Carousell Meet-Up Party @ Kuala Lumpur

15 September 2014

Lying on my bed + blogging at the same time due to my stupid FMP :'( But still at least there are something for me to think about and hope I can recover from it as soon as possible. So today's gonna talk about something suitable for all of us! It's an application and yesterday was having a meet up party with the founder of the app. It's a tiring day for me because I went to few events on the same day but still quite enjoy it even I still have to rush my blog post after back from all the events.  

So here's the meet up party with all of the carousell users :) I know right you must be wonder what's that but remember the previous blog post on How To Sell Your Pre-loved Items (click here) I mentioned this application before and I think you must be familiar on that right? *wink Both of the founder purposely came to Malaysia yesterday and seriously I had a great day with them. Especially the yummy food and friendly people around me 

Let me talk about this app!! This is an app that's super duper user friendly and I know most of you have lot of items that you will never use or wear it again. Next what you did is just put it in your room and still waiting someone who can grab it or bring it home lol. This is what usually I do that's why I always have to sell my pre-loved item. Not just clothes but bags, shoes and all the digital gadgets. 

Carousell provided you a platform to interact with all diff buyers out there. You just have to create an account and start take picture for all the items that you wish to sell and then wait people to buy it home and be their new owner! So easy right? You can try it now :)

Okay I should back to the topic now. The venue of our meet-up party is located at this little cute restaurant , Little Wonton @Taman Tun Dr Ismail  It's quite hard to get a nice parking space there and I'm waiting and looking for a nice parking. Then end up I just have to park so so so far and walk all the way to the restaurant which located at the first floor of all other shop lot there.

Lol that's why I always hope to bring one plus together with me and I stay really really really far from that but they are not allow me to tag smelly or my photographer together with me. So I have no choice have to go there myself and drive all the way from there to my house suffer traffic jam alone T.T No car pool no driver no photographer alone go event wasn't fun at all but luckily I met my friends there. So I should feel glad after that! HAHAAH

But anyway thanks god for everything on that day. Feel super duper satisfied with the amount of food provided and the wonton was super yummy. Have more than 6 flavours for you to pick! The owner of the restaurant was super friendly too. 

I reached there first so I quite pai-seh there and then I have to order my food so that I got something to do plus some fun activities for all of us. 

Alphabet Sticker for us to decorate our book cover!

Finally! FULL HOUSE lol

Speech by the founders

Interesting Performance

Both founders actually hope to solve our problem by using their knowledge and some tech. So end up they came out with an idea with this interesting carousell apps that can help ALL OF US. Do you know that thing we don't want might be thing that others people looking for? This is the reason why I appear on their event because you know I don't really like to attend event alone lolx Plus, keep receive my parent's call and msg asking me whether I reach home safety or not. LOLLLLL I have no idea why puchong LDP there so damn jam :'(

After all those chit-chat, performance and speech finally we have our group photo session with all others carousell users and the founders.

New friends of the day Cutie pie hello kitty Nicole

Of course a BIG group photo  Thanks for the invitation and the food was super yummy :) Thats's all for today and feel free to join this friendly carousell family! Faster go and try their apps now! My carousell ID- chanwon <<< Follow me yooo I try to update some of my pre loved items there. HAHAHA Love, xx.


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