[OOTD #1] Go black with Blazer | Chanwon

04 September 2014

Hey Peeps  Good afternoon and I'm here again! Can't think of any starting point for this post but this gonna be a super duper short post featured my favourite Studs Shoulder Pu Blazer from LookbookStore. Well spent every single sen on it and I'm happy that the quality wasn't that bad but in fact it's super gorgeous!

I know you might thought I'm crazy because such a hot weather in our country but I'm really fall in love with long sleeve item. If you actually followed me for a while you might noticed that I'm always wearing long sleeve top or cardigan even during my SG Trip last month. I'm not afraid of hot actually but I'm afraid of my own sweat. lol 

I decided to pair it with a high waist short since top part of my body fully covered. Besides, it featured a zip detailing and spiked shoulders so it's the reason why I just matching it with a white inner top. Make it simple :) Plus, this can be worn over almost anything, from tops to dresses. For example a white lovely dress and added this blazer as an outer. Hmmm~ sounds great too!

I get this on a UK6 size and it fit me perfectly except the hand length might be little too long for me so I just pull everything up until it reach half of my hand. I guess I should try more black & white outfit too because it never goes wrong with both of the colour. It look more chio too :P

That's all for today and I hope you like my #OOTD post. For more ootd shoot outfit photo you can always follow me on instagram @chanwon92 That's all for today. Love, xx.


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