Vanity Trove ♥ Obsessive Beauty (June edition)

18 June 2013

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 Herlooo Sweethearts :P Finally I'm free AGAIN!!! and I will never forgot to update my blog because now it's the only way that I won't be able to think about my intern life . lolx it wasn't a bad job but the things I did and learned on this few days totally out of my expectation & area. I'm going to share my experience on the coming post so that it will be my 'precious' experience for my very first internship working experience. lolx

So yea As usual every new month start with a gorgeous beauty box which always made my day. I received this June edition Vanity Trove box on last week :')  I'm really happy that I'm gonna get this as my second collection for Vanity Trove box. My previous post about their May edition is here Vanity Trove ♥ Awesome Wholesome (May's Box) while this month edition is about- Obsessive Beauty I'm quite surprise again because I received this quite earlier than others beauty box.

I personally think that obsessing over one's self is never a selfish act because your own appearance is the first impression you portray to the world. Am I right?

So let's get started!!!!

Not sure whether you notice from my previous Vanity Box's beauty box or not but I'm really impressed with their box design because the protection is so high. The box no spoiled during the delivery process and I still can reuse it to become a drawer & to separate and put all of my beauty product. I think I shouldn't talk so much about their packaging because the main point still = what's inside this edition box♥  :P Am I right?

Is time to unbox it!!! I saw the sexy red lips girl on the description card :P Omg I'm really so excited because it's super attractive. Every month they include 4-6 luxuries item to let us try :P Sounds great right? After I unboxed it I straightly took the description card out then within 1 second I just use my super eye to scan through all the product stated in the card. Omg ... Guess what I get? Makeup remover , lip balm , fake eyelashes and A SET OF L'OREAL professionnel shampoo set with conditional. OMG!!!

Previous month I get a RM25 cash voucher right and this month edition included a RM5 off voucher for soap artisan and a signature aromaplastie facial voucher!! I think the previous month voucher is more worth than this edition because most of the voucher is cash voucher but I guess for those who love to try new facial treatment you will definitely love this edition!

Hint* Voucher sometime gave us a hint for the product included inside the beauty box.

I can't wait to show you guys all the product now... LET'S GOOOOOOO!!

  - Products Included -

1.Bifesta, Eye Makeup Remover
2.Celeb Beaute, Celeb Lash
3.L'oreal Professionnel , Liss Ultime Shampoo & Masque 
4.CocoLab Aromatic Body Oil 
5.Soap Artisan , Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax & Vitamin E
6.Decleor, Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream
7.Sample set of Payot Drying and Purifying Gel & Purifying Care (additional included in this beauty box)

This month edition included 6 luxuries items+1 additional sample set . Compare to the previous month, they increase one more  item for us! I think this really worth a lot than the price. I guess every beauty box product always worth than the price of the box one!! AHHAHAH So I think I no need mention about it but now Vanity Trove make me so excited to get the next edition!!! I will attached the photo of the coming edition on the bottom part of this post! Go and subscribe for it!! I'm sure you won't be disappointed on the coming edition :P

#1 L'oreal Professionnel , Liss Ultime Shampoo & Masque
Shampoo RM50 (200ml), RM79 (500ml) | Masque RM67 (200ml)

I think this is the first time I get shampoo set from Vanity Trove beauty box. Previously I got the hair product too but not hair shampoo product so I'm actually quite surprise that I can have a chance to try Loreal Hair shampoo product because I'm still using the korea shampoo that I bought previously. I guess the size of this bottle isn't that small especially the masque (conditional) is quite surprise me. 

I tried the Masque with my own shampoo and another day I used both shampoo and masque together. I think that both of this need to use together to create the best result because when I used it with my own shampoo it seems to be a bit dry and frizzy. I'm happy that this shampoo actually smoothen my hair especially my bottom part but for the repair side I'm still can't see the result maybe my hair too damage and dry :'( 

The special thing about this shampoo set is it infused with Oil Incell Technology which combine both Incell & olive oils to soften , nourish the hair to against humidity and fight frizz♥ Beside that I'm not sure whether you face this problem anot but for me my hair turn to be a little bit oily on the next day.

#2 Bifesta , Eye Makeup Remover
RM26.90 (145ml)

SO what's the next product?!!
It's an EYE MAKEUP REMOVER! Have you heard about this brand? I think they quite popular nowadays even I always see their advs in facebook and Watsons. I tried their makeup remover tissue previously but I think Malaysia still haven launch yet. I bought the tissue type from my previous taiwan trip with a super duper reasonable price.

I'm really surprise again this brand actually imported to our country! lol I love this eye remover because it can gently removes all thick eyeshadow in just 30 seconds. What you need to do is just pour 8 small drop on a cotton pad then slowly close your eye and at the same time put the cotton pad on your eyelid so that this makeup remover can remove all your makeup without any tugging. Moreover, it can reduce the damage to your eye area and eyelashes.

It's formulation with Vitamin E makes every skin type suitable for it especially for those who have sensitive skin. It actually lifts the makeup instead of melting it. Oh yea! Remember NO RUBBING REQUIRED.

