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09 September 2014

Hey Peeps! I'm not really active on WeChat and that's the reason why I never update any moments on Wechat but I received lots of tagged photo on there asking me to challenge this '20 facts about me' post. So when I want to update there I saw some more people do it on instagram and tagged me. Unfortunately, I can't tag that 15 people who tagged me on my instagram due to the limit on the photo tag. Bad instagram and I thought this will be a good chance for you to understand me more (maybe?) 

So here's some stupid and useless facts about me. Hmmm yea I did extra 4 on that because I'm really talkative! Who else have the same fact like me? Let me know and comment below what's your funny facts :)

#1 I actually dislike people told me that I'm cute. But now I can accept it because everyone trying to tell me that CUTE = FOREVER YOUNG. So stay cute always! 

#2 I can live without anything except one thing...It's MARMITE. I can take a spoon of marmite and mix it with any food. or even snack! lol I know I'm crazy

#3 If normal outing you might or might not recognise me because normally I didn't make up. So I can be back the silly chanwon

#4 I love stationaries , stickers , tape and doodles even I'm not good in drawing. That's the reason why I always need show you my traveler's note / diary on my insta. 

#5 I'm a bachelor degree holder in Finance but in fact, I love multimedia and design stuff. But still finance make me realise how I'm able to save money! AHHAAHAH

#6 I bought my first second hand car 2 months ago. I'm proud of myself and paying for petrol and parking fee make me broke

#7 Crazy over pastel color / cute thing.

#8 Rarely cry if I cry I'm sure it's either about friendship or you break my heart!

#9 Talkative and laugh like a silly one. 

#10 In real life, I'm a girl that full of expression. I can change  my expression within 1 second.

#11 Never do manicure except a week before Chinese New Year. Even it's gel nail it can only stay on my nail for about 4-5 days. IDK WHY

#12 I play guitar , ukulele and I can sing like a man!

#13 Never afraid of sing in front of the public but you have to let me prepare a bit lolx

#14 Love-hate on my rabbit teeth

#15 Although I love pastel colour but if you ask me to buy any wallet / bag I will go for black or darker colour so that it can TAHAN LAMA (last longer)

#16 Too nervous , Too efficient , Too hyperactive , Think too much

#17 If I really like the item I always afraid it out of stock or disappear so I always tend to buy more than 2 or diff design / colour.

#18 Lazy to remove makeup so every time just apply sunblock with eye makeup only

#19 I have a bad skin condition before my period and I have lots of mustache (Call me miss babeh!!)

#20 Believe in no free lunch in this world and will prove to everyone that I can do most of the thing independently. 

Can't stop myself away from the keyboard so here's some extra facts that you might ....feel weird HAAHAH

#21 I treat smelly like my gf and he treat me like I'm a big man and sometime he spoiled my like a princess

#22 I'm very afraid my eyelashes drop especially when I remove my eye makeup 

#23 I love baby and I get super duper excited when I meet them

#24 Mostly I reply people msg / comment and if I'm not either the photo you comment was way too old / I didn't get notification or else YOU PISSED ME OFF

#25 Once I graduate from my high school I financial support myself. So I'm a bit kiam-siap la!

#26 Always believe in law of attraction and to achieve something I wish I always believe that I just need to talk to my brain then my 腦波 will keep deliver it & reflect back to my body then my dream will come true. But this take time sometime few month or few years! HAHAHAAHA

Let me know few of your fact too so that I can understand you guys more :)


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