June Mivva Box ♥ Colourific

09 June 2013

Hello Sweethearts :3 I'm here again!!!! If not I'm afraid I have no time to update this lovely post once on weekday due to my intern life recently. Time flies so fast, it's June now Half year has gone and what you have done on this half year? hmmmm .. it's really a good question but I think it's time to work hard and don't give any reason or excuse for yourself not to work hard :) BEST WISHES for all of you ya.

So yea Today's post is gonna belong to the monthly Mivva box from mivva.com. I received on my doorstep after I back from my work.So you can guess my feeling on that moment! It's really tired since that week is my first week I start to work in a company. I'm so tired because I don't get use of the style of the boss and also something I don't wishes to see. Too much to catch up and I'm so lucky few of my friends intern in the same company too but I'm great I learned something within this few days. So I guess I should be glad and happy for that too. lolx

I remember the time I open and unboxed this beauty box. Everything is just nice to me. I'm really happy that even this isn't my first time to receive beauty box from Mivva but they always surprise me no matter what's happen in my life, whether it's a good day or a bad day, Mivva always be with my on every beginning of the month Thanks a lotsssss I'm appreciate every single product I get inside every beauty box. You never know how hard to start a business until you experience it by yourself. I'm very happy that I get to know everyone here too :)

This is something I would like to thanks mivva for every opportunity they gave me and it make my life more colorful & beautiful. I think I should stop crapping here!!! Let's get started~

I'm totally shocked with this June edition because everything is worth more than the price of the box. I add up with the price and total up everything included in this edition is worth more than RM100! I'm not lying seriously this month mivva totally shocked me! You can imagine my expression when I'm unboxing it. 

The packaging of the mivva box changed last month so this month packaging still remain the same but product inside totally diff & made my day  For those who didn't subscribe for this month mivva box I'm really sad to say that you will regret this time :'(  Look at the product included in this month edition~

This month's theme is Colourific and that's why I make my post to be more colorful :P I'm loving the red lip on the product description card and I'm really excited to open and have a look on what's inside the beauty box so I control myself not to look at the description card :P Once I open it and I straightly go ahead to look what's inside this beauty box without referring the description card! HAHAAHHAAHHA 


 Something I love from Mivva because they included a little surprise and ideas in every month's beauty box. I remember I received shopping  list from them and also a DIY handmade handkerchief puppy doll too. And this month see what they included? A face chart! I think this can be a guideline for me to update my daily makeup product I used and also as a reference to show to all of you :)
They break it into 3 part for the chart. List down every product you used on your Face , Eyelid and also your lips. I'm going to use this list to show the product I used for my daily makeup and also any ideas on my coming blog post. I bought lotssss of new cosmetic product and I'm still in the progress of trying it one by one. Stay tuned for all my review k? xoxo

HHAHAHAAH The main part of this post is coming............... SO WHAT included in THIS MONTH'S EDITION?!!!.... deng deng deng deng!!! Deng deng deng deng!!!!~~

 OMG?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 3 FULL SIZE product and also a Beautymate mask! I told you that you will regret if you never subscribe for this month's edition :P Am I right sweetie? I'm really shocked when I first saw the liese product inside this box. The shock is x 34739473402! I never think of I can get to try with the latest new launch colors from this mivva box. IT'S MY FAVOURITE COLOR TOO! Raspberry brown! OMG I love you mivva :') Let have a look on every single product inside this box.

Product Included

1. Liese Bubble Hair Color (New launch Colors), Raspberry Brown
2. Skin79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss
3. Enuca Eye Essential Quad (Eyeshadow)
4. BeautyMate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask

Straight to the point!! The first product I'm going to write inside this beauty box is.....

RM38 per box

Yea yea. I think you're totally shocked like I do too! I can't believe that Mivva included this in our monthly beauty box because it's totally worth the price for their monthly subscription. You can easily subscribe it for only RM38 per month and you can get those products worth than the price of the box. I'm seriously damn shocked with this because normally one beauty box have 1 full size product but this month beauty box is so much diff from the previous one. Am I right? 
Not sure you notice anot I'm actually a fans of Liese product when I'm still a secondary students. You know la as a student I really don't have so much fund or money to do my hair plus I'm always hope to have a brown color hair. So I rmb that time I went to Watsons and bought my very first liese product. Compare to saloon that time I can easily dye hair by myself with just RM38! So I'm totally fall in love with it and I did updated my first time using the bubble hair liese product here : http://www.chanwon.com/2010/11/liese-hair-dye-post-liese-chestnut.html

Time flies! I updated 3 years ago and until now I'm still loving all the new range color offer by Liese. It make us so easy to get the color we want also the color spread frequently all over our hair. I can't believe that I almost forgot to check up their new launch color and thanks Mivva for this! Some of you might get another color , Creamy Beige. I'm more on prefer brown color because I'm prefer a healthy hair color one :P Not sure whether you like it or not but I think both color look perfectly match on Asian skin color :) 
 I guess most of you know that coloring with bubbles is a trend now and it's SUPER DUPER EASY! You no need to worry that because it contains plenty foam to cover your hair completely and no need to worry about the drips. The color spread evenly and covered fullyon your roots. Besides that it the color I get is like a little brown with a kind of charming pink tone which look like the raspberry. This series bubble color contacts honey and hydrolyzed silk as moisturizing and protecting ingredient which make your hair looks healthy , smooth and shiny

