Winner of the IMAGENE lens Giveaway ♥

15 June 2013

Herloo Lovely As promised I swear I'm going to update my blog here as much as I can :P Since this week is 2nd week of my internship I think that you gonna miss me like hell but don't worry I slowly slowly adjust my time and improve my time management so that I'm able to have both my working and blogging life back. Meanwhile, I'm here today because I'm going to announce and congrats to the WINNER of the previous IMAGENE Contact Lens Review & Giveaway ♥  

I'm sure both of them get informed from IMAGENE and gave their contact detail for them but I'm here to update and announce it here because I'm afraid that some of you might misunderstand this giveaway. For your information, this giveaway will be conducted by IMAGENE and winner will be pick from them ..So it's not pick by me and I saw some of you just left comment ask me to choose you .. I hope to pick you to be one of the winner too :'( If I can choose I will give all of you a pair of IMAGENE contact lens too but I'm not the boss nor the owner of the company so I'm pretty happy for those who joined this. Please don't feel sad or disappointed on this if you didn't win it because you still have another chance to win more good stuff from my blog in the future :P 

 SOOOOO!! Congratz to both of my sweetie Jing Ying& Mandy Ooi   *Clap clap clap x100000* I guess it's really a good time to have this kind of giveaway because I realize that there are readers and sweeties which having the same problem as I have previously. So congratz again to them and I'm replying the comment now :)

I never got a chance to win any giveaway from anyone blog. I need more luck than you guys :'( But anyway just let you sweetie know that there are more and more good things coming!! MUAHAHAHAHA I just keep it as a mini secret for myself :P Stay Tuned !!!

Last but not least remember to send your detail to the person contact you ya :) Hope both of you can fall in love with the product too! Have a nice day♥ xoxo