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09 June 2013

Blogger Collaboration
Hello Sweeties :3 How are you today? Seriously, I'm really tired recently. Still haven't get to use with my intern life recently..*sign* but I'm so happy I'm still able to update here and be there for youThanks god but I know what am I doing here and of course it's really a hard time if your boss is really those difficult type of person. Learned lotsss of new knowledge and met diff kind of people within this few days. I should think positive and be happy that I'm able to experience new things in my life but please don't ever treat us like idiot. Just that we never tell them what kind of person we are but that doesn't mean we don't know anything about this world.

Stop crapping about that because it's really a loooooooong story lolx. But anyway today's post is gonna be a  latest collection of a stationery brand, STABILO. I'm glad that I'm able to collaborate with STABILO with their new and latest stationery collection ,BE WILD!. OH YEA I guess everyone of you noticed that I'm a fans of leopard print too and I'm totally shocked when I get to know that the latest collection BE WILD! features the stripy Zebra, the spotty Leopard, the lanky Giraffe, and the feral Tiger prints.

I don't know STABILO came out with this idea! I'm not sure whether you like it anor but for me, I really feel so good and happy when all my pens and highlight pens inside my pencil case is full of diff kind of animal prints. I'm getting boring with those normal design on my pen so I remember last time I actually use some sticker to decorate and stick it so that it look attractive and also feel so happy when I'm using it on my lecture class. So now I'm really happy that STABILO actually came out with this design in BE WILD! collection :P I feel confident , happy and edgy while facing all the diff kind of print on my pen and of course be Trendy at the same time  

 So this is what I get from the collection. This limited edition BE WILD! collection has a pen for every need. This collection included rollerball pen and also rainbow color highlighter. CAN YOU SEE THAT?!!! All the pen and highlighter has their own unique animal print on it. I love the design of the highlighter!!!! It's so lovely, am I right?
 This collection included with the existing STABILO® bionic®, STABILO® ’s move®, and STABILO® swing® cool range.
So colorful it cheer me up and made my day! I'm loving it :) So let's me show you the detail of each :P

The first one STABILO® bionic® ♥ BE WILD! is special designed for those who are born to be wild. The refillable rollerball pen is perfect for high-volume writers as it comes with the liquid blue ink system. It reflects the tiger stripe motives and is available in 3 shaft colours and designs.
 I got the blue one for myself. I'm going to get myself the leopard print one (Brown color) and also the neon pink + orange color one :) I love how the combination  of both color to match with the diff print on it and the holding part of the pen is really comfortable. The liquid blue ink system make it very easy and smooth to write it on.
 Oh yea and remember that this is refillable one ya :)

The second one (which I'm holding it on the photo above) is the one I  love the  most♥  This STABILO®  ’s move® BE WILD! also a rollerball pen but this slightly special with its ergonomic curved shape. The ergonomic curved shape is specially designed for the users’ hands. It can be stylishly accessorised with hanging feathers, tassels or beads and more. (You can add on any mini key chain on it if you want  ) 
This also available in 3 wild life designs with colour combinations, include zebra, giraffe, and leopard prints, to bring out the city safari in you. I WANT TO GET THE LEOPARD one!!! I'm really glad that it designed with the ergonomic curved shape and the front part of the pen is slightly diff than others. As usual , the color combination of this collection is totally AWESOME I think STABILO noticed that we love some bright neon color but I never know that neon color can match with black/ white and also combine with a animal print on a pen. I'm just loving it x2

Last but not least never forget to mention about their rainbow color highlighter with animal print on!!! OMG how can you resist this ?! It's so creative, how can I don't get whole set for myself huh!? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? go and grab it now :P
 The STABILO® swing® cool BE WILD! highlighter range puts an end in conformity. The color range is same with the normal collection but this collection which added the additional print on it make it looks attractive and made our day! Even the hunt for good grades becomes easy with this pen. School children, students, and young adults will absolutely love this new highlighter~ Of course me toooo!!  

In this highlighter collection , it featuring six different shafts printed with fashionable animal prints. It can be used for up to four hours of concentrated work without drying outI love STABILO highlighter since long time ago and even now I'm using it everyday on my class and intern life because it designed with a flat space-saving shape, a practical pocket clip, and ventilated cap :)

STABILO® swing® cool BE WILD! : RM4.40/piece
STABILO®  ’s move® BE WILD! : RM16.40/piece 
STABILO® bionic® BE WILD! : RM32.90/piece

With a pen for every occasion, BE WILD! with STABILO’s wildlife inspired stationeries. STABILO’s BE WILD limited edition collection is available at all major stationery outlets. For more information on STABILO Malaysia, please visit

Remember to check out their official facebook because they having a mini contest for you to win them home

That's all for today, Love xoxo.