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23 June 2013

Hello Sweeties :3 Oh yea!! It's me again. Don't feel like going anywhere today due to the haze. Both of my eyes and nose suffer a lot due to the haze. Better drink more water from now on I'm afraid I get sick and You too have to take care yourself due to the weather and the pollution ya. Should start force myself to drink lotttttsssssssss of water ! 

Since I'm really free today and I'm going to blog about my favorite items of the month! I skipped last month favorite because last month I was too busy for my studies , holidays and lastly I'm running out of time. If you realize that my time management seems to be better now. I can update my blog every 2-3 days :P WOOHOOO Happy for that because I slowly get used to my 3 month internship working life. Stop crapping here because I might need 1 whole post to complete my intern experience! lol will keep that for the next post.

So yea!This month favorite items slightly diff than the previous one.Previously is more about skincare product or should I say more suitable for girl one but today sharing is suitable for all of us.lolx. When we relate it together it should be something we need to use it everyday and A MUST ITEM! SOOOOO, Let's Get Started~

 A MUST ITEM for all of us = Power Bank! I know you must think that I'm slightly outdated and I only get one for myself now. You're wrong !! I actually bought one 6600 mAh at Plaza Low Yat that time. I remember that time I bought together with 2 lovely friends and the price is like RM100 after discount plus the seller is my friend's friend. So I'm happy with the power bank but it's slightly heavy for me then I just put it at home never bring it out but still I continue use it until..... 2 months later, I notice that the power bank SPOILED. 

My heart was broken into small little pieces! Lol I'm joking because you know I'm kind of people who not willing to spend money with those technology stuff except camera la! lol then I used my RM100 to buy something and it only use for 2 MONTHS! OMG how can I trust those seller T^T So I stop myself to look for any power bank again because all say ' IT'S REAL' = FAKE and easy to spoil also. I don't think 6600 mAh need cost me RM100 for that. Plus, I don't know how to differentiate which one is real and which is fake lol. I'm stupid in some part too.

Slowly, I realize it's really a MUST for us to have a power bank especially when I went to event and open my data/3G! The battery only can hold for few hours which make me feel annoying and keep looking for plug to charge my phone. Damn annoying. You know right? Or I will adjust the brightness to the lowest level and close my phone to silent mode just to save my battery and every time I have to call my parent to fetch me after event so I must ensure my phone battery level never less than 20%.

Then I keep on thinking whether wanna buy a 1000+ mAh power bank or not. I saw lotssssss of website selling it but still I can't trust them due to my previous experience. Until one day I get a private msg from a sweetie seller and sorry that I'm kind of annoying because I keep on wondering is the power bank authentic / real / fake. But still the seller so sweet and slowly answer my question one by one. The seller is so sweet and told me everything honestly and this is why I'm sharing this for her :) I didn't get paid from her . All opinions is my own.

I get the power bank from (fb) J-power Bank click here or you can send msg to the owner facebook Jenny Choo click here. I think good thing worth for sharing! The service and also the patient of a seller. Her service and reply impressed me :) I love to deal with seller like that and never force me to promote or advertising for her. When I tell her that I will be featured her on my blog she just tell me to be honest when sharing so I'm here lending her a hand by helping her and also sharing with all of you . For those who interested with power bank you can deal with her and HAPPY SHOPPING :)

Oh yea I think it's really a terrible news that many YOOBAO power bank is fake one and that's what I'm worry. So I ask one of my boy's friends because they all bought YOOBAO power bank they told me that you can actually check it on a specific website and here's the photo which show you that the power bank I get from the seller is AUTHENTIC one :P

The moment I click check and waiting for the result to come out my heartbeat damn fast. I'm afraid I get a fake one but luckily! The seller so nice and helpful.She help me check too but after I receive my 2nd power bank (I get two diff power bank from her. one for myself one for MR Smelly Kitty) I check for it again :) It's confirm authentic YOOBAO power bank! So it's also a guideline for you to choose it. lol 

The bling bling sticker on the box can tear it off and get a special code to ensure that it's authentic one. So I get a more girly type of power bank and another one is transformer boylish type one. Both in black color because I prefer tahan lama color for my power bank!! AHAHAHAHAH 

I pick myself the right one because it's lighter and also look so classic & gorgeous with the design while the left one is for my Smelly Kitty one. Thanks the seller for this :) Both of us love it damn much.

Both of them is slightly diff in the mAh , design , weight , output and also their price. Of course the one which have the more mAh is slightly heavy than the other one. I think 10000+ mAh can hold for one day usage for myself. Both included the LED light and you need to use own USB to connect the power bank with your phone :) So It's suitable for all phone including sony , iphone ,samsung and so on. You can pm the seller for more detail. Available in black and white color too!!! The power bank can show the level of the battery hold inside the power bank too :)
 Lighter weight if compare with the other one
Suitable for girl 
the modern design and classic look
10400 mAh
Suitable for male
Cool design for that especially the side design 
13000 mAh 
Two output USB

Damn cool huh? HAHAHAHHAA This transformer one can charge your iphone and Ipad or your camera at the same time because it have 2 USB output :P

Oh yea forgot to mention the price. Both included postage and that's means it's FREE SHIPPING. The lighter and small one only RM90 while the transformer one is RM110. Both quality quite nice and I don't know what's the price outside but I think this seller really sell quite cheap and it's in a REASONABLE price of a power bank. If compare with my 6600 mAh RM100 I think it's definitely worth , affordable and cheap! HAHAAHAH 

Where to buy?
Can get from (fb) J-power Bank click here or you can pm her facebook Jenny Choo click here.

More photo:

Oh yea!! Now it's a special thing I wanna share with all of you! I just get touched with the special customization feature with The Happy Butter (instagram and fb). NOW YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE your own casing and it's quality ensure if not I wont share with all of you :P You can customize your own face , your favourite artist , your gf /bf photo on your phone case! It's not only for iphone they have design for some model of blackberry and samsung phone!!!

I want to put my own photo shooting photo but seems so awkward or should my bf to carry a phone case that have  my face on it? HAHAHAHA sound funny so end up I just choose a 'FOREVER YOUNG' design from them and ask them add my own name on it!! I never thought it can be so nice especially I can have my own name on my phone case! HAHAAHAHAH

  For those who interested can check from their instagram and choose your own design / or give them your design. It's basically everything can customize!! Now everything can customize and it's sounds really great !!!
The casing have a watermark 'B' :P So cutee!! 

Where to Buy?
You can get contact with them by ♥ email thehappybutter@gmail.com | Line ▶ thehappybutter | Instagram or Facebook The Happy Butter 

Next coming post is about some skincare product!!!! and also my updated recent life!! That's all for today, Love xoxo.