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14 September 2014

Hello all my Sweeties Promised you since last month about this giveaway so FINALLY I'm here. Sorry that it took me a long time to do this because my room was quite messy with lots of product and things I purchased for you all. So I was like wait wait wait because I'm quite lazy plus my sensitive nose really make me feel super suffer :'( But anyway!!! Here's the giveaway post and I'm gonna tell you what is that + HOW TO JOIN this massive giveaway 


There are 8 sets of giveaway going to be yours! I mean 8 sets!!!! I try my best to fulfil all your needs with different range of product so you can tell me which you prefer :) there are 8 sets and the last 4 sets = gift by Supermodel's Secrets

So 4 sets of mine + 4 sets from Supermodels Secrets = TOTAL OF 8 SETS!!

It took me awhile to separate each set to all of you but I think everything worth it! All of these products worth more than RM2,000 and another RM1,600 cash voucher from Me Clinic + Hair voucher worth RM900+ + nail voucher too!! ARE YOU READY?!!!



2 In 1 Hair Beauty Set
RM400 Me Clinic Cash Voucher
Liese Bubble Dye hair product
Lucido Hair product
Hair Salon Voucher Worth RM1K
Sweet black and pink ribbon pouch 
Ocean Sleeping Mask
Kose Face Mask Sheet
Foundation Powder For face
Sunblock SPF50+

This Giveaway#1 is full of hair products and some makeup products. Specially for all the hair product lover here. I think this suit for everyone and I know you love it! So...pick the one you like :p


 This is for stationary & notebook lover. I included some of the book I love like the taiwan super famous blogger book set together with the brand new diary. Purchased that all the way from taiwan bookstore website the postage just make me a boom but it's okay as long as you like it. I think people who love stationary or notebook like me must be a good student xD So I included a hadalabo sunblock product for all of you with a pastel blue watches. Not just that ok!! Some pens and also notebooks + stickers + polaroid stickers so you can stick on your polaroid & etc etc

Small flora notebook
Large flora notebook
Domo notebook
Taiwan popular blogger book set with diary 
flora notebook bag
Hadalabo sunblock
8 packs of polaroid stickers 
 Polaroid camera handle cover (pink)
RM400 me clinic cash voucher


This suitable for all the makeup and skincare product lover! 

RM400 Me Clinic Cash voucher
Fashion Bracelet 
Some skincare sample / trial pack
Bobbi Brown Make up Sponge
Natural Republic CC cream
Whitening Toner
Mist Spray
Cyber Color makeup remover
Co white 
 11 in 1 beauty tool


Brush set
RM400 Me Clinic Cash Voucher
Shu eumura lightbulb foundation medium beige
SEPHORA Makeup Palette
Sexy Lips make up pouch / wallet
Flora Orange Huge makeup storage bag
Leopard Bag
Nail voucher
Iphone 5 cover
I phone 5 screen sticker
 1 voucher to redeem 1 FREE Domino Pizza


96 color make up set x1
 Hershey's chocolate lip balm x 1
Smurfs strawberry lipbalm x 1


Hot huez hair chalk x 1 box 
 Hershey's chocolate lip balm x 1
Smurfs strawberry lipbalm x 1


Revlon 5 in 1 facial cleansing system x1
 Hershey's chocolate lip balm x 1
Smurfs strawberry lipbalm x 1


 Make up canister 7 pcs brush set x1
Hershey's chocolate lip balm x 1
Smurfs strawberry lipbalm x 1

 HOW TO JOIN / Win from this Giveaway
It's pretty simple! I will pick 4 lucky winners from Facebook & 4 winners from instagram. What you need to do is just...

You can choose either:-
1) Repost the photo from my Instagram (@chanwon92) 


2)Share the Giveaway photo from my Personal Blog Page

Simple enough right? Previously my giveaway have to email me and comment below but due to too many social media platform I have to check out now I will make it simple and EASY FOR YOU to do. So what you need to do is just share the giveaway photo either on facebook or instagram. You can choose to enter both ! Don't worry!!

After you post it on your social media platform then remember to:

 1.hashtag #chanwondotcom :) 
Hashtag make me easier to check 

(either insta or fb depend which you share) 

3. COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR EMAIL & tell me your best 2 choice from above giveaway! 
(eg: I prefer giveaway set #1 , set #4)

Lucky winner will be announce on 21 September 2014 (mostly at night) Will update winner name list on my blog and instagram !! After that I will email you asking your detail whether to meet-up or post to you :) Giveaway#1-#4 will prefer for meet up COD method because it's so heavy lol and giveaway set #5-#8 will be post it in a well pack parcel for all of you :)

PS: Please note that if you choose set #1-#4 you have to meet up with me either at Mid Valley , Pavilion , Time Square , Sunway Pyramid , Jaya One or any place you want I can try my best to meet up there if possible. 

Good Luck !!


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