#3 Celeb Beaute , Celeb Lash (fake eyelashes)

I think this eyelashes really suitable for party theme or thick kind of makeup!! HHAHAHA Because it's not those natural type but I guess this will works very well on party makeup kind of eye makeup. I think that this celeb beaute , celeb lash range is quite wide because they have variety style of fake eyelashes and diff kind of color which allows you to create diff looks in diff needs. 

I'm not sure whether I'm alright with this type of eyelashes because it's a little bit too dramatic for me but the quality of the eyelashes is just amazing! Whether you need a natural or dramatic kind of eyelashes I think this will add in my collection. I'm looking forward on my friend's 21st birthday bash so that I can wear and try this out!! Teehee*

Thanks Vanity Trove for this celeb eyelashes!!!Finally, I have another brand to choose for my fake eyelashes collection.WOOOHOOOO

#4 Cocolab , Aromatic Body Oil
RM99 (100ml)

Body Oil?! It's time to pamper your skin with this aromatic body oil. It contain a premium grade of the absolute-no-heat virgin coconut oil and fruity blend of pure essential oils. It can help you on nourishes and heals your skin from within.

I guess this is an essential for ALL OF US in our beauty routine. Other than that, this body oil can use as massage oil and skin repair treatment which with potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. I'm not sure but I very less use this kind of body oil because I think it's so oily and I feel kind of hard especially ask me to massage myself without any help from someone. I guess I should ask someone to use this body oil and help me massage my leg!! Lol Anyone willing to do so? HAHAHAHAHAH

The smell quite nice while the absorption level still in my acceptable level. I think I should pass this to my mom. She need this more than me! Lol

#5 Soap Artisan, Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax & Vitamin E

If you ever read my previous post I told you that I bought a lips product to moisture and hope it might give a solution to my dry lips but.... Lol so I google it out and I found that having a correct lip balm for our own lips is really an important to all of us especially for my dry lips. I guess it's because I keep sitting inside the office which 24/7 air con and my lips become super duper dry than previous.

I'm kind of missing my baby lips T^T So i just simply grab this natural lip balm to prevent it from the dryness.Surprisingly I'm fall in love with this. If you ask me to choose the best product in this edition this is definitely my first choice. This lip balm really making my lip soft and kissable :P Special recommended for those who sit long hours inside air-conditioned rooms and of course blame the super duper hot weather too!!!

Now I'm carrying this and it replace my previous lip balm because I think this really helps in protect my lips under a long air-conditioned rooms.

#6 Decleor , Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream
RM98 (50ml)

This moisturizing cream is inspired by the powers of flowers and at the same time it's a kind of hudrating cream which can helps in anti-pollution and deeply replenishing properties for NORMAL to Dry skin condition. I think this moisturizing cream did very well in my skin just that I'm not sure whether the moisture level can stand for how long.

One thing I need to mention is this product is Paraben Free. I apply it day and night after cleansing for creating a more youthful appearance. I love this product than my previous moisturizer because this moisturizer have a relaxing floral scentand the texture will leave your skin feeling soft and supple too!! OMG I just love the floral scent. I used this for a week time other than the nice scent I think the moisturizing level not really high but can accept than just I think my laneige moisturizer works better than this :P But I love the floral scent :)

#7 Payot Drying and Purifying Gel & Purifying Care (Sample pack)

I'm not sure the price of this sample pack and this didn't show up and state in the product description card there and that's why it suprise me!! HAHAHAHAH It's an additional sample pack I get from this edition box but this PAYOT  Drying & Purifying Gel actually helps in dries and purifies minor spots and blemishes at the end of their cycle for a clearer complexion. 

It also absorbs and traps impurities & suitable for all skin types, this high performance spot treatment gel contains Zinc Oxide which protects skin from external factors that can lead to further breakouts. Skin is left clearer and beautiful with imperfections definitively eliminated and the complexion is left matte and smoothed.

This is the second box I received from No matter the packaging of the beauty box or the product inside , it always worth than the price. In this edition, if you ask me to pick the best product or the product I love the most is the lip balm and the makeup remover I think. The eyelashes I'm not sure when I have the chance to use it but definitely will surprise myself too because I never buy those dramatic kind of fake eyelashes!! AHAHAHAHAH Anyway I'm quite upset with this edition because of the amount of the product also also the brand of each product too. I feel quite happy in this edition just that I  hope I can receive more cosmetic product like those eyeliner or eyeshadow :P HAHAHAHAHA

Too greedy for something?!!! OKOK!! THE MAIN POINT NOW!! ARE YOU READY FOR NEXT Edition♥ ♥ 

Next month theme will be the Infinite Youth is Possible with KOSE!!! OMG?!!!! IS THAT KOSE? I think next month mostly will be all Kose brand skincare product! Maybe can try whole range of their product I just can't wait for that!!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Subscribe it now by subscribing at for the monthly subscription fee of RM50 or you can choose to have 3, 6, 12 months subscription options which can get you some credits for it!!! ONLY for  RM50 you can get a 4-6 luxuries product (every month) on your doorstep.

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That's all for today. Love, xx