Hermo.my Haul ♥

02 June 2013

Hey Hey Hey Hey  Herlooo Everyone :3 So this is my very first post about some beauty product haul I bought and purchased from Hermo.my . Don't worry this is not an advertorial post everything I mentioned above is purchase with my own money except the perfume set and the biotherm set is for review purpose. That's why my pocket so empty now! It was a hard time for me once I have my final exam I can don't wash my face when I'm studying and that's why suddenly many pimples pop-up and say HIIII to me! I hate them~ Please go away 

So the first thing I done my exam paper is purchase anything I need. Including hair shampoo , sunblock for my face , Laneige skincare product & etc. I actually noticed hermo.my from Jane's blog. I remember that she advertorial for it. For the first time I purchase skincare product from them..I remember that was a good experience. I order it today and I can get it within 1-2 days. The first time purchase was the Laneige Sleeping mask which is sooooooo popular from hermo.my. It took me 1 day to receive the parcel.

The second experience is I purchase the Laneige trial set from them and the Yadah Sunblock. It took me 1 day to receive too. The third experience is the product I mentioned in this post , including the hair shampoo and also some daily skin care product. This took me 2 days to receive the big parcel maybe because I ordered at night and it took another working days to proceed. More and more on the future!

I'm happy that I finally have some time to make a haul post for you. Hope more and more coming :P Thanks hermo.my for the efficient service and sorry for the late update! Hope you don't mind because I just want to make sure that I put my heart on every words I wrote on this post :) 

Let's Get Started

Laneige is my current favourite skin care product. I first tried on their sleeping mask which recommended from many friends & bloggers and Everyone just OWN a bottle of sleeping mask from Laneige. Am I right? I got the sleeping mask from Laneige too with a cheaper price compare to the market price. I wonder how they provide us with such an amazing price on this range of skin care product. Usually my previous skin care product I'm using the HadaLabo which totally cheaper than Laneige but I used HadaLabo for 3 years and I feel bored already. I think it's time to try new product which I think hadalabo didn't really works on me now but their toner still very nice ! 

I didn't willing to give up on that so I now using two diff brand product. One on morning and the remain one at night. I think I no need to talk about the sleeping mask because everyone know that so I skipped that part and now I get my second Laneige product which is their multi cleanser for my face.

There are few reasons why I bought this:-

1) I get the Laneige trial set before I purchased this and I thought like need to have a same brand cleanser for me to paired with their trial set. 

2) I used sunblock everyday and I noticed that sunblock need to use makeup remover to remove it too. We can't just use normal cleanser to clean it and it will block your pores and bad for our skin. So I keep looking got a new cleanser to used after I back from my class or at night when I'm bath. 

3) I want to try something new 

4) Convenience because it straight remove your sunblock , bb cream , foundation & base on your face.

So I randomly click on the hermo.my since I want to restock my YADAH sunblock too! I love the sunblock from Yadah which adsorb really fast and really brighten and protect my skin under the sun. But one thing I'm really lazy is I need to use makeup remover to remove it even I didn't make up. Then I just randomly click and search until I found few Laneige cleanser for my face. I'm so confuse don't know which to choose but since I understand and know what I want then I just go ahead and pick this Multi Cleanser. Since I have hadalabo half bottle left I still will using it but when I back from outside or when I bath I will use this multi cleanser which can remove all SUNBLOCK , BB cream , foundation or makeup base on your face.

Surprisingly , the cleanser works very well and for me it save my time and I won't be able to feel lazy when applying the sunblock too. The foam of the cleanser is really so soft and gentle. After I clean it I feel so fresh on it and I just loving this big bottle with a cheaper price from hermo.my if compare with outside's market price.

The next item is this Laneige Trial Set I get before the cleanser. Because I really have some budget on the Laneige product so I pick up the trial set. Then I won't feel regret if the item not suitable for me. But I'm confident with this just that the trial set just cost me RM52 then I can have the chance to trial whole set :P I so kiam-siap (budget) one. If I buy whole set should be RM300++ So I just pick this trial set ! Lolx 

Don't know why I just feel to grab their trial set because it's so mini and little. But the disadvantages is the Balancing Emulsion is hard to pour it out. Need to put it upside down and keep on shaking it!! Other than that I'm loving the form of that and the smell of the Laneige product. Inside this trial set included 4 item :) You can purchase it from this link♥ http://hermo.my/deal/1871.html

So far I don't have any bad feedback on Laneige product just that for me it consider a bit pricy if I purchase full set with their normal Size. Then I just stick on this trial set and save money for the full size bottle. Lol I think this can hold for like 3 weeks like that? Since my face so small.. AHAHAHAHA I will grab the full size for myself AS SOON AS POSSIBLE :)

 So here's my recent purchase for my hair care product. I'm still using the Asience shampoo but I finished it last two week left the Asience conditional only. I click on the hermo.my's beauty wall saw a lot customer purchased this especially one main point attract me to purchase is they say they used it for the first day.Then, the second day they didn't feel oily!! This shampoo have 3 type I think with diff color. This is the red color special for damage hair and at first I thought this set have conditional but I'm wrong. Lol I realize that both actually is the same one -.- Hair shampoo!! HAAHAHAHHA
 I purchase it for RM56.90 for this set but now more cheaper liao :'(  Hermo.my http://hermo.my/deal/1851.html now selling RM49 for one shampoo + one conditional set! Arghhhh why always become cheaper than the time I purchase.
 So yea! Is time to tell you that is this works on me?


My hair isn't that oily but I fall a lot of hair due to my damage hair I think. Everytime I wash my hair and the second day or at night my roots start to have a little bit oily then the next day =.= IS A MUST TO WASH MY HAIR EVERYDAY! I'm getting tired and the previous shampoo I used for 4 years since the day I shared on my blog :P I'm a loyal customer I guess.

