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22 September 2014

 Hey My Lovely ~ How are you today?! Seriously I'm very happy today because finally I got my first customise name card from Sharon and thanks Shirley for the recommendation. It was a good opportunity for me to meet them in real and the time they pass me the name card I was like ..OMG?!!! How pretty  it is!! 

Previously I have my own business name card for me double beauty that design by myself but it was quite cacat since I'm not really good on that (as you can see on the photo above) HAHAHA I only know how to add some print on it but I can't really think or design for my own. Shirley know what I need and she recommended her friend , Sharon to me. She's a sweet and shy girl but i think her work and design really caught my eyes!

 So regret that I never put on any makeup to meet people. You know I'm really lazy but just hope you don't mind! HAHAHAHA She's a super efficient and responsible designer. I thought she might take few weeks to do the design but she only took less than 1 weeks. My requirement wasn't hard because I just told her I love pastel colour , love macaron and I prefer sweet theme with one of my photo + my website rabbit pic that designed by my website designer Kim. 

I designed 2 type of name card and 3 boxes each! The first was all about flora pink sweet theme and the second one is macaron sweet theme! So here's the first one I got it few days after I told Shirley what i love. Seriously I'm appreciate it and this is the reason why I share it with you guys. For those who prefer plain design or business card design she can always fulfil your need. Just tell her what you prefer and she will DO THE REST FOR YOU.
So this's the first attempt and I straightly told her that i'm ON with this. Next she proceed to the next attempt on designing a macaron theme colour card. I prefer simple yet attractive with sweet theme so after that she send me this again~


They never paid me for that but I simply think that the price was reasonable and nice! Plus the actual name card was exactly SAME AS the design! Let me show you~

That's the reason why I share it for you even though I never get $$ from sharing this on my blog. Not just that okay!! The price just SO CHEAP & REASONABLE!!! Business Cards 3 Boxes only for RM50 (260gsm Art Cards with Limitation) RM60 for Personal Custom made design that suit with your own style and character

Her company- Cre8tif Owl not just provide service like this but also provide all sources of business & advertising services & solutions. Basically, whatever printing , designing , Printing business cards, leaflets, banners are core business of Cre8tif Owl. AND I WANNA TELL YOU THAT!! 

I got something for you guys!!! Now! 10% discount for all my readers. Just leave her a msg and quote my name, Chanwon92 then you can get the 10% OFF . Hurry up!!! Contact or made an appointment with Sharon and she will provide a good service to you. Faster get this offer so that you can save more on that!!

That's all for today. I'm happy with my name card now and I'm already finish the first box left 2 box on the first and second design :D Need print more on that!!! Love xx.


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