Creative Writing Workshop @ IACT College ♥

29 June 2013

Helooo Lovely Babies :3 Finally I'm free today! So yea, today I'm going to blog about last week's Creative Writing Workshop @ IACT College. It was so fun and thanks Nuffnang for the invitation and I received the invitation few days earlier before the event. Finally I manage to arrange my time and join some blogger event niaooooo!! 

Too bad everyone was so busy they can't accompany me to attend this workshop and I think I shouldn't miss this chance so I decided to force my Mr.Kitty♥ to attend this workshop with me. lol. This is his first time attending an event with me.So he's quite paiseh and Of course he's my driver because I'm not familiar with the venue, so both of us keep on searching google map & waze for the help! Thanks god we can get the map!! But at the same time the haze was terrible. I feel so hard to take a breath and also my eyes super duper dry due to the haze.

Stop crapping here & Let's Get Started

As usual I'm always talking about my first time lolx...This time is also my first time to join this kind of workshop and also attending event in one of the college. Surprisingly , things getting more & more excited. I'm loving the learning environment soooooo much!! Thanks to Mr.Nicholas Lee, the Academic Director of IACT College, this workshop is actually conducted by him which aimed to introduce all of us to creative writing with a focus on fiction.
It's more than just a workshop Plus, they prepared many diff kind of activities for us and also some writing session , ice breaking time, get to know more about IACT , visit and hang around at their College & etc. It's really so fun and I hope to improve my creative on my writing too. This Creative Writing Workshop is the first amongst a series of workshops designed to introduce students to careers within the creative communication industry! Everything seems to be so fun. I'm getting tired on my course and I'M FEELING HAPPYfor those who study in this place because the learning environment and people here is just soooooo nice!!

If you missed this workshop don't worry!! They still have lotsss of upcoming workshops which introduce Audio Recording , Photography, Digital Design , Marketing and Videography. Each workshop aim to give participants interested in creative communications a taste of their future careers. Why my university doesn't have this kind of creative workshop ?! Maybe I'm talking financial course..That's why :'( 

My big face -.- WHY SO CHUBBY. Seems like I gained some weight and fats on my chubby face this few weeks. Maybe due to my eating habits recently. I feel so stress and end up keep on eating and almost 4 meals per day! wtf Dont get shocked but I always gained fats on my face not body. My face getting round & round.... ARGH!!

Skip that part , back to the topic :P So after that we have some activities too. They ask us to #1 write one word which appear in my mind now. I can't think anything and my brain came out with few word..Attractive , Talkative , Appreciate,Smile. End up I choose Appreciate! Teehee* 
 Appreciate must add with a love symbol to represent my love to all of you! HAHAAHA I'm just joking and of course never forget to draw a smiley face! I don't know why I did that..It just pop up in my mind! HAHAHAHA
 Mr.Kitty and I
We never meet each other for quite a long time because I'm really busy with my work until he start to complain! Lol but thanks for the workshop both of us really enjoy and had a blast on that day!! Wooohoo especially the drawing character story activities! AHAHAHAHHAHA  
 After write my own 1 word, now we have to create our #2 own mini story about our own with just 5 lines :) It's a little bit challenging for me *finger crossed* because you know once I start end up with more than 5 lines -.- That stupid smelly kitty keep on repeating that my sentence structure wrong and laughing for my english. Yea I know I'm really weak in my essay but since it's just 5 lines so I just don't care about my grammar because it's a Creative Workshop .. lolx
 You see ~~ not enough space some more!! HAHAHA I'm just joking but it's really fun to do this kind of activities since I'm having my internship now I miss my study time with my classmates! OMG but that annoying smelly kitty keep on laughing -.- Don't know what he doing there by just looking my '5 lines' story and he keep on telling me not to over the 5 lines so I just combine everything to become just 5 LINES! 
 Sharing story time and move to next activities. They ask us to #3 create a character with a name, personality , attitude,what they like and what they don't like..  .. #4 After create find your partner and drawing your partner's character in a piece of paper. OMG! Drawing time? My drawing damn suck and that smelly still keep on laughing end up I throw the paper for him ask him to do the rest. 
 I draw the outline and he help me to color it. Lol Kids drawing.. Don't laugh me!! I really not good in drawing :'(
 Mr.Kitty's character is an old female .. but guess what I draw? -.- A young face! HAHAHAHAHAHAH 
 AHAHAHAH This is an old grandmom.. Why the hair look so funny ?! I don't know but I just can't stop myself laughing on this kind of drawing. TOTALLY FAIL!  
Above - My Drawing 
Bottom- Mr.Kitty's -.-

