more~ I can't believe I can survive until today and I can't believe that I can handle all the stress until now but anyway it's still a problem that I have not much time for others activities. I'm trying my best to update my blog frequently because I don't wanna it to spoil my mood.

Talk about time... I think I don't have much time for my own personal things like shopping , hang out and when I'm stress I will craving for food! That's why my face is so chubby now -.- So recently since I have no time to do my shopping I start looking for online shopping because it's save my time , convenient and easy. I recently get in touch with largest eyewear retailer in Malaysia, which offer the largest selection of brands

They are the first retailer which offer a big range for Sunglasses ,Contact Lenses & Contact Lens. Product range includes famous and popular brands like freshlook , acuvue , blincon for contact lens while some others popular brands like burberry , gucci , prada & etc. Don't worry because it's guarantee 100% original + lowest price too! Other than that you might feel happy because all of you, my readers can get a RM20 discount off when you show them the voucher code (will include on the bottom of this post)  while purchase any product from them. (Min purchase of RM100 on any product)

Previously I'm wearing one month disposable lens but now I try their latest new product which is a Quarterly Contact Lenses. You can get it from . I'm quite impressed with this lens because the diameter is just nice (14.2mm) and also the grey color very obvious on my eyes. Don't worry if you purchase from their website because it's FREE SHIPPING

The Packaging
 I'm quite happy with their packaging it's simple and they free one lens case for us too. So yea their website got lotssss diff brand and various kind of color / power /diameter. Each contact lens have their own attractiveness especially they offer diff kind of fashionable & trendy color which can match diff needs from us. I'm loving their purple color but I'm worry that it's not suitable for my working life due to the reason I need to meet and deal with customer outside. Maybe they can't accept it. Lol it's kind of awkward but I think it's much special if I'm wearing purple or blue kind of lens. Should try it out next time :P
 I'm having both -1.75 power for my eyes. Once I received it I will double check the code / color and the type of lens I order. I'm really afraid seller send me wrong power because you know sometime it's so careless but I'm happy that during the delivery process it's pretty nice and all well packed + safety reached on my doorstep. HAHAHAHA
Can't wait to try it out

So they sent the lens on the next day within 2 days I received it !! It's so fast and efficient! I'm loving those who offer good price + good service one :P I'm really tired of waiting sometime but this just reach on time. I wear it to work on the second day and people around start to talk about my lens!! HAHAHAH They told me it's look so natural and just nice on me :3 I wish it's real lahx lol

So nice right? It not really hard to  match with light makeup actually because it's so natural . Let's see the outcome with and without flash ya

Without Flash / Normal

With Flash

This lens not really enlarge my eye but the diameter is just nice on my eyes and make my eyes look damn natural even with just a simple eye makeup. I'm loving it but still you need to take care of your eye if can don't wear it more than 8 hours per day especially for those who always sit inside office + air con room. My eye feel a little bit tired and dry if i'm sitting inside a air con room more than 5 hours and remember to clean your lens every day after you take off it and before you wear it. Always make sure it's clean before you wear it ya to avoid any eye infection. 

As I told you previously, they offer a special promotion for all of you sweeties!! You all can get RM20 off by giving them this voucher code : GOchanwon20 valid until 31st August only :)

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