-Spread evenly 
-Covered fully 
-MOST EASY WAY to dye your hair without help from anyone
- Pretty and big range color available
-So smooth after dye with the bubble and remember to use the conditional available inside the box

-The smell
-Fade and color become brighter after 4-5 months
-Need to have a darker tone of color after dye with liese product

I love every color available on liese hair color product because all the color looks super nice on my hair. I tried 4 diff color previously and everything just suit Asian skin color and also the bubble make us super easy to get a new color for our hair without a need to ask for help from anyone. The color fully covered on my hair roots and also the conditional provided is super smooth! 

Everythings have their pros and cons. Basically from my experience previously I dislike the smell of the foam due to my sensitive nose I always sneezing when I'm using any dye hair product but the liese hair product I used make I can't dye properly lol. Keep on sneezing from the first mins until the end of the process. Next the smell of the bubble will gone after 1 days. I just keep smell it on my hair. Lol

Next thing is the color will fade after 4-5 months. Maybe is because we didn't use any color shampoo to protect the color and also it will become lighter and brighter color than the previous. Normally after I used the liese product the next color I want to dye I will choose the darker tone of color. If not I can't cover the fade and light tone color of my hair. At the same time (for me) color which really light and bright will make my face look so pale without any makeup and of course my hair look unhealthy as well. So I'm always prefer to have a healthy hair color. But never afraid to try new color because you might found that maybe it can totally change your look and your style. Look more like japanese or korean :P HAHAHAHA

BeautyMate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask
RM49.90 per box (7 pcs)

Never forget to  mention the previous full size bottle product from BeautyMate I get from mivva box too! I guess BeautyMate is one of the main brand partner with Mivva. I get to know about BeautyMate from my previous Taiwan Trip! If you realize you know how many and how crazy am I...I purchased like 10 box of this brand mask from the trip. AHAHAHHA I know I'm crazy but in Taiwan this is a hot selling item on their Watsons. and the main thing is their Watsons selling cheaper than our country one la :P

Apart from that , this mask contains various minerals to improve your skin's appearance and leave you feeling younger and refreshed! Not to forgot this is a whitening mask and the nano mask improve the adsorption on your skin. The vitamin C enhance your skin color so that your skin won't look so dull and it lead you eternal radiance. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

 Enuca Eye Essential Quad

 This eyeshadow available in 3 diff color variants : Amethyst , Sunset and Smoky. I'm not sure whether you get the same color as I do or others color one :) But this add on my new color collection!! Woohoooo and I never got a purple color eyeshadow and I guess I should try this out to create a gorgeous eye makeup look.
 Forgot to mentioned that this is not a sample size THIS IS A FULL SIZE eyeshadow! Can you believe that? This one is RM88 and again it's totally over the monthly subscription price! The eyeshadow color is not a matte kind ..it's glitter kind of color. The color combination is really good and the brightest color can use as a highlight on your upper eyelid and also the highlight at the end bottom part under your brows.
The color of this is so obvious. I just simply use my hand to see how the color look on my skin and end up the outcome of the color is really obvious and pigmented. The color shows on my hand is exactly same as the eyeshadow color. I can't wait to try it on my eye. Teehee

Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss

 It's so cute and mini!!Am I right? We can easily put it inside our bag and carry it around to work or go to class. I got this in color rose pink :P I can't resist this because it's so cute and this portable companion of dry and chapped lips.
One thing I love is this lip gloss comes with a keychain and also a small mirror.This make it easier for application and can attach to any bags or your mobile phones too! Other than that the lip gloss can moisturizes and makes your lips in natural shinning and revitalize. The outcome of this lip gloss not really pigmented or obvious, it make your lips a natural & very light rose pink color.. not really obvious but a natural shine on your lips is really charming :) 

So... it's almost the end of the post I'm going to write my conclusion and thought on this month beauty box. If compare with the last month beauty box I more in love with this edition one because of  3 full size item which I think it's really worth than the price and also the liese hair product. I'm shocked with that because I never know beauty box can included a bubble hair color product for us! This is my first time receive bubble hair color product among all the beauty box. 

Besides that, the full size eyeshadow and the face chart made my day too! I received quite a lot skincare product from those beauty box before but never received a full size eyeshadow with 4 additional color added in my collection. If I add up all the price it's totally worth more than RM100 and at the same time it's really covered the cost of the subscription. Although this month only have 4 product and usually mivva have 5-6 product but quality over quantity :) I'm really satisfied with this month edition beauty box.

As conclusion, I really think that this month edition totally shocked me to the max and WORTH it!! No matter the product or the price, Mivva again..surprise us with all brand new partner brand & also product range :) 

That's all for today. Love, xoxo