Craziest Straight Hair Ideas

19 September 2014

Hello all my pretty babies 

All of you must have known I have chopped half of my hair length in the beginning of May and now I’m having my hair in shoulder length. I'm really happy with my shorter hair because I need not to spend extra time to style it, especially my besties always compliment me to have styling my hair in straight and that’s really suit me better and make me looking extra young. What you think? HAHAHA. However, having hair in shoulder length is just so hard to get a perfect straight hair

Can you share with me how and what do you do in order to get a perfect straight hair? The first thing that came across my mind is a HAIR STRAIGHTENER!

This is the easiest and direct way to get a perfect straight hair!

How if we put on our imagination and think something crazier one?!!!

But you are to attending a meeting in the early morning, and you gotta straighten your hair the day before, then , you probably need to sleep with your hair like this.

Frankly speaking, during my primary studies every girls looking forward for a straight hair and I really did sleeping with my hair like that and it really works to make make my hair slightly straight. Or else, I would thinking of applying  something heavy on the hair when I’m sleeping to increase the pressure and control the shape. Maybe BOOKS can do the “double action” during your sleeping time? LOLZ

HAHAHAAH Remember not to put too many books around your hair I'm afraid you can't sleep with it. So this might be slightly crazy but when we give some pressure on it i'm sure that I can get a straighter hair with this method xD

So how if....We use another method like..

A flying pan!

HAHAAHAH this might be scary but...what if we using a clothes iron

Like this?!!! Imagine you sleep on your bed then ask someone to iron your hair with this! Will be faster right because the hair straightener might be too small and take a longer period compare to this! HAAHAHAHAHAH 

So you might be look like this girl right now
Seriously this is so crazy!'

So after that process you need to stay calm and take out your hair dryer and  FINISH OFF WITH A COLD BLOW.

Or you can try this method should be more useful than this crazy idea I guess

I think every girls knows the pain of getting a perfect straight hair. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s reading this been having the same thought on method to apply for a straight hair.

Oh ya, while searching for some perfect straight hair inspiration, I came across this !
They are running some FB contest as well, go check it out!

Hope you enjoy this crazy post and looking forward to get some REAL useful product that can help me to achieve a better and nice straight hair! That's all for today. Love xx.


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