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03 September 2014

Hey Hey Peeps  Alohaaa to all of you and it's another sunny day after my convocation. Still waiting my friends for the photo so once I get it will blog it here to share my happiness with all of you who actually accompany me since years ago. Oh yea this post gonna be fun and interesting so make sure you're patient enough to look for this article! HAHAHAHAHA

Guess everyone feel dilemma with the gift idea to your friends or BFF right? I had quite a hard time to pick a nice and funny gift for my own friends. What about you? I always wanted to get something special and make it memorable for them. But I always fail to do so because I have no idea on it until recently I get this advertorial with Cherry Affairs so I decided to give you some fun gift idea to your BFF!

Firstly when I think of gift I always think of maybe some stationaries , albums or things that he/she love but if our friendship like more than 8 years..I celebrated with my BFF for her birthday for 8 time I really have no idea what should I get for her. So I guess it's time to get something MORE FUN , INTERESTING AND FUNNY!

So here's some of the product I picked from CherryAffairs website that I think it's interesting enough to give it to my BFF! Please don't judge me because I really want to see their expression when they unbox it in front all of us. HAHAHAHAAH My BFF going to back from UK so I'm going to surprise her with this and of course another 2 gift should give that to my 2 BFF that birthday next month! 

Don't be so serious on it because life's short and i should make it a memorable celebration for them! HAHAHAAH So in order to proceed with that I picked 3 fun gift ideas for you so that next time you should make them feel unforgettable too! HAHAAHAHHA I'm here to feature a sash, a board game and a gift set that suit for normal people like us. Because we are...shy~ lol

   #1 Sash

So if you ask me what's my first pick for any birthday celebration when I reached my age..It's always a girl's outing night with my girls. When I say it's girl's outing it might be full of laugh and happiness. I will bring my BFF to have a fun night with my girl's friend and just some crazy conversation between us. To make it special I will get a sash for her! 


So it's something like this~
 'Wear it'
 'Get crazy'
 'Oh yea~~'

You might think it's very funny but once you wear this you tend to be so 'high' because you look like those people who join the beauty competition and you're the ONLY champion lol *think too much* After gave this as a gift to my BFF I will ask her to wear this out and have fun throughout the whole day. No matter where she go..she must WEAR THIS.

'I'm the champion' lolx

   #2 Board Game

Another idea should be a board game because usually those birthday celebration I joined tend to be so boring without any interesting game. But this one should be a private board game between your friends with her/his partner ! (Skip this if you're below 18 years old but you can always gift this to someone! AHAHAHA)

HAHHAHAH See who birthday next month I'm going to get this for her! This is a board game that featured into 2 phases, the first is to get each other naked!! lol you need to turn the point then see what result you get. Whether you lose a turn or you have to take off one of your clothes. lol Should be like I DARE YOU TO DO SOMETHING! LOL

Sound so funny and creative. Who think of board game can always think of me who gift this for them. lol The second is a series of erotic actions you can perform to explore and express your hidden fantasies. *wink wink* It's a sorts of naughty tricks you can ever think of so better give this to your BFF. It's the best idea ever! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH

Your friend might be shock with this! HAHAHAHAA

   #3 Gift Set

All in lovely pink colour! lolx The last one should be a naughty gift idea to give your friends. It's a gift set! Muahahahah it's an under 18x gift set so make sure you give this to the right one. If I were you I will give this to those who going to honeymoon or plan to have further relationship with their partner! MUHAHAHAHAAHH Because this contain a blindfold cover that you need to blindfold your partner and start the adventure of a lifetime with the use of the gift set item.

So you should go and check out yourself because I know you now can start to know this and get some funny and interesting item for your closed BFF so that they enjoy their birthday at the same time feel fun with the item you give them. Remember to wrap it nicely so when they unbox it you can hide and run away :p HAHAHAHA

For those who shy to go into any under age shop you can always check it out some interesting gift idea or toy on Cherry Affairs.  Quote :CHANWON to enjoy 10% OFF expire on 31 Oct 2014.

Interesting Gift Ideas featured -

 That's all for today and hope you get some interesting and naughty gift idea to give your BFF :p


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