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19 August 2014

Hello Sweetie   Maybe I should say hello stationary lover here?!! Is there anyone? Yeap, since this is my blog space and finally I got some extra time to share this with all of you. Lots of pending posts on my mind actually but it take time to make it happen. But don't worry stick with me and I will let you know more about my life and my current addiction.

Guess most of you, especially for those who followed me for quite awhile you might noticed that I'm addicted to stationary or in other word, I'm a planner. I mean myself like a book I love to plan , write , stick and do thing that normally people call it as 'useless or TOO FREE'. Since I'm waiting for my convo and prepare for my Japan Trip (it means that I'm really FREE) lolx Except diary I'm in love with diff card with friend's handwriting and also postcard. I'm such an old women lol

Since the day I updated the blog post regarding ♥ How to decorate your Diary / Planner I received a lot request on how I start my planner journey, what I usually use to record , what method, what usually inspired me , what website i usually spend my time with &etc.. I think I'm quite diff because most of my friends doesn't like stationary and when I do like it , I blog it and i realise some of you have the same hobby like me.

I'm quite happy! REALLY REALLY HAPPY. So this blog post will be quite long and because I'm a diary / planner kind of girl I ended up with lot of planner / diary in my room. I don't know whether I'm over forcing myself to keep track with it but I love reading back all my hand writing story even my hand writing = super ugly. lol

At the same time I always can't get enough with all my planner / diary book that I used. I always worry about:-

# the pages will not enough for me to write
# the layout design available doesn't really suit me 
# the space or the size not enough
# the diary will spoil if I simply put on my bag
# the diary / planner too thick to fold perfectly
# I can't customise partly of the book to what i want
# too many book needed for to-do-list / planner / monthly planner / daily and so on
# & etc etc etc

So it makes me keep on getting a new one when I saw something better. So I end up every diary also can't finish. This will be my first world problem! Maybe you can't get it~ Let me show you one by one

 This one I bought from typo. Vintage book with a thicker size and can use it as deco.

-it's too heavy to carry out with the size of it
-doesn't suit in to my bag
-I can't stick any sticker or make my own deco inside each page since it's hard cover type of book

So ended up I just write some of my to-do-list on a specific day. Otherwise, it's just for decoration lolx

This is my Blogger Planner bought from Daiso to record and remind me all of the sponsors and advertorial date so that I can know which day i should update my blog. So you guys won't wait til so long ;p

Almost finish and I hope this can combine with my planner so I no need to use it separately

I love this one but I hope this can be 'insert' with my normal planner so that I can keep track with anything and bring everything out without keep on placing and putting it back separately. 

Album zipbag notebook from Typo too. Record and collect any flight ticket , name card during travel. It's also a travel notebook.

- Too big to fit in my bag
- Can't really stick all the ticket inside the stripe paper
-the amount of page can't be customise

I put my taiwan travel's item and korea one inside. But I realise I don't fully utilise it as you can see some zip bag was full and the note in between was blank. I hope that each pages I can stick what I want to stick with. So that when I read back I know everything happen during my trip but the size was really big and make me can't bring it out while traveling and very hard to write too.

My favourite Melody Diary / Planner I bought from Taiwan. Cost me RM80 but still very in love with it

I want to continue use this but as you can see everything printed in and must be use it at the beginning of the year. Can't really stick something meaningful on it :( like some small note also hard to write.

My favourite planner diary book ever! I kept til now and I can't find anything cutest than this. But the major problem was it's not customise with the page and I hardly put in what I want at first I thought making this to be my travel notebook but end up be my personal diary which might be too boring without any travel feeling in it :'( So this's the reason why I separate with my another travel notebook

Got it from mph cost me around RM66. used to record my study thing but end up I forgot I have this in my room lol

-can't fit as many page as I wish
- feel really bored once i open it up
- Can't draw anything on it

This make me feel so bored on it. Like once you see this you will get tired and doesn't want to look into it. so ended up just put inside my room.

Handmade Book I forgot where I get it but it's handmade by people. My name on it and it's a covered notebook with blank page

But the page inside only contain of 80 pages. And I also think like I'm not going to carry this out since the size bigger than my head.

 And ended up I bought too many refill for the hole paper too. It's not really pricy but how if after i finish it it's hard for me to keep it. I prefer few diff book than this. And that's the reason why I'm not into it. 

Plus, I bought lot of stamp , stickers , tapes , stationary to decorate my diary but each of them I can't fully utilise it :'(

My lovely stamp that bought from everywhere.

Added up all of my problem I found a solution on it. I think I need something that I can customise with. I need : -

# Customise page which mean I can choose diff refill page like stripe , blank , craft paper & so on
# Good quality paper. You might think I'm crazy but since I will use diff colour pen and sticker to stick on it i REALLY need a good quality paper one
# Leather cover. After all of the problems above I realise that i NEVER own any leather cover. I love the leather scent... (am I weird?)
# Can easily get those thing online
# Can freely using my creative way to write my planner/ diary
# Can carry it out to my trip and EVERYWHERE I HOPE
# Can combine my month planner / personal diary / schedule / blogger planner / to-do-list
# Regular size

With all of the things above and you guys know how I really google it out and look for a better planner / diary for me with above requirement!!! I finally know what should I get. It's a Midori traveler's notebook.

Midori Traveler's Notebook
 A very popular notebook that I have been looking for after so long. I feel like OMG OMG OMG like money drop from the sky when I found it. I google it around and I realise there are even a community sharing group that love TN (Traveler's Notebook). I google image every photo took / upload by all other TN users. I feel so blessed and I was like


So next thing I DO just google it..

