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11 September 2014

Aloooo~haaaaa! my little sweethearts here   Seems like everyone enjoy reading my 20+ facts about me. Faster go do your version of 20 facts! So this week should be a "WHITENING WEEK" because I just realise most of the post up on my blog this week were all about whitening! Now I have to make myself full of information so every month I will consistently update on some skincare beauty product and hope to achieve 5 posts per month on my beauty area. 

You know right I just get my car few months ago and I start driving all the way from my house everyday. I guess everyone same same with me one lorh! Just that I found out this product from Korea really damn nice even my bro also like it. We just feel like magic. Most of the time those whitening product might works on everyone after certain period of using it and that's the reason why I always need to tested more than 3 weeks only able to post the review.

But this time this one just use once and can really see the result IMMEDIATELY and I think I GUARANTEE this work on everyone! This one really help to achieve INSTANT WHITE on your body & face. To prove all of you I had attached before & after result photo below but before that let me test and add with some of my thought on it first.

You might think I'm joking here but it's true that this product can see the result on your skin instantly. Like what I did and shocked me to the max after I tried this out for the first time. But I check for the ingredient that this Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack contained Niacinamide. It help to brighten and whiten the skin complexion instantly plus it's super easy to apply.

So here's the product that I bought from
  1. Snow white whitening milky pack 200ml
  2. Snow white whitening cream 50ml

Snow white whitening milky pack 200ml
First let me talk about this Snow White Milky Pack (RM65)

This big bottle one known as milky pack and it's alright for both application on your skin and face. And you don't worry for the ingredient because it's safe for you to use on your skin and the before after from their website really WOW me a lot. The price also quite reasonable for me to have a try on it and finally I decided to grabbed it home!

Shock you too? 

So let me show you how to apply it :)
Firstly, cleanse your face, hands, feet, and legs lightly and apply moderate amount like massaging. 

Secondly, after about 2 – 3 minutes, rinse with warm water without rubbing it or just simply rinse like what I do HAAHAHAH. (I'm lazy la)

Then TAAADAAAA! Tap gently to dry yourself and you are ALL DONE!
Be surprise with the instant result on your skin

This is my hand and I ask my bro to help me capture the photo using iPhone without any edit and filter on. Due to my skin tone not really dark I challenge my bro to do the second experiment!

Then you see!
Can you see the diff?
My god! I'm really so shocked on that because this milky pack if you don't believe it


So it really shock all of you now!! 

But don't worry please stay calm and grab this home! HAHAAHAHAH This milky pack texture quite easy to absorb but you need to gently pad it all over the are you want to make it WHITE! Seriously damn cool right I can't believe this really can achieve short term whitening effect. The ingredients in this bottle works magically on every skin no matter how dark you are but just remember don't get shock when you see the result! ahahahah

Pros & Cons
  1. Suitable for all skin type & Can be used on face and body.
  2. Using this will help you achieve instant bright + a moisturizer effect on it. 
  3. Premium Material and 5 free system: Free of Benzophenoe, Mineral Oil, Phenoxy Ethanol, Parabens and pigments. So it's available for sensitive skin.
  4. Reasonable
  5. Easy to achieve korean kind of makeup look 

  1. If you apply it all over your body especially hand and leg area this might only last for few month because it's only 200ml
  2. Without UV protection / sunblock 
  3. Short term but no long term effect so far

Snow White Whitening Cream 50ml

After the milky pack it's time for this little snow white cream!
It's slightly cheaper than the milky pack and it's only RM55
available on supermodel's secret website too will link it down below

You might be asking what's the diff between this with the first milky pack!!! I know it *wink wink*

This might be just suitable for you to apply it on your face because the texture is more thick than the milky pack as it's a cream and because of that we can use this as a primer because this act well to prime skin for any makeup. The milky pack need to squeeze out straightly from the bottle but this attached with a spatula for you to apply so you no need to use your fingers ya :)

As I mentioned just now the texture is slightly thicker and so this mean the application might take slightly longer time for it to adsorb into our skin. So here's some of the secret to have a instant white skin tone within just a few mins!  

If you’re interested in trying it you might want to GRAB one / check it out for yourself too. That's the reason why I'm in love shopping with supermodel's secret because they offer a good and big range of product that every girl's need! That's all for today. Love ,xx .

Snow White Whitening Milky Pack > Click here
Snow White Whitening Cream > Click here

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Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!!

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