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31 August 2014

Hey hey peeps Is me again & HAPPY MERDEKA (soon~) Guess some of you plan to go out later but still I'm always here to be with you. HAHAHAHAHA Things happened for a reason and this month was my favourite month EVER~ As you can see I'm quite active recently on instagram and you know what I feel right now. Just feel very blessed and feel so touch recently. So many things happened on the past few weeks and here's some of the highlights , things & events I went within this month.

#1 Midori Traveller's Notebook

Since the day I blog about my first midori traveller's notebook (here) I'm already addicted with the notebook. So I start collecting all those cute cute sticker or the vintage stamps. Then start look for washi tape / MT tape. At the end of all those collection , I'm officially broke! lol I think it's like a drug man! I can't live without the notebook now! lol 

I saw lots of TN have vintage style inside but my kind of traveller's notebook will be full of COLOURS! You know like colours make me feel great but still my drawing skill didn't improve at all. Thanks too all the cute cute sticker and tape because it make my notebook look nicer without my hand drawing! HAHAHAAHAH

#2 Hair Treatment

Another essential product that I'm in love with - Luxy Scalp Treatment! I purchase it with the same shop / owner I bought my authentic hot pink longchamp bag. I never go for any saloon this month because I found this. This is not an advertorial the owner never pay for me to put on my blog but I personally really love this and my hair turns super smooth after that.

But please make sure to let it put on your hair about 20 mins -25 mins if not don't blame me you can't feel anything on  your hair. HAAHAH Because last 2 week I'm rushing to my friend's party so I just wait for 10 mins the wash that with warm water but then end up my hair doesn't look as smooth as I put it for 20-25 mins. Another thing was this product can put on your scalp ya!

It's from @ | Line/Wechat: C_uniqueroom /carmenlai92 | Whatsapp: 019-3162123

#3 Laura Mercier 'You Have Found Yourself' Blogger Event

Invited to a private blogger event for the new Laura Mercier Fall'14 Sensual Reflections collection. It's another makeup brand that I love since years ago and because of this the next day I went to mid valley to buy my first cream eyeliner from their counter. Will take about that later so let's see whats the latest fall collection!

 Loving the special invitation card! In order for you to read the card, you need to see through the mirror first. Besides the invitation card , I spotted some cute biscuit too! So cute!!!


 This new fall collection quite interesting because I get to try their new dark green cream eyeliner. Makeup stylist told and show us that a green eyeliner can enhance our eyes and look more attractive. Other than that their new concealer was one of my favourite too! This event was quite fun because we get to touch and feel all the latest product from Laura Mercier while at the same time enjoy those food provided by them.

So this is the cream eyeliner that I tried on that day and immediately the next day I bought it home before my convocation. I bought the brown colour one for RM85 without the eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush cost about rm80 I think I will rather use my old one HAHAAHAHAH The reason why I love it because it stay there on my eye for more than 12 hours during my convo day even I'm sweating or crying all day long. wtf* Unbelievable~ 

Sounds like magic but it's true! Really love it and I would love to get their purple one too. Purple and blue one also not bad! Thanks Laura Mercier for the invite and that's the reason why I start to get in touch with their product and MAD LOVE WITH THE CREAM EYELINER. Wont smudge or drop AT ALL!!! Give it a thumbs up!

#4 Re-stock my favourite Sunblock

You know how much I hate apply sunblock on my skin but this Yadah Oh my sun block changed my mind! Really in love with it but the nearer Sasa Shop sold out -.- So end up I purchase it online from They having sales too. Merdeka everywhere and sales everywhere!

#5 Singapore Food Trip

Of course the highlight of this month will be my singapore food trip with Kim & Chenelle. Seriously feel so blessed for the whole trip because I still left few SGD back to Malaysia! HAHAAHAHH Since the currency really so high it's really pricy when convert it to Ringgit Malaysia. I'm here to say Thanks to dear Kim for the whole trip and of course her lovely bed room and his husband for the help to carry our shopping bags! Plus, having a best sleeping time with two leng lui Chenelle and Kim was the best trip ever! lol

How if I'm a male...HAAHAHAHAHAHAH Thanks Chenelle & Kim for everything and sorry if I'm too talkative! lol

#6 My Pretty Juniors

Went to MMU after my Panasonic Beauty Event to collect my convo invitation card and meet with my brother's friends. Why my bro's gang full of pretty girl one! lol Nice to meet you all my juniors and hope you enjoy your wonderful study life. Now I feel myself so old !!! 