I found that it only available in Japan but there are few shop that actually brought it in our country. So I was like OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU. There are few way you can get it so far

#1 Pre-order it from Klcc Kinokuniya. I saw some forum told that last time Kinokuniya selling midori product but now it's no longer available but you can pre-order it. Need wait for like 2 weeks time I guess...

#2 Purchase online from They are an authorized dealer for Midori Traveler's Notebook in Malaysia with lots of good review on it.

#3 Purchase online from But the choice was quite limited especially the midori refill page. Tabiyo have  more choice compare with this but tabiyo slightly pricy than this. Maybe if Tabiyo out of stock I can get from them! HAAHAHAHA

Here's some of the way to get the your midori TN but bear in mind it's around RM160++ to get the midori notebook but i think it's worth to invest in since I can keep myself using this over & over again. It save my money from purchase the new one but with this I just purchase the refill only. Each midori TN can fit in up to 3-4 refill book in your choice. You can pick the stripe or blank page or square page as you like. Just like diff book combine with each other to form a planner but this one will be interchangeable. You can easily exchange it and keep the old one and replace it with a new one. Which I think this the main reason why I get it.

Since there are few ways to get but end up I decided to purchase from Tabiyo shop because I want to purchase it with my stickers , accessories , zip lock bag and everything. So I rather pay few ringgit extra with nice packaging and well protected for my parcel. But most important I think it's a trust because quite loft of ppl review their shop. Of course the choices also one of the fact that I bought from them.
Blogger also have our own time to do what we want and write what we like. Like this post is all about my personal thing and it's not advertorial so you no need worry about it. Since when everyone misunderstand that we never get thing with our money but sometime I really purchased everything with my own money and review it on my blog. So with my shopping mode [ON] I ended up purchased so many item -.-

My monthly expenses gone half way like this. Although I also hope someone sponsor me with lots of stationary , stamps and stickers so that I can save more but it's impossible because getting things you really want might cost you lots of money but if you get it with your own money you might be SUPER BROKE and HAPPY with that. So it's a love & hate relationship la! AHAHAHAHA So it's why I never update this few day because I'm addicted with my midori now. But if anyone of you want to get me any present you can always think of this la! HAHAAHAH I very in love with it. Or any stationary sponsors WELCOME you to email and get in touch with me lolx (i'm joking)

For those who think I'm crazy I'm gonna show you some of other's craft / deco with their midori notebook. It's really pretty! AM I RIGHT? Once you try you will fall in love with it. It can fill up my free time and I do what I like!

 I love all the drawing on it. Even it's a blank page but you can create your own thing. Make your mind think FAR from the usual 'you'. This is the main purpose of me for getting this notebook.

It help you to create your own personal planner. Write and create your own feature of your planner. Midori notebook has a leather cover which THE MORE YOU USE, THE BETTER QUALITY it becomes. Everyone's notebook = UNIQUE way to defines yourself. Plus, the notebook really simple and easy to use. Bring it along with you and what you think or feel just doodles it out right away inside the blank page.

Okay la I should stop it because I just wanna tell you I'm really in love in love super in love mad love with it. lol So here's some of the photo I took when I received this parcel from Tabiyo.

Things I bought
1P/ MT Plain Collection - Peach
1P/ Maste Purple Stripe
MT Slim Twist Cords - Twist Cord B
008 Zipper Pocket (Regular Size)
Traveller's Notebook (Regular Size) - Brown
014 Refill Kraft Paper Notebook (Regular Size)
003 Refill Blank Notebook (Regular Size)
021 Connecting Rubber Band (Regular Size)

 Tape that use to decorate and stick anything freely as I wish. This Washi Tape does not leave any stain after peeling off, available in variety of cute colors & just the right degrees of transparency of rice paper. So it's really suitable to use in our planner / diary.

 With a postcard and a <3 from YF
I'm really glad that I ended up purchase with them because the packaging = super nice and they don't know who am I but still writing this small little card for me. It mean a lot for me even it's just a few words.

 Diff type of refill paper
 Midori Traveller's Notebook Packaging

 1. Cotton Bag H 240 x W 150mm; 
2. Leather Cover H 218 x W 130 x D 10mm (Brown OR Black); 
3. Blank Notebook (MD Paper, 64 Pages) H 210 x W 110mm; 
4. Spare Rubber Band (Red for Black cover, Orange for Brown cover)

Each notebook leather cover is made by hand in Chiangmai, Thailand and everything inside the notebook is made in Japan carefully and has Midori's original paper made to pursue the highest computability to write.
Things make me addicted with it is all about the vintage leather and the interchangeable refill page inside the notebook. After you use it for a long time the leather will change and scratches remain as your memories. I'm sure it end up will be a precious piece of baby than ever to you.
So now i inserting some of the refill i bought 

Guess this post should be long enough for you to digest. HAAHAHAH But coming up after getting this baby I should think of a way to organise and plan my notebook. Whether what should i PUT and decorate it. Then I can show to you guys my very unique notebook with midori TN.

Here's some of the inspiration you can refer to 
I'm going to make my planner more into the bullet journal + Spiraldex style. It help everyone to organise and plan for your daily activities and be organised. I think I really learned something this few days and I hope that it can help you  no matter you're a student or a worker. It's really important to take note and mark down your daily activities to stay organised. Oh yea if you are wonder what's bullet journal you might need to take your 5 mins to watch this video

The Spiraldex style is something like this-
24 hours a day you can plan and colour it with your own favourite colour pen in order to be organised in any work. 
also known as Chronodex
Just the diagram sight different but almost the same!

That's all for today sharing! Hope you love this kind of post so that you can learn something new and put it to benefits in your work or job. No matter who you are when you try to record your thing on the book when you look it back..I'm sure you will be happy with that :) Like what I do normally! Love, xx.


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