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26 September 2014

Hello Peeps Time to update some of my personal celebration post on my blog and it's all about my dating time with Smelly. Oh yea time passed so fast , we have been together for more than 4 years now and I was like WOW! Getting older but at the same time both of use getting closer to each others. 4 years ..Not too long or short but this make me understand more about what kind of relationship that I looking for.

Hmmm.. feel a bit awkward when blogging for this kind of post because I don't have anything special usually and it's my first time to have a proper dinner with him with a nice and romantic decoration. He's not a kind of person will do this for me so it's not him of course!! HAHAHAHA At this point I really need to say thanks to Goodsaltz for all the nice deco. I reviewed their restaurant last month you can read more on http://www.chanwon.com/2014/08/goodsaltz-curve.html  

Now I believe that romantic deco can really make me feel damn sweet and high. Lol especially I saw my name with the love symbol beside it. So creative and funny when I saw my reservation table. So here's some tips for you guys~ If you want to celebrate or looking for a nice romantic dinner with your partner you can always look for them. They are so friendly too!

First time smelly spoiled me like a princess as you know when it come to food I'm always the 'tam-jiak' (greedy) one. Both of us ordered their big chicken chop so end up I can't finish it :'( It's so yummy and delicious but it's really DAMN HUGE MAN! Of course the first order will be my favourite wild mushroom soup!

Better don't be like me order this chicken chop each for both of us because even Smelly super duper hungry he also feel super full after this course and what about mine? I just able to eat it until half left. Feel wasted but I just don't have extra stomach to fill in the rest one. Oh did I mention that I still have dessert after this? After finished the whole bowl of mushroom soup we already feel 50% full lol. 

Double Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream
 Thanks all the lovely one for the help on this special deco table. Everyone was looking at our table but not me! AHAHAHAH I'm just joking and the owner of goodsaltz was super kind offer us a free bottle of champagne but too bad Smelly and I don't know how to enjoy all alcohol drinks lol. I don't drink wine or champagne so normally I just be a poser pose with it. AHHAHA Thanks for the offer maybe next time wait I learn how to drink it if not I feel wasted too even it's free. Thanks Shanny 

My first and only time to pose like a sweet lady with this lovely deco

I know I'm a bit outdated plus Smelly wasn't a romantic one but I really feel super shy on that night. I don't dare to look at Smelly's eyes :X Only that night la because it's so romantic ma. But thanks Smelly for the lovely dinner because I can't sleep on that night. Too sweet already! AHAHAHAHAH Anyway except for the dinner Smelly also surprise me with red roses 

Thanks Smelly! I'm not that kind of girl who prefer rose because I prefer to spend my whole day just with him even without flower but the first person who sent me rose (few years back) was Smelly. I remember the first time when he sent me back from my class he told me no matter how he will always be the one who send me rose in our special event or anniversary even he's busy.

We have been four years together even he's busy with his assignment or final test he always surprise me like this. A bit boring la because every month also having the same thing (I'm joking la hahahaha!) but I know the meaning behind this. He know I hate people break promise so...every year we always have the same thing lol

 Have been with each other for quite a long time..hmmm here's some of the rules that we never break it within this 4 years. Not a love guru but just want to share my own personal opinion in my relationship. 

#1 Never simply say BREAK UP 
4 years..Even we quarrel til very serious none of us will use break up as a reason to run away from our problem. I realise some of my friends like to play around with relationship and within one year they already break up with the same person for more than 5 time which I think it wasn't fun at all. You know when you take it like a joke or use it as a excuse to overcome all your problem and run away then I'm sure one day he/she will take this seriously and say BYE BYE to you.

So told your partner from now on never easily say break up to each other. Take it serious and treat each other like tomorrow you can't see him anymore lol.. I'm joking*touch wood* If break up...I mean I will really BREAK UP AND BYE BYE to you. 

Take it serious :)

#2 Never put off until tomorrow
If anything make both of you argue or quarrel please settle it by that day and never bring forward it to the next day or just leave it there. You should've settle it today and shouldn't put off until tomorrow. WHY? You know girls like me sometime will be very small gas and when it come to the time we argue normally la, all the girl like to pull and give old reason or stories + repeating the same problem again and again.

So if can, always give a solution for your problem. Together overcome and end the quarrel because what normally we did will be always skip topic and continue arguing for no reason without giving a solution or overcome on it. Then the next time same problem happen again you just will drag and pull all old stories telling your partner how bad or worst he/ she is.

So normally when both of us argue we never drag til tomorrow or never just leave it like that. We will discuss and let each other scold and talk til very very late (normally I'm the old scolding lol) then slowly we realise it's just some small issues and we laugh on that -.- But sometime I'm really stubborn one :X But better don't just leave it like that and no one willing to fix it loh!

#3 Don't simply give promise. Once you said it pls DO IT
Actions speak louder than words. So if you can't do it then don't ever promise to your partner because girls normally 'small minded' We remember what you told us if you didn't take any action on that we will always say you break your promise and slowly we never TRUST you again.

#4 Communicate
Just like the #2 point, if you wish to overcome the problem you must always be open mind to talk and communicate with your partner even you really really feel like to kill him lol. Let yourself calm down first then ask him wait your turn to scold and complain + tell him what's your feeling. After your turn let him talk about the same issue. This will helps both of you grow together with each other and learn how to be tolerance and gain trust based on a good communication within your relationship with your partner.

This is the reason why every night both of us will call to each other. Normally smelly call me first because I'm always busy blogging at night or journalising hahaahha! Maybe both  of us still so young so until now 4 years...we always call and talk to each other about what happen on that day or who I met this morning blablablabla~ 

Thanks Smelly for everything and Thanks Goodsaltz for the surprise deco! Love it and this will next be our dating venue for another few more years!! ARGHHH I MISS THE MUSHROOM SOUP now !! Craving for that :'(

 End my post with my lovely Traveler's Note! That's all for today, love xx.


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