Then the next thing which brought me to the next point!! I'm one of the lucky one on stage with Wilber Pan. *tears*

#7 Meet & Greet with Wilber Pan

 I think most of you thought I'm over crazy on him but seriously I love his smile since years ago. I mean long long long long time ago and I'm happy he finally came out with new album. I'm bait shy at first because my bro know that I love him so he get some extra ticket for me to see my wilber pan but there are so many juniors there so I need care for my image (hmmm..maybe spoiled my image when I'm too crazy)

So when they asking for 3 lucky person to go on stage I'm the girl who point my hand as high as possible and I'm selected. This need to thanks to my bro's friends too because they keep point me to the stage and make me feel BRAVE to do so. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kill me pls but I'm really shy at first but in my mind I keep telling myself like ' EH ONLY CHANCE YOU STAND BESIDE HIM EH..PLS LA..SAY IT LOUD AND DO IT FAST'

 So...we hug with each other! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR

 Then stand beside him T.T
 Then he help me put on the lipstick
Then feel so regret because I'm the winner of the game but I never look at him so when he want to congrats me I DIDN'T LOOK AT HIM > SO I IGNORED him T.T


I don't even notice that until someone give this video link to me T.T
Okay lah I should stop this because I'm so sad now! T.T

#8 Sasa New Opening Concept Store @ Sunway Pyramid

 Invited for another event this month! It's an opening launch party @ Sunway Pyramid and I met wowphotobooth again! HAHAHAHAHAA Full range of pick colour dessert table & backdrops too! Met babe lumi & some of my blogger friends that day. Unexpected and I thought I'm alone again~ lol

Non stop talking to each other and I guess we should organise another tea time next week! AHAHAHAH So it's basically a opening launch event with all of the media and blogger to enjoy some light refreshment , dessert plus some demo of model using sass product and also we can have a look on their new concept store.

 This concept store was super HUGE! There are kiss me concept store inside with lots of others japanese brands like CANMAKE! Love this huge concept store and I can't really shop on that day because I might be broke after that since they included lots of product and brands ALL IN ONE in this concept store. Well done sass and looking forward to meet you again! MAUAHAHAHA

 Dance performance from Sasa Pink Girl
 Pinky , Cute & Lovely!
 Lots of product!!
 Yummy Pink Desserts Table

 So yea, feel free to drop by this HUGE Sasa Concept Store @ Sunway Pyramid and I believe you will SHOP TIL DROP with that :p

#9 Surprise from Smelly

You know I'm chocolate and strawberry lover and I guess everyone know la especially those reader who always come to our bazaar you can notice that I always have fun with this choco strawberry from yummyflowerz but hor..That's not mine! HAHAHAH So I always telling that I'm craving for this...

So one day ..few days before my convo someone knock my door and I saw YUMMYFLOWERZ delivered this two huge strawberry to me. Then I'm shocked and I asked why are you here! Loll they are not sponsored me so you don't worry because nothing happy than receive this surprise from Smelly. He ordered few days after our anniversary! Okay la...I'm really happy with that and I hope I can get this when I'm craving for it. errrr.. Love your surprise smelly and thanks yummy flowerz for the delivery :) Extra RM30 charge as the delivery fees. 

Okay la others should be separate from this post if not this post will be too long for you! That's all for today and after all the convo thing I guess I should have more time to blog here again! Stay tuned for the giveaway post because I still need to do some product shoot :D

Oh yea~~ before I end with this post I'm here to help one of my reader to share this news with all of you :)

They are from New Era College , drama and visuals department year 2 students and they will be helding a show called < The Legend of Nu Wa> at 6th and 7th September. Except of doing this they actually want to raise funds to travel Taiwan for learning and academic exchange. New era college is a Private education unit , they already lack of funds for every course , and it's even difficult for arts - like courses. So...they hope that you can give them a hand , no matter in economic or by action , help them spread this news . Millions thanks~

GOOD LUCK to all of them :)


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