My Own Daily Outfits #OOTM (May) ♥

01 June 2013

Herlooo Lovely It's June now and today's post is gonna be a post about my Outfit of The Month , also known as My own Daily outfits (#modo). Since previous OOTM for April I think of updating my OOTM more frequently and mostly it's on end of the month or beginning of the next month :) I know most of the time you might read or seen this on my instagram or facebook but due to some reason many people asking where am I get my outfit I decided to make a simple and short update on whole month outfit.

I don't really dress up nicely which match with my make up unless I have to attend event or outing with my girls. It was fun to mix & match with my outfits but some really looks so normal until I don't really want to snap the outfit HAHAHAAH But I just love the way that all outfits make me feel comfortable and confident :) I know most of you asked where I got those lovely pieces on me , don't worry I linked everything on the bottom but some I bought so long or during my trip until I forgot which floor of the shopping mall or the name of the shop . I'm not buying 30 diff set of clothes every month but I just keep mix & match until I feel bored about it then I will sell it on my pre-loved group.

So yea~ Let's get started 

Top A simple Pink Singlet which you can get anywhere
Chiffon Outer from time square
Skirt from 6th floor Sungai Wang Plaza
Flat shoe from Tiamo

I remember that day was rushing to Lilac Salon @ Kuchai lama once I done my presentation. I wasn't fully prepare on that presentation because I slept on 4am before the day and that's why I have no mood to iron my formal top. So I just simple grab a pink singlet which is my favourite color then match with the flat shoe I bought from tiamo previously. Because it's a presentation i can't wear any off shoulder top so I simply grab one outer which don't really like because it's seems so formal I can't match with my outing outfits until FINALLY I got the chance to wear it out. HAHAAHAH

I think got more formal ootd to come because I start my internship on this coming Monday. OMG god bless me and hope I get enough sleep everyday and patiently facing the traffic jam -.-

 Flora Dress from
Black tights 
Black Barbie Wedges from my previous taiwan trip

Some of you start to loving this wedges and me too. But the wedges hurt my leg actually. So I just wear it out when I'm wearing with legging but end up it's too pain so I decided to purchase a new platform type of shoe from Sungai Wang that time & at the same time the black tight not really match with the heels so I purchase a grey legging together with it. 

Everything seems to be the same just the bottom part slightly diff. I'm in love with this dress but because it's a bit short for me since I have to wear this and walk around KL+ I'm afraid it will be too short for me so I wear it with legging . Surprisingly both of it match perfectly with the flora dress I get from A slightly change from my previous style when I dress this up because it's slightly mature than normal outfit I wear :) Do you love it? 

Flora Pink Outer
Black Inner Dress from Double Beauty
Pink Heel from my mom xD
Leopard Bag from Time Square first revenue

This I wear it to one utama meeting with my cousin. The heel I have no idea where can you get it because it's belong to my mom but she gave it to me since last year. Lolx The flora outer I bought it and think to sell on my double beauty but guess it's too costly to sell since most of the item on my shop is lower than RM50 :) But you can get it soon at my friend's online shop. Stay tuned.. The leopard bag I get from time square two years ago.. It was quite exp too but big size bag + leopard always my love <3 The inner skirt I sell on my shop but have limited stock left since last 2 weeks. Sorry that all sold out on this moment :'(

Inspired London Boy top from
Handmade DIP Dip dye 2 tone color shorts from
Neon accessories from 

This whole set is actually I purposely paired it together because everything can purchase from dreamscape and I guess it's a little bit boy style look so I think it will be nicer if I tie all  my hair up. The main point is actually the dip dye two tone color short from dreamscape because the owner actually diy this my her own so this mean you can't get the exactly same one I think. Each color's gradient is slightly diff.

Top from Double Beauty
High Waist pant from Romp Mid Valley

Guess most of you notice that the same pant I'm wearing it again and again! HAAHAHAH I'm gonna wear it until it spoiled! Lol I bought this last year at Romp which is really really cheap I think it's RM35+ like that for a jeans high waist pant :) The top currently sold out and no restock on my Double Beauty. Each piece I get for my online shop is actually all my favourite piece :P Muahahahah I love how simple is this outfit and it's really comfortable. I wear this to Dreamz Bakery two days ago too. Sorry that I'm naked face on that day so my photo is just focus on the background and also the top! HAHAAHAH

Pink Inner dress from Double Beauty
Stripe legging from Vogue Fashion House
Neon Wedges from my previous Taiwan Trip
Meow Kitty Clutch Bag from Double Beauty
Spotted this wedges again!! HAHAAH Don't know why I just can't live without it because it make my leg look superrrrrrrrrrr long! The legging is the day I advertorial for the fashion house on the previous post. I'm really like it and they didn't ask me to include at this post and I never get pay again on this but good things is worth for me to share. This legging is cheap and the material quite thick I didn't wear any safety pants inside it can't see through actually. The inner dress is pink color but is exactly the same with the black inner dress i paired with the flora outer one :) The kitty bag I'm selling two color on my double beauty :) each color one unit only! Will update once I done my dinner :P

Meow White cropped top from Sam'90 6th floor SWP
Yellow Inner Dress from Double Beauty

This is the outfit I wear on the Canmake Event :) The top is the time I bought on the HK Station,SWP and it happened to appear on my previous post too. Nothing to make it special.. I love the print on the top and Sam'90 is the shop I spent RM200 from the HK Station Blogger event. The item on her shop is slightly expensive than if compare with others. This top I think cost me like RM45-RM55. I forgot the price I throw the price tag lol but it's kind of special so I think it worth :P

 Grecian Sweetheart Tulle Dress from

I'm just fall in love with this dress and it's so pretty and I can wear this to any event :P It's gorgeous am I right? I pick this my own from phatculture and I'm happy that I got most of my piece from phatculture with a reasonable and cheap price. If no mistake I think this is just for RM65. I'm  not sure whether they still have stock for this anot maybe you can ask them :) 

Neon Pink Wedges again :P
Meow Meow Bag from Icon 
Puffy Pink Top from my previous trip 
White lace pants

HAHAAH The same wedges again :) I love this but now I feel so hard to walk with this wedges. Seems my leg OVER long! Lol the bag you can get from icon at mid valley or ferenheit 88. I saw this at Mid valley last week I think it still available. It cost me RM150 for this bag :) The lace pant I forgot which online shop I get from but you can get it on some online shop I think. I bought that last year that's why I forgot >.<

For your information , I didn't get paid for this post and don't worry I'm not promoting any of the online shop just that sometime too much people asked on the question like 'Chanwon where you buy the dress? the top? the bottom?' I didn't force you to buy or I got special discount when I post it to my blog. I just want to share to those who love my outfits. Since all of them I have wear on my body it means that I LOVE IT. I wont wear something I don't like and share it to you sweetie :) Besides, some item is picked by myself from the online shop and at the same time some of them did sponsored me too but I have the choice to choose my own piece.  

Some item is from my own online shop I'm not trying to promote for myself but because I used to wear it and all item I picked my own . I wait until all sold out except the bag (coming soon) only dare to post it here. If not most of you will say I very hard sell this :P HAHAAHHAH All item from double beauty sold out except the kitty bag coming soon on  my blog shop :) Actually what I sell is like some item which I hope to share with all my sweeties with reasonable price and 100% quality. If you think I'm trying to promote for my own you may just take it as a reference and see how I pair or match with others outing. Who knows you can create a more nice outfit than I do :)

So I guess that's all :) Love, xoxo