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26 September 2014

Hey hey~ my sunshines & sweeties here Can you spot the blue car behind me?! Yeah you're right it's the latest and new design of Honta Jazz and whether you love it or not you still have to get into the waiting list until next year if you wanna get this home lol but what priority for all of the Domino's lover you can just WIN THIS HOME! 

Can you believe that you might stand a chance to win this ALL-NEW Jazz when you purchase or consume their new combo set with your favourite blue drink ever , Mountain Dew. Recently Domino's just have a partnership with Mountain Dew and therefore they came out with this very limited edition BLUE COLOR drinks just for Domino's and the 1.5l bottle of Blue flavour Mountain Dew only available at all the Domino's outlets. So read this post and you will know how to join & win it home!!

So here's the main character of the day! Blue Mountain Dew and can you believe that bobo & I almost finish half of this bottle Lol. I just can't stop it because it's pizza best friends! They must always be together with each other and happy ending with that x)

So when you're half way eating your pizza and combo set with the blue mountain dew YOU  HAVE TO...I MEAN YOU HAVE TO PRAY HARD TO WIN the car ok!! Law of attraction

It was a great day and again I always met new friends plus Bobo was there with me too! So happy~ Oh yea before some Q&A session this event was handle by this handsome and friendly emcee! 

Of course we have a good time with Domino's too and some short speech given by them. But still our eyes just can't get away from this pretty blue car :'( My little pretty baby please come to me so from this month onward I will always visit Domino's and enjoy my lunch time with my friends then next I wanna join this as much as possible. HAHAHAHAHAHA

So I know you guys waiting for the answer!!! Let me tell you how can join this contest! What you need to do is just go and have your meal at any Domino's outlets and order their specific combo set to get a entry ticket for this contest. Then you have two answer two question and fill up your information to WIN THE CAR!

Question (1) : Slogan - I love blue because
Question (2) : How many bottles of Mountain Dew can fit into this brand new Honta Jazz

So who's the math genius here? I might need your help or else you can just go the honta showroom and bring as many bottle of Mountain Dew 1.5L as possible so that you can  guess the correct / nearest answer! You can enter this contest as many time as you like if I'm really desperate to win it home I might get 20 entries within 20 days then fill up as many answer as I can so that the nearest will always the winner! HAHAHAHAA

About the slogan you have to get a catchy slogan so that you can stand out from all of our slogan. Start put your thinking cap on and WIN THIS HOME. I pray to all of you that you win it home because I don't have any luck one T.T I just eat the combo set can already! HAAHAHAHA

After our Q&A session and speech given by them we have our party on! OH YEA!! Enjoy my happy day with all those yummy pizza and chicken wings!!

See this Bobo only pose with the pizza lol I'm actually the one who eat so  much almost the 70% of the large size pizza.
Thanks Domino's for the sweet treats and food! I'm super satisfied for the whole day and LET US PRAY for ourself so that we might be the winner of this pretty Honta Jazz ya!! COME TO ME baby blue!! HHAHAHAHA That's all for today remember to visit nearest Domino's to get a combo set and join this contest with me k? Love, xx.


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