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04 August 2014

Hello My Little Sweethearts  I miss my blog already and here's some of the highlights of this weekend. But before that I'm gonna upload some of the #ootd outfit photo that I took yesterday. I did some #ootd shoot before the event while waiting my friends to come. After that I realise the camera turn out so blur so I get another #ootd shoot on a different background. lolx
Lace Chiffon Mini Dress-White from Lookbookstore

First #ootd photo quite fail and blur -.- So here's some of the 2nd #ootd shoot!

I'm sure you know that I'm loving my white outfit yesterday. The first day bazaar was all in black then next day turn to be SO WHITE! HAHAHAHA It's my first time getting my lovely Lace Chiffon Mini Dress-White from Lookbookstore. Loving the quality and the texture of the dress.

Close up & detail photo for you :)  I'm wearing size UK6! Mad love with the mesh crochet delicate at front and crochet hem. SUPER DUPER nice and I found that it might look nicer if you able to match this with a white lace heel or platform heel & a gold necklace. Guess I should wear it and get a photoshooting with this outfit. Super chioooo~

Done with the #ootd part and here's some of the highlights of the bazaar.
So many people I need to thanks for but make it short (I hope I'm able to shorten my post since everyone telling me that I too 'long gas') lol

#1 My readers
Put the first place to all of my readers. No matter who you are or whether you are coming or not I'm here to say thanks x8247230480844035834 time because without you guys I won't able to join and further my passion in blogging life. At the same time I should say thanks for those who came for this 2 days bazaar. 

So sorry if my reaction shocked you because i never thought that I have another chance to see some 'new faces' again. Met fews sweeties and it melted me when you guys told me that you love to read my blog. 一時之間不知道怎麼回答 只能不停的謝謝 Because normally people will just come and take a photo then say bye bye with me. But I met and experience something new within this 2 days bazaar.

Some sweeties/ readers came to take a photo with me and told me that you're my junior (same secondary school) OMG I can't believe that I have juniors recognise me and know who am I T.T Heart melted x10000 because I never meet junior in any event lol But most of the time I really love to talk with readers that younger than me. Happy Shopping sweetie and thanks for coming ^^

Next I'm gonna thanks for those who bought something from me / take photo with me / say hi to me and show your love to me! millions thanks to all of you and I think I should stop it here if not it might be 'TOO OVER'

But still...謝謝你們~

#2 My blogger friends
Of course, a big thanks to all of my blogger friends too. They helped me look after my booth when I'm talking with some of you , when i'm going to toilet, when I'm having my lunch. First time having such a long day together with them. We took our lunch , brunch , dinner together and while I'm shooting for some ootd photo they help me to sell my items.

So nice of you!! I love you all deep deep and photo credits to them.  

#3 My Collaboration Partners
I know this might be surprise but it's my very first time that my previous collaborated partner come to meet me all the way from Johor & Seremban. OMG! 

It's the owner of shoploooh, pretty ming & also owner of Nattacosme , Natasha. Forgive me because we only talk to each other for few mins but you all purposely came to meet me :'( Melted x0218047302423 again!!

Thanks Natasha for the lunch. I keep waiting for a break time to have my lunch but she surprise me with that. Without her I might skip my lunch again! lol because no one else can help us to take care of our booth since this bazaar was a big one. So it's quite scary if we leave our thing on our booth.

Of course the pop culture team and all the photographers. Thanks so much for the invitation and I'm waiting for our photo! HAHAHAHAHAAH jkjk*

It's not only a bazaar for all of you... it's time for myself to do some shopping too. I bought few items for myself. Some pre-loved top & bottom. Super chio and wait me to create some OOTD with it. Then I will show you what I got for myself! HAHAHAHAAHHA So happy because everything in a super duper CHEAP price. I love to get Duogig pre-loved item because most of their item was quite worth for the price and the size also fit me!

Plus I met my long lost friends too! They are selling rosy rain items! Forgot to buy the eyelashes I want =.= Now I have to purchase on their website on9 T.T Without special price why I so blur!! I should get it yesterday with lots of good item too T.T now have to add postage again wtf wtf wtf!!! 

Then at the same time we experienced something bad on yesterday's bazaar too. Chenelle was sitting with me and suddenly a pervert pop out. Then, he keep on looking at Chenelle's body showing us those weird expression. Next, he suddenly out of control looking on all girl's body until accidentally kicked the table. wtf wtf  Luckily he never get into our booth and do something to Chenelle if not I don't know what else we can do since we don't have any male at there.

So here's some of the highlights of my week. I KNOW I should blog it longer but I'm super tired since i back from the bazaar. My leg muscle so pain because I standing for quite awhile with my high heels. Next time I should wear sneaker and don't care even I look shorter with that!

That's all for today. Last but not least, thanks everyone!! Love xx 


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