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30 September 2014

Hello to all my Sweeties  meow meow! Sorry about my big head selfies but just wanna show you do you spot anything diff on my face? I mean lips? Yeap!! My face slowly recover this few days and finally I know the reason. I'm lack of sleep (sleep at 3am everyday -.-) + sensitive to all the dust. I remember the day before my face start itchy I pack my parcel and all the pre-loved item + giveaway products. So I think from now on I must force myself to sleep earlier and pls!! If you see me online after 12am..pls do me a favor ~ ASK ME GO TO SLEEP!

So back to the topic..since my face turn super duper sensitive this few days I try not to make up but you know~ I look so pale without makeup or eyeliner on my eye :'( Then I heard people out there telling me why not just put a lipstick on my lips then I might look better with that. So, I tried. I used some lipstick and lipgloss to make myself look nicer even without eye makeup. Then my current favourite will be lips crayon! 

Next, I asked myself..why not I'm doing lips product review this month. (Since last month all products were regarding whitening and brightening one) So yea!!! Stick with me stick with me stick with me I'm gonna make my blog full of lips product this month. Will review each of my lips product that placed inside my makeup bag and those will always repurchase one! Then depend on your lips and what look you want to achieve you can always read and get info from my blog to pick the best colour and shape for yourself.

This photo taken few weeks ago and you can see that my upper lips look super dull which make make my face look pale imagine if I never do my eye makeup. I think any colour apply on your lips really can make a different one just you have to try diff product and brand to get the colour and texture you want.

So today's blog post gonna review about the latest Elianto Briliant Riche Lip Colour. Next week will be some other lips product that I love too! But today this riche lip colour gonna shock you to the max & congrats to Elianto finally they launch their very 1st kiss-proof lips product!

 It comes in 6 diff vibrant matte shades + made in Italy.

It's not an usual lips product that I will love to use but in term of the matte texture and super duper long lasting outcome.. I think I'm loving it since the first time I try it out. 

The colour adheres to lip and dries super quickly. This make the product super duper long lasting while leaving a comfortable , smooth and transfer resistant finish.

In addition, you can't resist the colour of this product because you can find your favourite one from this 6 vibrant shades. My favourite will be #2 & #3 Colour #2 is more on a bright hot pinkish tone while #3 is a bright young red tone. Next, #1 not my cup of tea because the colour wasn't nice on my lips , the rest will be a more mature kind of shades since the colour is more toward deep and dark red. So I recommend you to try the second and third one! Hehe

 Let me show you the exact colour without any filter.

This should be exactly the same!


The colour really pigmented and even after few hours the matte finish and colour still there! Really so surprise and I did a lips test while I'm drinking the water with a cup. The colour still there!! Wont drop at all! Oh yea!! Let me show you the how's the colour on my lips. From #1 to #6

#1 totally disappointed me! I look like a sick person with the colour! lol and then the top right (colour #2 ) will be my favourite ever! Then move forward to a bright young red colour #3 also suit for our age I guess. Then the rest will be a darker tone of red + red and a little pinkish tone. From bright nude to deep red I'm sure one of those will be your choice!

You know right every products have their pros and cons. I'm loving this so far except that this full range of lips product quite dry for my lips, especially those with cracked lips. JUST LIKE ME! If I use it without any lips tint as a base my lips definitely look very ugly! loll

As you can see from the photo above. The first photo (top left) with just a single application of this product. It's so dry right with my cracked lips. Then the rest I apply a base first to moisture it and then only apply this product! Look really nice after the transparent lipgloss as the base!

So for those who love the colour but has a cracked lips like me you can apply a lips base product or lips tint / gloss before you apply this. Make sure after the first layer use a tissue to absorb the excess lips product ya! After that second layer only use this product so that your lips won't look as dry as just with a single application.


  1. Long-lasting & transfer resistant - Super long lasting! After 7 hours the colour still there!
  2. Pigmented & Vivid shades - Color very bright and exactly same as what you see on the bottle!
  3. Matte finish - Not shinny at all
  4. Cheap & Reasonable Price - Selling at RM25 each only! 
  5. Formulated without paragons & fragrance 

  1. Not suitable for cracked lips - After the application your lips might look super dry due to its texture
  2. Color #1 look weird/pale on asian's lips I think
  3. Feel slightly dry after 4 hours but the colour still there (this impressed me)

So far I'm really satisfied and quite shocked when I realise it's totally transfer resistant! For those who love matte finish this definitely your cup of tea! HAHAAH Just make sure that before the application you must have a perfect lips if not it might be too dry for you. I give this a 4 stars out of 5 :) Plus, the price was really really cheap la RM25 for one only! You can have a try on it! Not bad !!

For more information, you can take a look at their 
Official Website www.elianto.biz


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