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08 August 2014

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Good Night my little sweeties but before I say good night and start packing for my Singapore Trip tomorrow I would like to spend some of my time to blog about this FOOD DIARY for all of you. I know right~ Some of you noticed that my face getting more & more chubby + round! lol Because I ate a lot. Not just food it's all about ICE CREAM , CAKES , DESSERTS AND MORE!! I updated and tag some of the attractive food photo on my insta but some of you still prefer me to blog about it as the caption in my insta was quite short! HAAHHAAH

So here you go! For the beginning of the month July I start craving for FOOD. Aihx..Now my face became super fat already :'( Then I tried Jibby & Boat Noodle and of course my favourite Nana's Greentea. Last but not least, the one I blogged -Acme Bar & Coffee (click here). I will briefly update , review about the food since I really want to let the photo do the talking!! HAHAHAHA

Are you ready? LET'S GET STARTED!

 #1 Nana's Green Tea @The Gardens

First I will talk about my favourite place ever!! Nana's Green Tea. I went there during smelly's birthday , my mom's birthday , after bazaar with all my blogger friends and so on. For the whole month I went there 6 time! WTF?!! No wonder I so chubby now~

I took this over & over again until now I feel like crying if you ask me to have my lunch at the same place. lol it located @The Gardens lowest floor. The floor that full of FOOD. Normally I went there at 12pm or after 7pm because if you go there at 2pm sharp you might need to wait for another 30 mins until your turn. It's really tiring and hungry if you ask me to wait for any FOOD!

So it's better to enjoy your food there before 1pm or after 6-7pm. I even came out with a statistic on it. lol I strongly recommended you guys to try out the TOP LEFT dessert on the photo above. It's a caramel macha cream with something like ice blended. I have to say first I dislike macha or green tea one but once I tried this I really so in love with it because the caramel did a good job by increasing the sweetness of it.

Next, you can randomly try their green tea and I just simply order since i HAVE NO IDEA what type of green tea is the best one. lol it's all depend on your tongue AHAHAHAHA. Then the salmon don and unagi don = SUPER RECOMMENDED to you too. I love sushi I love salmon that's why I would love to try out their salmon don. The salmon was super fresh but after finish whole bowl you will feel a little bit tired because of the amount of salmon. lol

Oh yea and the japanese chicken curry set. I don't know leh..actually japanese curry not spicy at all so when I ordered I feel so excited to try it out since I always anti-spicy one! I don't eat spicy AT ALL. The reason why I recommended this will be the SIZE & AMOUNT of the chicken and the rice. SUPER FULL after that. Look exactly like the photo inside the menu. lol

The price for salmon or unagi don was quite pricy but worth it. It's RM20++ for the salmon the unagi will be RM28 OR 29 I forgot. 

Overall I love the food especially the amount they gave but the place wasn't really  big. Abit hard for me to walk around if it's at their peak time. Compare to others I think their green tea dessert quite nice especially the ice cream but I still loving the caramel one. Don't ask me why because you should try!
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 
Lot 231A, Lower Ground Floor
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10:00am - 10:00pm

Phone 03-2386 6036


  #2 Jibby & Co @ Empire Subang

Sorry if the photo turn out so blur. Blame my camera T.T It spoiled that's why I replace it with another one but have no idea why after transfer to my macbook it turn out so blur. Might be my mistake after edited with iPhone's apps. lol

Photo do the talking. I guess you guys might fall in love with the environment too. For the food part Chenelle & I were super lucky because they almost end with the brunch hour and we are not allow to order Brunch's Menu but still they allow us to. So happy!!! We ordered baked eggs with house-made chicken sausages, lemon zest, Neapolitan tomato sauce & North African ras el hanout spices.

 Baked Eggs RM28

 I love the taste of this but it's spicy for me. So end up Chenelle was the one who finished this for me! Thanks babe! HAHAHAHAAH While at the same time Chenelle passed me the food she ordered because she thought it might too sweet for her. Since I prefer SWEET than SPICY, so end up I help her to finish the French toast she ordered.

 French toast RM22
I have no idea how come the size of it super BIG. But luckily both of us able to finish it. Just that the French toast was over-rated. The topping around that really nice but it's TOO SWEET. Really sweet to take this as my lunch lol. FAT DIE! 
Overall I give this a thumbs up although the food we ordered was a little bit over sweet lol. But still we enjoy our chit chat time in the environment. It's so relax and don't order too much if not you might not be able to finish it alone. lol At the same time I order our food but still WE NEED TO WAIT FOR QUITE A LONG TIME. Which I really dislike about their service. I need to keep on remind them with my order and ASK ASK ASK ASK ASK. But overall the food still taste really good.
Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5613-7070

#3 Boat Noodle @Empire Damansara 

Someone brought me here and I would give her a hug and a kiss! HAAHAHAH  Just one hug & kiss only hor~ Because you know I'm not really familiar with Damansara area so I always end up 'sesat jalan' then turns super mad. But luckily I'm able to reach there on the second time! HAHAAHAH
Beware of this because you might need to wait at least 30 mins until your turn. The day we went we waited for almost 35 mins until our turn but still I patiently wait for it because I LOVE THAI NOODLE! I wanna break their record! hahaha But now the new branch opening at kuchai lama and another one located at Jaya One too. So feel free to try it out and BREAK MY RECORD Yooo~
 Their Menu (sorry for the blur photo) I can't wait for me to get in so my hand was so shaky. lol
Each bowl noodle was RM2++ if not mistake was RM2.90
 RM1 each. Taste like Malay pandan kuih!
 Soup Noodle
 Dry Noodle

I prefer the dry one because it's not spicy but for the soup one I feel little spicy with the soup. It's really yummy but you might be over-spend for just a meal. LOL For me I wanted to break smelly record so I keep order order and it's better to order as much as you can on the first round because for the second round order it might take 20 mins. So bear in mind with that! AHAHAH
Boat Noodle 
G3A, Empire Damansara, 
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana.

Another branch located@ Jaya One & Kuchai Lama

#4 Acme Bar & Coffee @Troika 

Went to Acme Bar & Coffee AGAIN!!! Brought smelly's bro & his wife to try their food. Nothing special to talk about it because I blogged about it last time. Feel free to read it again> (click here). Since it's a proper dating time with them I dress up myself nicely with a hair bun! HAHAHAAHHA Korean wannabe~ lol
 Miss you Cissy~
 So sorry for all the food photo. Forgive me because I'm craving for it too. So I guess it's all about this food post la. I just want to blog some food post on my blog so my blog can 'taste' and look as good as the food! lol

That's all for today. Love xx.


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