Re-opening Launch of Miss Selfridge ♥

23 June 2013

Hey yeahh Lovely :3  I just realize that I skipped this post and all the photo actually inside my camera. lol I forgot to save another copy in my lap top and that's why I never realize until this morning I accidentally saw it on my camera. lolx Anyway, I remember that day I went to two diff event with Chenelle♥ Morning = Elianto event ( Then after that we move on to the second event which is the Re-Opening Launch of Miss Selfridge at One Utama

Seriously, this is my first time went to this kind of fashion show event and if you have been my readers for quite a long time you actually know that I don't have any fashion sense in my mind lol. Plus, having a hard time to choose a nice outfit for that day and special thanks to♥  for this white lovely dress! I'm always having my first time and hope I could share with you :P At the same time, I realize that I should grab and wear a super duper high heels because everyone there was so tall and pretty! OMG 

We reached there quite early and surprisingly met many new friends there and saw lotssssss of pretty tall models and girls. Thanks Chenelle& WeiWei♥ for the invitation too! If they didn't tag me along I guess I wouldn't show up on that day. But seriously, all the latest collection is super duper girly , romantic , gorgeous and ATTRACTIVE. This series color is slightly pastel , most of them is white , nude , pastel pink , mint green , light yellow and those dreamy , soft color ! oh yea!! and also those Lace ..Definitely OUR FAVOURITE!! Please be prepare.. I'm sure you will found your favourite piece in this collection. 

SOOOOOO, let's get started but please calm down yourself. Honestly , I love everything in this latest collection especially all lace and pastel dress which looks sooooooo dreamy , girly and caught my eyes!! 

Love everything on that day! Especially can see all pretty and tall models walking around then stopped in front of us! OMG They are sooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! 
All look like barbie dolls with a super duper long leg!
 This is superrrr cool! Wei Wei fall in love with this :)

 This flora skirt look so nice too.
 If you ask me to pick only one I will pick this!! I just love it and don't ask me why.I'm just love in first sight :3
 This look really nice on her!! Best for photo shooting! HAHAHA
 THIS IS SUPER SEXY! Love the color too~

 Which one is your favourite? I pick the white dress!! How about you? I guess everything is just soooooo perfect. No matter the elements , design , color and style matching... ALL is just so gorgeous!! Am I right? I'm so impressed with the latest collection and LOOKING forward on the next collection too. I guess most of the time Miss Selfridge collection is more toward girly and dreamy style but still I guess all those lovely pieces just like a magic which make us look like a princess and look soooo pretty :P Teehee*

 My hair look damn ugly here -.- Damn tired and I just fully utilize my day! HAHAHAHA First time ever attend 2 events at the same day. Quite a great experience and never get bored when dating with my girls! AHAHAHAHAH
 WeiWei & Karina

 That's all for today Love,xx. Good Night my sweeties