Damn it! He purposely repeat my kind of drawing -.- That character's eyes is so ugly man! My character is a young , tall , pretty lady who love music and love to sing with guitar. She enjoyed on the stage and hope to be a star! HAHAHAAH If you followed my blog and read for quite a long time you know what I mean :P Be A Star♥ is actually my previous blog title. Lol. My dream when I'm young..
 Move on to the next activities....They telling and showing us some important thing to create a story , how to write a good story , plots, characters & so on.
After that , a funny guy came out to end this creative writing workshop.Then, separate each of us into diff group to have a look / hang around the campus. We get to know and understand more about IACT College. I'm so excited to get a look in this college because I heard that their library is SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!! and if you notice that I spam quite a number of photos on my Instagram :P 

As I stated on the above I'm quite impressed with the study or learning environment there! Especially the library , silent room , recording room , photography room & etc. Everything is just so interesting for me. I'm so high inside their library. The place is just so suitable for studying !! Why my university doesn't have this kind of environment. YERRRRRR!! *sign*
Photo Credit by Mr.Kitty  

That annoying Kitty seems not bad because all of the photo above credit by I can't attend any event alone because no one here to help  me snap photo and that's why always someone need to be my partner of the day! lolllll jkjk! So let me show you their library!!!!

 IACT's Library!! It's so nice right? MY GOOOOOOOOOD! I want this corner to be in my study and learning environment too! AWESOME!! Am I right?


 Rest Room 
 Their friendly student told me that they used to sleep inside this room when they have a break time like 1-2 hour all of them will sleep inside the room and how I wish I'm studying here !!! OMG!!


Besides that, they have their own recording room + editing room! OMG!! I wish I can record my own cover here again! AHHAHAHA Dreaming**

  Shooting+Filming+Photography Room 

 Almost time to say Goodbye :'(
Oh yea Thanks for the refreshment , foods and of course the door gift!
 Seriously, I almost forgot to have my lunch. lol
 Want to have some??
 I'm hungry !! Stop talking photo :S
 AHAHAHAHAHAHH I'm a boy yooo!
 My Purple Babe Lumi 

Luckily I'm able to snap a photo with her! Almost going back at that time but I'm really happy to see her!!  Still remember how we met? HAAHHAHA She is so kind at the first day we meet. Yea!! The christmas dinner party :P Super duperrr long time never meet mua blogger friends T^T I hope my intern life end soon as possible!!
 Thanks IACT for all the door gift and I love the design of the pen!!! It's super creative and I took another one from Mr.Kitty! So I have 3 for myself! HAHAHAAHAHA Easy to carry around and put it inside my mini pouch :P

Pretty excited and learned lots of thing in this workshop. I'm really so glad to be there! IACT College (International Advertising Communication Training) started as a Joint Education Committee of the Malaysian Advertisers' Association (MAA( & the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Malaysia (4As). IACT College has over 35 years of experience in training and education. 

I think their course is really interesting because I'm looking their booklet and I passed it to my brother since he's going to finish his form 5 study life soon. I guess it's time to guide him I hope he can get what he want and chase his dream. For those who interested in this area you may have a look and visit IACT because the learning environment is really SO GOOD! Most of the student there is english educated and they're so friendly & open minded :)

For more information on IACT College , please click on

 Best of LUCK