I just don't feel like changing it unless I think it's time to change. Lol so after I click on the beauty wall I purchased it :)

-Strengthen my hair and reduce the hair I fall OBVIOUSLY
-Not oily at night and the next day I still feel very 'clean' not oily on my hair
- I'm just loving it!!

-A VERY STRONG Ginseng smell
- A bit dry after I wash this shampoo and must apply conditional after this shampoo

So here's the main point. I love how this shampoo works of me just that for those who HATE Ginseng smell maybe you will hate this because the smell is REALLY STRONG but for me I still can stand for it. The smell is really strong when you first apply on your hair but slowly you didn't smell anything already but just the first few mins the smell is really strong until you can feel like you're drinking some Ginseng soup! Lol The next thing is after I wash it with water my hair seems to be dry but if compare with my previous shampoo this is slightly better. So it means that if I didn't put on any conditional I very confirm that I CAN'T comb my hair! Lol

So once I used this I will follow with my own conditional because I didn't get the conditional shampoo set that time :) Now you can search for it on hermo.my they got the conditional shampoo set. Sometime you need to purchase product in a good timing so I always feel free to click on their website keep looking for a good deal :P It can be slightly cheaper or MORE CHEAPER than previous!

 This is the Hanaka Chu Chu Lips Scrub♥ I got for myself because my lips so dry T^T  It cost me RM29.90 and this taste like SUGAR! Lol it feel like putting sugar and use that to scrub your mouth. I think it's not really works on my lips but basically it just reduce my lip's color and the dryness after I used.  You still need to drink as many water as you can because I really hate and lack of water :'(
 This is the result I used the scrub. It's very sweet and taste like sugar.
 What you think ya? I personally think it just help to make my lips look better and reduce the darkness improve the blood circulation on my lips! HAHAHAHAH But it's a nice try on this scrub.

 Thanks hermo.my for this perfume :) This is the MOSCHINO'S Perfumery Glamour Gift Set *3 Items included the body lotion , bubble bath & shower gel and also the mini little perfume
 OKOK! LET SEE what's inside this pretty gift box :)
 OMG!! So cute ! I think this's the best perfume gift pack ever! It's made in Italy and the smell of this perfume is just sooo gorgeous. The body lotion and the shower gel is suitable for all skin type. I think I prefer the small size of perfume so that I can put it inside my bag and also bring it out to any place. Oh yea, the body lotion and shower gel is kind of hydrating my skin and at the same time it moisturizing our skin too.

The smell of this perfume is abit strong at first then slowly it appear some sweet smell. Something like that and it can stand for 5-7 hours when I'm outdoor. The smell is not those flora sweet smell is more on mature sweet type of smell. LOL I have no idea what I wrote but you just start to imaging! Lol

This perfume flacon of Glamour is interpreted with a dose of elegance and glamour, shaped like a passionate heart, in sparkling and classic nuances. The crystal bottle with gold coat and red stopper represents an era of glamour, which is opulent, feminine and sensual. Outer carton was presented in a combination of red and gold, expressing a fashionable touch of luxury and a new dimension of femininity

For information you can click on > http://www.hermo.my/product/747.html 

Last product !! It's the Biotherm AquasourseNuit set~ Including the cleanser, toner and moisturizer.You can get all the Botherm product from hermo.my too. I can't believe that hermo.my really offer this big range of choice for us. From hair to toe I think even lips product too. I know some product like Yadah product only available on specific sasa shop because the sasa shop near my house didn't sell any YADAH product too. So I get every product from hermo.my. The most awesome part is you can get FREE SHIPPING once you purchase 2 items above. So that all of us have no reason not to buy from hermo :P
 Product included in this gift set is :-
1 [ Cleanse ] : Biosource hydro-mineral cleanser toning mousse 20ml
2 [ Tone ] : Aquasource instant hydration toning lotion 30ml
3 [ Moisturise ] : Aquasource high density hydrating jelly 20ml
Not just product this included a mini ocean blue bag too. So you can use it to put your product or use it to put your cosmetic product. One thing I would love to say about this product is it's really so HYDRATING and the smell is refreshing. It's so fresh x1000000. I just love my face look very hydrating so I tried it on my dry hand. Let's see the form and color of their product.

 This is the cleanser and the bubble is those tiny bubble. Gently massage on your dry skin you can really feel the 'freshness' of their product. The smell is so relaxing and I just feel my face so clean and smooth.
 The toner is really cool. When I apply it on my skin I feel a bit cold and then it so easy to absorb by my skin. I think the absorption of this product is very well if compare to those whitening product I got.
Last but not least this ocean blue color moisturizer. What can I say it's just so hydrating and moisture for my skin. I can feel so fresh on my face now!! Muhahahahahaa 

I love how hermo.my works on their website. It record everything you purchased and then provide us the parcel's tracking number and once you got the parcel you can click on 'Received'. You can check the order time , number and also FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 2 items above. You can choose to receive on weekday or weekend and include the msg or any note on it. 

So easy right? So I'm sharing my online purchase for my daily skin care product from hermo.my. I think good theme and efficient service is worth for me to share. I didn't get paid for any positive review and all opinion is my own. I just think it's so convenient to purchase anything from their website. Make sure you give some attention on their daily good deal :) It's really cheap and CHEAPER than normal market price.

That's all for today. Love,xoxo.

P/S: I'm so nervous because tomorrow is my first day of intern. I'm not sure how and who will be there. :'( God bless me! Wish me LUCKKKKKKKKKKK