Moschino Raise a Toast Private Reception (Fall Winter and Iconic Biker Bag Collection)

06 September 2014

Hello My Sweethearts  I'm back from another super fun private reception again! It's time to show you how cute those fall winter 2013 Collection and their iconic biker bag. It's all belong to Moschino. Thanks for the private invitation I'm so happy to get in touch with the PR and met some of my long lost friends there too! It's always my favourite brand ever. You know I love something fancy fancy and special and this time I had my eye on their new collection and of course the iconic biker bags!

One word = AWESOME!!

I noticed this brand because of their sponge bob & the FAST FOOD bags! So colourful and I think this brand make me feel really really happy and I had a blast during the whole event. Besides that , Moschino has not failed to surprise us this season. All the bag and brand is inspired by the iconic biker jacket, adapted for a bag resulting in an equally sharp and sophisticated look with these strong details. I think I should stop talking here and let's the photo do the talking~


Look how excited am I.
Have fun with this little bag on my head! HAHAAHAH
This melted my heart~ You see how cute is the size & of course my all time favourite BLACK COLOR! AHAHAHA

 At the same time I picked another bag and I was like

 look and spot all the bags behind me!!
Every bag touched my heart~ Mama bring you home..can? hahahaa

 And also this RED BUCKET BAG!!
damn damn cute right?~~

Okay, I'm really in love with it so I should keep pose with it! AHAHHAAH

 Black & White

 Feel so good surrounded by all pretty bags and friends! AHAHAHAH There are Photo Booth available beside their main entrance so..PHOTO BOOTH TIME with Cherrie & Chenelle. Three C :p 

Of course I met my long lost friends too!! 3 of us at least got time to take a group photo because so many people there & it's hard for us to take a proper selfies! Glad to see them <3

Then we decided we must have another full body photo so we asked someone to help us..But the photo turn out really blur! ahahahah photo fail but still it's our only full body photo so...whatever! AHAHAHAH

So yea~ It's all about their new collection but make sure to check it out on their actual store @2nd floor, Pavilion. I'm sure you will fall in love with their new collection. That's all for today. Love, xx.


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