Beauty Cafe with Panasonic Beauty Malaysia

25 August 2014

Hey my little Sweethearts Know you have been waiting for this post and of course this should be another good chance to share with you some of the product that I have been loving it since months ago from the range of Panasonic Beauty. Panasonic Beauty is specially designed for the active and busy Asian women on the go. I'm so glad to be invited to this private Panasonic Beauty Cafe @ The Library Coffee Bar with all of my baby girls and of course at the same time I hope that i can try and have a look on their beauty range product too.

They told me that Panasonic Beauty can help us to achieve the best look at the shortest time! So let's get started with this beauty journey with me! It's quite different from the usual event that I went because this required us to try & tested each product and experience it ourself. What make me excited  was this beauty passport~

We are required to complete everything and stick the 4 stickers in this passport so that we can redeem a free gift item at the redemption counter. This make me getting more and more happy lolx. Plus, before I went to the event I did some small research on the Panasonic Beauty. From hair to toes included their beauty hair dryer - straightener - steamer for our face - epilator and nail & so on. This melted my heart because everything you can see was in PINK colour. Their Panasonic Beauty mainly in hot pink colour and it's not for female only there are some product that suitable for all of us! So if you wanna have a look on the full product range of panasonic beauty you can click here

So yea...
Follow me to discover this BEAUTY JOURNEY with Panasonic

 First thing I did on that day was ' WOW WOW WOW' , ' Is that Real?' , 'Can I try?'... Everything seems to be super fun to me! I wish that everything belong to me! HAHAHAHAAHHA

Everything caught my eyes! 

Before everything start, Mr Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, was there to give a speech. Happy to meet him in real and I should stop crapping because we are going to discover each powerful beauty product now! So the first stop we go for the Body Care counter to try out the epilator that we NEED THE MOST. 


 Ahhh Haaa! You see how concentrate am I. You never know how powerful was this epilator works. You can use this while you're bathing with your own body shampoo to remove ANY HAIR on your body for some of the area you need to exchange the cap. There are 6 items included with this epilator package.
All in PINK & WHITE colour
 Ohhh I want this I NEED THIS!
So after the basic knowledge for this epilator it's demo time again. Panasonic pink angels show us how we can use this while we are bathing. You just need to pour a small amount of your body shampoo then wait few second it can generate as many bubbles as it can. OMG! So cute!! No joke!! It works like magic! Early know I should get this T.T
After everything I got my first sticker ever! Faster stick on it and proceed to the next counter. 


Nail Care counter full of people so we just looking for another counter to collect our second sticker so we stopped in front of FACE CARE. So this time I'm shocked again. LOLX It's a home steamer for our face. We can try this!!!

 Since I need to take some photo of this and I asked bobo to try again and I will snap some photo for you guys! HAHAHAHA I should hire smelly to be my photographer of the day so we no need to take turn :'( 

 Then, they show us how this steamer can help us to remove our makeup and dirt in our pores easier and we can enjoy our home facial time too. First before remove your make up you might need to have few mins to steam your face with this. 

Since we all already done our make up we tried it on our hand.  

We experienced on both hand. Both with eyeliner on but one with steamer one without steamer on before removing it with the makeup remover. Pretty easy to use this with our own at home. I think I will get this to remove my dirt pores as well as my blackhead. MUAHAHAHAHAH So the next few product you put on your skin will be easy and well absorb compare without this face steamer. 


 Muahahah This counter will be my favourite one! FREE STYLING for our hair!
 Look how happy am I
 Since I'm so lazy to style it I ask them to try their hair dryer and 2 in 1 hair iron on my hair
 Very easy to style with it!
Wah everything I tried I also want to get one for myself!

 See how fluffy of my hair!!!
 Other than that I want to share about my experience with this hair dryer! It look super cute and chio for me because it's in PINK plus the power of this hair dryer was AMAZING! I'm able to try this out so I'm super duper happy!!

EH-ND62 (Pink)

It has 3 wind setting on it and a diffuser to create volume for your hair. You know right my hair was super duper thin and with this hair length I really hope to achieve a more volume hair look for myself. It's one of the reason why I chopped my hair to this shorter length than my previous one because I want it look MORE VOLUME UP! So I'm really in love with this hair dryer!!

This diffuser able to emit warm air which reaches right down to the roots and it's a best tool for styling and drying permed or naturally curly hair, and for lifting the roots. In addition the best thing ever it's a high-power 2000W dryer,  lightweight, slim, and compact. Everything seems seducing me to get one for myself. The size of it make it easy to hold (I hold it with my own hand it's lightweight I'm sure!)

Since it's a beauty cafe of course we can't live without a nice food time with all of my girls. Before we head over to the last counter (NAIL CARE) we were enjoying our food. 
 Thanks everyone for the food! I'm super hungry that day~ AAHAHAH
 Just realise that they are few products that not yet available in Malaysia but selling HOT in Japan. OMG! JAPAN AGAIN! How much I'm loving it!! From eye massager to face to EVERYTHING!! The design and the feature of the product were AMAZING too! Hope that it will be coming to MALAYSIA SOOOON . PLS PLS *puppy eyes*

We can try this ourself. It's not available in Malaysia yet but we are the first group to try this out :'( So touching!! Faster come to mummy here I wanna get the eye massager that can reduce dark circles and the thermal roller

 loll this is the hairstylist who style our hair HAHAAHA

Okay done with our lunch and looking through all the good product we should go to collect our LAST STICKER!


 As usual while waiting for our nail to try we try on their product again! HAHAHAH LOVING IT LOVING IT!!

LAST STICKER to redeem our free gift

 Too much fun on that day and I'm so happy that all of us had a blast on it. Thanks for the invitation and thanks Panasonic Beauty for the whole setting of Beauty Cafe. It's so relaxing and enjoyable. I hope next time I can join more this kind of event so that I can personally try and test every product before I feature it on my blog and I can review more on that. Getting nervous again to get my new hair dryer!! MUAHAHAHAH Coming to mama soon~

Last but not least it's REDEEM TIME AGAIN! FREE GIFT that worth RM500+ OMG OMG OMG I wanna get this so that I can put this beside me when I'm blogging or sleeping! It's another nano care product that known as Face‑Hair Ionizer EH-SA42 HAHAHA I'm a happy girl on that day. Everything seems so so so nice to me!


 Super chio backdrop with Bobo

Me , Careen , Chenelle , Jacklyn , Bobo

Super star pose! AHAHAHAH I'm joking~Finally a group photo with all of us. Everyone was busy discovering all the product finally we found someone to help us on this group photo.

  Once again thanks Simon for the invitation & Panasonic Beauty Team for everything on that day. I'm so glad to be there and I'm waiting to discover more Panasonic Beauty product again 


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