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22 August 2014

Hello My Sweethearts  Another food post before I start my post about my Singapore Food Post. So here's another post about this lovely gorgeous night that I spent with all my baby girls few days ago. It's a lovely night and my very first time try out this new open restaurant located at The Curve. The name was super duper easy to remember , it's Goodsaltz. Break it into two it mean good salt! HAAHAHAH 

We asked the owner about that. She told us that they mainly use good salt (Himalayan) for their cooking and therefore, came out with a name called Goodsaltz. There are few thing that I quite curious about. Their menu and also the interior design. End up we found that their interior designed by Acme. The same designer from Acme Bar & Coffee. No wonder I feel so comfortable and fall in love with the interior design with their environment too. They put a lot of effort on it and I can feel that that's why I'm here to blog about it.

Last two photos credits to Babe Careen. At first I just wanted to enjoy my lovely dinner with them so I didn't bring my camera but end up I use my cacat iPhone to snap it since their food was really delicious and tasty. So yea, don't mind my low quality photo took by my iPhone. lolx

What a romantic dining with my girls and I know smelly so envy me right now. When I'm on my way to home I wastapp him all the photo and he blame on me never intro such a nice place to him. Maybe this should be our next anniversary dating venue liao!! HAHAHAHAHA It's our 4 year anniversary next year and just wanna spread out all my love that I'm loving their mushroom soup!

#1 Wild Mushroom Soup

 Please please please help me to control myself. It's the best mushroom soup from now on. This was our first course for the soup selection. I'm totally fall in love with it because for those of you who don't know I'm rarely take mushroom soup because I not really like those mushroom soup that serve from most of the restaurant. It's rather too heavy or like those instant mushroom powder mix with hot water. Like those serve at pizza hut. lol I dislike that so when people ask me to try out their mushroom soup once I smell it I will immediately say NO to it. lol I'm so choosy one -.-

But this one seem changed my mind. First it look really diff from those normal mushroom soup. I can taste the freshness of the wild mushroom and the garlic cream on it. Melted my heart and smells really good. Once you try this you definitely can feel what I feel now! Give this a thumbs up but make sure that never be like me finish whole mushroom soup alone and end up feel really really full @.@

#2 Seafood Bisque

Second soup selection with the cream of Seafood with Mango Puree. Hmmm some people prefer this but some like me not really like it. It smells really good but for me I can't really stick with the taste of this soup. Seems slightly weird for me because the prawns scent really so heavy and it taste like you ate lots of seafood in your mouth. Lol So end up I still prefer my mushroom soup although this one has the higher price than the mushroom one! lol

#3 Crab Cake

Breaded Fried Crab Meat Patties served with Chilli Lemon Dip 

For me this is really good too. This crab cake was super duper crunchy while the inner part was really diff. It's super soft inside and dip it with the chilli lemon create another taste that I never try before too. yum yum yum~

#4 Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Chicken Fillet Wrapped in Beef Bacon served with Melange Dip

This is quite normal but the chicken fillet taste better if you dip with the melange. If not it's just like normal chicken fillet that taste normal therefore I ended up finish the whole melange dip even I'm 70% full after the whole bowl of mushroom soup :p HAHAHAAH 

Next, this two salad make me super happy. I never expect such a good one with SALAD. Of course I dislike vegetable so I just tried the salmon and beef meat only! hahaahahah

 #5 Oriental Grilled Beef Salad

 Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Cilantro with Soy Sesame Dressing

Super recommended for all the beef lover here. I tried some beef BBQ during  my korea trip and I miss that but ended up I also fall in love with this. I'm not really a beef lover but looking at my girl's expression I feel like should I give this a try?!!! One bite...I WAS LIKE OMG! The beef was super tender but i'm not sure it's 70% cooked or half la.. It just taste so good. 

And this bring to my next course....SALMON MY BELOVED SALMON!!

#6 Salmon Rocket Salad

 Rocket, Smoked Salmon, Parmesan Cheese with Ginger Honey Vinaigrette

Stay calm. This salmon = SUPER FRESH. I really so in love with their salad lay but it's more taste if you eat it with the vege but...I just don't like vege!! LOL everything = so perfect!!

 Of course, Wine = MUST HAVE ITEM

I just posing with the red wine only because I don't even know how to fall in love with it.(as you can see from the photo above xD ) End up I order orange juice. Still...Fruit Juice the best!! So so so so fresh!

