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06 September 2014

Aloha~ all my Sweeties  Guess where am I now?!! I'm on my bed now~ blogging for the whole evening after I back from Oh Scooter Cafe and brought Bebe to pet grooming shop. Is another lovely afternoon I spent with Lumi. It's been awhile since the first time we met until now it's finally my turn to have a small dating time with her.

So finally both of us! I remember the first time I met her she was the one who fetch me to the x'mas event two years ago and now only I realize she stay super near from my house. As you notice that most of the time I told you that my house really really far and wherever I go always more than 30km or maybe 28km. Then finally we planned to try out this nice cafe near USJ Subang Jaya. It's OH Scooter Cafe 

But before that I'm really emo because I accidentally dropped my sony Nex F3 camera lens this morning :'( Then luckily I still have one body kit lens to use if not you won't see any photo from my camera. Heart break!!! My pancake lens cost me a Boom and now it really BOOOM me T.T I hope that I can get another lens as replace for my spoiled lens too. Why so careless T.T 

I told myself It's okay 舊的不去,新的不來 (new one will come when the old one gone) So, it's okay la hor~ :'( We reached there at 1pm plus and start to order some dessert and I thought there will be selling food but it's just some special dessert and also coffee. The location wasn't really hard to go because it located opposite at a newly opened shopping mall, Main Place. Or else you can just use waze! I can't live without it now! ahahahah

 The interior design make me feel super comfortable & cosy and I wish to bring my lap top together with me. Sit down nicely and enjoy blogging with a cup of hot chocolate! There is an outdoor area and the indoor really make me feel like a home! Very comfy~~ Let's the photo do the talking!

See even the macaron also look damn special and cute!
 Super nice right?! I know until this point you start to plan your tea time with your friends already but I tell you if you're a brownie lover you should try their brownie! I'm a brownie lover and their brownie really so tasty! Let me show you what our order!!

 Our Order

Hazenut Chocolate (RM8.90) , Brownie (RM9.90) & Signature Coffee (RM11.90)

I not really a coffee lover that's why I decided to try out their hazelnut chocolate. The taste not too sweet but when I order this together with the brownie I think I really need a cup of water. It's slightly too sweet for me to take both of my order but still I finished everything within half an hour especially their brownie.

Kill me please I'm craving for this now although I just had this today. Firstly the brownie look really diff from the usual brownie that I tried. Secondly, it's melted with the marshmallow. So when you try this the combination of both of the brownie and marshmallow can really make you cry because it match perfectly! Bravoooooo! Maybe I should show you this photo~


Told you!! You should try this out because it taste like heaven. Normally the brownie that I tried has like a vanilla ice cream or a hot pot brownie but this one with marshmallow one really first time try le!! I must bring Chenelle come because she love brownie like I do!!! Imagine the marshmallow melting on your tongue and at the same time you taste the sweetness of the brownie! DAMN YUMMYYYYYY!! 

This is their signature coffee ordered by Lumi. Must try drink because I saw Bobo posted this on instagram and best for video recording. While I'm pouring this no one help me take the photo so...I don't have any photo on that!! So let you all try it yourself la ;p This signature coffee serve separately with espresso, milk & cotton candy.

What you need to do is just dunk some cotton candy or EVERYTHING into the hot milk. It dissolves super duper fast! Make sure have someone there to help you snap the photo! HAHAAHAH
 So we both have our lovely date @ Oh Scooter Cafe until the late evening! It's damn comfy and I still craving for their brownie T.T Someone please save me! Maybe I should visit them again tomorrow :/ I'm so bad on controlling myself! Arghhh!! So that's all for today!! Love, xx

Let me know whether you love their signature coffee & brownie anot k? ;p 
Oh Scooter Cafe
49, Jalan USJ 21/10,
47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 11.30pm


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