#7 Kapitan Baked Salmon

 Baked Salmon with Kapitan Spices, served with Coconut Cream, Cabbage Kerabu and Pineapple Rice

Careen & Jacklyn love this a lot. They told me that it's not spicy so why not give this a try. nom nom nom~ The fish also...SO SO FRESH and flaky-moist. I think the sauce really did a great job on it. It make me can't forget about the taste of it. I really not good in describing the taste of the sauce but you should give this a try. Really special!

#8 Masala Fried Spaghetti

Spaghetti Fried with Masala Spices, Chicken and Fresh Tomatoes 
Just photo because I didn't take this since I don't eat spicy lol. They describe it to me and it sounds really spicy to everyone. I mean really really spicy. Your tongue can feel the spicy even after 60 seconds. lol that make me don't dare to try ..even one bite..HAHAHAHA

#9 Blanket Beef Ribeye 

Aust Aged Ribeye, Beef Bacon cooked in Butter served with Melange Potatoes Sauteed Shitake and Beef Jus

Hmmm this one also beef but i prefer the beef salad than this. IDK why but still <3 the beef salad. HAAHAHAHAH  Of course until this the #9 dish I really feel super duper full already. My stomach almost burst but they told us take it slowly because we still have DESSERT. I might need to left some space for my DESSERT!! 

#10 Stampede

Grill Platter of Lamb Chops, Ribeye, Chicken Thighs served with Wedges
 I posted this on my insta and some of you already fall in love with the look of it AHHAAHA. But the amount of this even 5 of us also can't finish it lo. They came out with this and start melting the orange butter. It smell so good and the wedges really super match with it. I finished all the wedges and all of them look at me like OMG? CHANWON...hahahahaa

Not just food their service was super good too. They let us take photo before melting the butter but we can't really finish this our own so end up we take away half of it. I should really bring smelly come for our anniversary because he love this kind of dish too. I still support the mushroom soup but until this dish I'm loving the lamb chops! (ps: smelly our anniversary dating here ok ma?? xD) HAAHAHAHAH and of course my best time ever


#11 Double Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Baked Brownies with Salted Caramel Top and Vanilla Ice Cream
Normally until here we are really full already but still I'm able to make it...I ate half of this..SUPER YUMMY TASTY and the sweetness just nice. Not too sweet and the melting hot brownie taste as good as my market O korea brownie but of course this one better because it serve with this vanilla ice cream! I'M SURE YOU WILL LOVE THIS. I dare you to finish whole dish by yourself..If I'm not full I think I can eat this twice! lol and most important it's DOUBLE ! DOUBLE tasty too!

#12 Banana Nutella Crepe 

Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella and Banana Crepe Roll

Tried banana cake before? I'm not really into it but this one impressed me. A LOT! Nutella lover you should try this. I should bring my bro here too he love nutella! MUAHAHAHAH So tasty leh. i CAN'T believe their dessert as good as their main course. Impressed to the max!

#13 Red Velvet Pancakes

 Red Velvet Pancakes, Cream Cheese Glaze and Peach Compote

Keep having the good time with those dessert and then forgot to take photo of myself with this cute little dessert. This was quite special and since I back from Singapore + after tried their twelve best seller red velvet cake I start to fall in love with red velvet. So of course for personal preference, I'm loving this too! But too full to finish this my own so we share with each other!! :) Sharing is caring~

Then we have fun with each other. Really had a blast that day especially a super cheerful night with all my baby girls. Thanks for the invitation and for all the rose decoration. Feel so romantic and how I wish smelly can be at my side that time. Such a long time never meet him T.T He busying with his coursework T.T 

But still without him I also can enjoy with all my girls. Really feel so blessed with everything recently. Lots of kind people around me to help and listen to my thought. Learned new thing and meet new friends too. Feel like hug and kiss them right now :) Without them my life won't as happy as now...xx  

So while all those feeling came in my mind...Goodsaltz surprise us with this cocktails!

#14 Cocktails

Melting the mango too. The mango taste SUPER GOOD! SUPER GOOD X230470294823048! Perfect match with this cocktails~

As usual, we can't end our dating without a proper good selfies! So here you go~~~ Group Selfies! 

Careen , Jacklyn , Me , Chenelle & Povy

It's almost end with this super delicious and tasty post! Before that....thanks again for everything including the meal , services and of course thanks Shanny for everything too. I can see your effort on it especially your service and all the tasty food! Thanks Jacklyn too :) Had a blast with all of you and Love, xx.

Contact information:

Lot G41, Ground Floor The Curve,
No. 6 Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +603-77337860
Open 10am to 12am (Weekdays) and 10am to 1am (Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday)


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